Stop Trying to Take My Money!

It’s only forty minutes away from the start of literary abandon, the start of late nights and lots of coffee, the start of a new story beginning to unfold, the start of the timer slowly ticking away until the end of the month, and the start of a shooting word count. Only forty minutes away from the start of NaNoWriMo.

I may be one for a bit of dramatics, but really, I’m stoked for this upcoming month of November. I think I have a great plot that I’ve managed to somewhat outline and even managed to convince one of my friends to at least attempt this with me! Which is pretty big, because I’ve never done NaNo with literally anyone I knew. (Yes, I’m shooting daggers at some of you for not participating! :P)

I’m not sure how I’m going to fit NaNo in with college and extracurricular activities, but I’m just going to make time. It will be great in the end to see another novel that I’ve pushed out. :D

In other, much less exciting news, a few days ago I received an e-mail saying that my student account is negative $3,900 and a hold will placed upon it. My heart literally stopped. I was freaking out because at the beginning of the year we paid off the remainder of my bill that scholarships and loans didn’t cover so I wouldn’t have to worry about that during the year.

I should’ve know better.

So I’m looking over my statements, calculator in hand, trying to figure out what in the heck went wrong. Turns out UMKC dropped one of my scholarships and two of my loans. So I headed over to the Administrative building to find out why. The loans turned out to be a technical mistake. Something that I filled out didn’t go through so I just had to complete it again – kind of annoying but it was an easy fix. My scholarship, however, I wasn’t supposed to receive in the first place.

At the beginning of the semester, they gave me two specific scholarships (among others), but apparently you can only receive one or the other. So they realized their error during the semester and took it off, with no warning or e-mail or anything. Which would have been nice. “Oh yeah, sorry to tell you but that $2,500 scholarship we said we’d give you, we’re not giving you anymore!”

To say the least, I’m pretty upset about it. I’m just pissed that they weren’t even slightly sorry about it. It’s not a big deal about paying it, my parents will pay it and then I’ll pay them back, but I’ve just had so many administrative problems with UMKC in the first 4 months of school that I’m ready to go crazy.

And now I need to apply for some competetive scholarships because I’m not receiving as much financial aid as I thought. :( Money sucks!

The last month, except for that, has been rather unexciting. As the semester goes on I keep adding to my list of why I hate my French professor. I started planning out my classes for next semester, too, so that’s kind of exciting and kind of not, because half of my courses will be science courses, which I’m not a fan of. But I’ll just push through.

I hope you all had a wonderful day of stuffing your face with candy! I didn’t do anything for Halloween just because of the amount of homework I had and perhaps because NaNoWriMo is tomorrow. :P It’s never too late to join if you want to (which you totally do!)!

10 thoughts on “Stop Trying to Take My Money!”

  1. I’ve never done it but I just can’t, really. Because our school year starts and ends with the year (unlike in the northern hemisphere), November is finals time. I hope you manage to pull it off though!

    And what the heck. Who on earth takes away a $2.5k scholarship and doesn’t have the decency to inform you about it?!!!

  2. Student loans are horrible! They never give you as much as you need, and they’re always late. My best friend is always fighting with them to get her money and they always short her. It seems like a great thing, then you sign up and you find out how horrible they are!

  3. NaNoWriMo sounds really interesting!! I’ve always been into novel-writing and just writing in general :D I might actually join… I have a great plot in mind, but I just haven’t started writing yet! D:
    Really sorry to hear about the dropped scholarship and the technical loan issues! :'( I can’t believe that they didn’t even tell you before dropping it… that’s just ridiculous!

  4. A lot of colleges are like that, they give you an “estimate” of what you will recieve from scholarships, then four months later they actually recieve the money and deny half the people they told was getting this scholarship. It sucks.

  5. It was really bad on their part on the college’s part to not inform you about the scholarship issues before taking any action against it…I mean if it would have been a case of a student is has a very poor financial background and sort of completely relies on the scholarship money that the college (uinversity) has promised and sudden the college tells him that $2500 scholarship has been cancelled and he has to pay the amount…it would be horribly stressful for his parents!
    These sort of things happen a lot these days in India too…

  6. I think students who take initiative about the finances for college are really amazing. I know I would be lost without my parents sorting things out and helping me with that, but students like you, who have that initiative, are who I totally admire. Perhaps there is a way to talk with the financial aid office and explain your situation. They might be more apologetic. Good luck!

  7. Hey Becca! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!
    How is the NaNoWriMo coming?

    I’m sorry to hear about your troubles with the administration. Hopefully it’s just first year troubles. I’m trying to get all of my stuff for college together as well. It’s always hard when there is a lot on your plate.

    Science, oh man. I would have to push through that as well so you have my sympathy. :) Good luck!

  8. Nearly the end of the month and I didn’t join. I don’t know, NaNo isn’t really for me. I just write whenever I feel like it and I don’t really like the idea of forcing myself to write so much in that time. I know it really helps some people and you get a lot of support, but the primary reason is that it’s just not my cup of tea. ^^;

    We don’t celebrate Halloween in Australia but I still dressed up, hehe. I didn’t eat much candy but I ate a bit of chocolate.

    Sorry to hear about that issue with your finances. I’m glad you could fix it easily, but that’s really disappointing about the scholarship. I guess they saw it wasn’t fair if you got more than one? But if you deserve it I honestly don’t see why. I wish you all the best with that. <3

    Best of luck in your final classes, I hope that teacher isn't much more of a pain.

  9. AHHH! I totally recognize those smilies. =P Have you had those up very long, or am I really just that oblivious? Anyway, thanks for using. Warms my heart to see people use my resources. =’]

    Good luck on NaNoWriMo! I always want to participate, but this past month all my writing time was spent working on my history paper. I might try it over winter break, because I’ll actually have time then. The goal is just to figure out what I want to write, haha. How’s your novel going? You probably have a fairly decent-sized chunk done. I wish you well in finishing it! That’s the hardest part. (Well, actually, it’s starting it.)

    You should totally get a HP tattoo!! I have a friend who also wants to get the 9 3/4, and another friend who wants “All was well” written in the HP font. The guy who did my tattoo said they were getting ridiculously popular lately.

  10. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe that happen! That’s a lot of money to be paying anyhow :/ Good luck on NaNoWriMo! If you’ve already participated in it.

    I kind of wish I could of joined NaNo, but the fact of the matter is that I write whenever I feel like it and usually I don’t but that is changing.

    I’m sorry you’re not liking your french teacher. I never had a french teacher that I didn’t like compared to some other classes I had. Also I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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