Suddenly everyone wants me to be their workout buddy

While we were living in Kansas City, Andrew and I didn’t have any dogs. My parents were taking care of my pup (I say pup even though he is almost nine years old XD ) since I wouldn’t have the time to take care of him at school and while working. But when we moved back, we slowly acclimated Tabor to the new house and he has permanently moved in with us. :)

I don’t think I mentioned before, but we have a housemate. She will probably just be living with us for this next year as she finishes up her last year of her master’s degree. She is a long-time family friend to Andrew and his mom, and she was living in and taking care of the house while we were in school.

She also has a dog, named Lela, so almost every morning these past three weeks, all three of us have been taking the dogs walking. We’ve been walking about three miles, but it is such a workout because the area we live in is so hilly. By the end of our walks, I am practically dripping with sweat and my legs are burning. Andrew’s Fitbit says the walk is equivalent to climbing 25 flights of stairs. *dies*

Then the other night, one of my close friends texted me and said she wanted to get in shape over the summer. She was planning on joining the local gym, and wanted to know if I would workout with her. Since I don’t have a job yet, I really didn’t have any excuses to not workout. The gym fees are pretty inexpensive too, just $20 a month which is pretty good if you go frequently. Plus, I don’t always see her very often, so it’s a perfect opportunity to catch up over the summer while she’s home from school.

Also I’m lazy and should workout more.

We started this week. When we signed up, they didn’t give us a tour of the facility (which I thought was weird), but I had been before with my sister so I was sort of familiar. We spent most of our first and second days just trying out all of the different machines, to see which ones we liked and which ones we didn’t like. We also found that if you go later in the evening, there are a lot less people. Definitely a plus since I feel really awkward when I know people are watching me work out and trying to figure out machines. XD

The same night my friend texted me to go to the gym with her, my sister wanted to know if I would like to train for a 5K with her. Between walking in the morning, going to the gym in the evening, and perhaps training for the 5K somewhere in the midst of that, I think my friends and family are going to kill me. :P

Only kidding. I think.

I really want to run the 5K with my sister for a couple of reasons, the first being I’ve always wanted to run in a race! I have no disillusions of coming in first place, or anything of the sort – I just think it would be fun. Second, this particular race is for such a great cause. It’s called Race for Refuge, and the race raises money for a charity that fights and helps women recover from sex trafficking. Each runner gets to race in honor of a specific girl that has survived through sex trafficking. We haven’t signed up yet because we are trying to put a big team together, but so far we’ve recruited our parents and my husband and housemate.

The race isn’t until September, so I should have plenty of time to get fit for the race. My leg has been bothering me a bit since I’ve been home when I’ve been running, so I’m hoping that doing some strength training at the gym will help strengthen my legs and better acclimate them to my longer runs.

My arms were really sore today, but I know that just means I’m getting stronger. I just hope no one else asks me to workout with them! :P

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  1. Lol, that’s crazy! I think working out is in everyone’s to-do list, it’s just very difficult to get started. But I think it’s a good thing that people are asking you to work out with them, since it would give you more motivation to pursue your fitness goals ;) But yeah, I guess you have enough workout buddies now. No need for more. Lol!

    Good luck on getting (and staying) fit, and hope you get a great time on your race. Most importantly, have fun! :D

  2. becca, i have friends who i know are not fans of doing exercise, but they couldn’t help but work out as well only to join fun runs or marathons for a cause! good luck with the marathon!! it sounds exciting in your case especially it’s your first time and you have a pretty solid team.;)

  3. First of all congratulations to your graduation!!!!!
    How nice to get started with exercising. I’m exactly like you with feeling uneasy about people watching when you try to figure out machines. :) It’s nice not having to wait for machines to be available either.
    I really need to start exercising too. I had a session in the basement (we have dumbbells and the likes) a couple of days ago, and that felt so good!

  4. Thats awesome, Becca! I need to get into shape too! The treadmill is a good machine to do for a cardio workout. It’s better for your body than the elliptical. I read that somewhere. :)

    I actually did a 5K with my sister! It wasn’t timed, thank goodness but it was fun! Thats awesome that y’all can do it together! What is your sister getting her masters degree in?

    1. Is the treadmill better? I’ve never really like the elliptical, but I would think that it would be easier on your knees and joints and the such. Maybe it’s a better workout?

      My sister isn’t currently in school. :) Our housemate – Andrew’s family friend – is currently studying for her master’s in counseling.

      1. I heard the treadmill is a better workout! Everyone thinks the elliptical is better but I read it really isn’t. :)

  5. That’s great you’re getting so many opportunities and buddies to workout with! One of my friends suggested we be workout buddies, but our schedule is incredible incompatible, so that idea didn’t fly :( Still, I think it’s good you’re working out and such! I find that the treadmill (after using them with my trainer) isn’t as evil as I thought it’d be. In fact, I prefer the treadmill over the elliptical at the gym because those elliptical are too far off the ground and disorients me greatly.

    If you do go for the 5k, good luck!

  6. The only thing I hate about moving away is the part about having to be distant from your pet(s)! $20 per month for a gym membership is amazing! I’m here paying double @___@. It’s good to exercise; you’ll gain the stamina and awesome body at the end! Good luck with preparing for the 5k!

  7. That’s crazy but it’s also very nice in a weird way, because they are thinking of you and actually think you’re awesome, which you are!

    Good luck preparing for your 5K! Woot.

  8. I’m glad people are wanting to you to work out with them, working out is always funner with someone else, and not by yourself! Tristan and I are planning to get in shape after my exam is done, which is this coming Thursday the 16th. We also plan on using our local gym more as well. It’s about $50 for the both of us. So, we want to get more in shape and more use out of the gym. Tristan and I actually go on Sunday as we’ve noticed that there are less people working out on Sunday morning/afternoon.

  9. That’s great that you’re getting so much exercise in! I’ve been trying to work out every day, and I’m happy that it’s become routine for me now. Though, walking 3 miles, going to the gym, and training for a 5k sounds like a lot! I think that’s awesome that so many people want to work out with you though. That seems like it’d make it more fun and motivating :D

  10. I started working out as well to help out my best friend, but also it’s for me. It’s been so tough. We somehow got talked into a personal trainer at the gym, so we’re both now near death since our first workout with him happened two days ago. Our legs are jelly!

    The end result better be worth all this pain.

  11. A race seems like a really good idea, especially focusing towards a goal like that and also because it is for such a good cause. In that specific topic, it’s actually terrifying for me to know the statistics.. but into more happy thoughts, hope you have a great time in the race and take lots of pictures and all about your process to get there and your thoughts once you achieved it. :D

  12. Ooh! I’ve been meaning to sign up for a local gym too because I gained a lot of weight since Thanksgiving last year. The only problem is that I might have to sign up for a flexible membership compared to the 12-month one (which is cheaper than the flexible one) since I’m considering relocating to Maryland after my lease ends this coming October. Decisions, decisions! I’m glad that everyone wants to work out with you. I’m sure it’ll be more fun to exercise with friends and it will surely inspire you to keep going. :)

  13. That sounds like a great race to be part of and it’s great that you can do it with your sister. Being part of the gym should help prepare for it as well. I hope it goes really well. :D

  14. Its always frustrating when people keep asking you to do all that kinda stuff! XD But it is great you’re trying to get in shape. Something I need to work on as well. Don’t work too hard though!

  15. That sounds like a lot of exercise! It’s great that you’ve got so many people to work out with though. I really need to start exercising – my diet is failing so badly!

    I can’t believe they didn’t give you a full tour of the gym. I’d have no idea how to use anything if they didn’t show me. I’d be terrified. It’s great that you have a membership now – I’d love access to so many different machines. I love treadmills, even though I’m rubbish on them!

    Good luck with the charity run!

  16. If you were here I would ask you to work out with me. :P Though every time I go with a friend or go with Nick, we end up doing our own thing anyway. It is just getting our asses to the gym together that really helps, haha.

    Twenty-five flights of stairs is a lot! I think it is good to live in a hilly area and be able to have an excuse to get active. I would be walking a lot more every day if I had a dog or walked someone else’s. We did a lot of walking in Europe and it’s just embarrassing how many steps my phone logs now, back at home, compared to when we were back there. We were doing between 12,000 and 32,000 steps every single day we were away, and now I am just doing a measly 4,000.

    Gyms are definitely better on the weekends and in the evening. That is when people are less likely to be motivated or bothered to go. I have not been in a while but I enjoyed going on the weekends. $20 a month is mad cheap. Here, you would be lucky to get $20 a week…

    I feel very lost when I walk into a gym for the first time and I am checking out all the equipment finding out which ones I like. It only takes a couple of sessions for you to find what you like, though! :)

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