Spring 2015 Semester Review

And like that, my junior year of college is finished. :D

Adv. Corporate Finance (FIN 435)

I am pretty sure I could write a book about how horrible this class and professor was. Pisses me off to no end.

I failed my first test in college in this class. Also got my first D on a test (a retake to be exact). I didn’t receive an A on a single assignment in that class. Wanna know why? Me too, because he didn’t give any feedback on any of the assignments or justifications as to why you got that grade. All he did was stand in front of the class and talk about himself and all of his stupid big-shot jobs he has had in the business world. I literally spent thousands of dollars so I could listen to him talk to himself.

Also, tests had nothing at all to do with the class. In class, we analyzed and discussed case studies. On the test, we were magically supposed to be able to solve all of these complex problems that no one had seen before. But oh, he gave us half of the formulas the day before the test, so that should help, right?

Ugh. Pisses me off to no end. I left some very lengthy and peeved comments on the instructor evaluation form. He should be fired.

Credits: 3
Grade: B

Operation and Supply Chains (DSOM 326)

Well if it’s any indicator of how much of a waste of time and money this class was, my professor got fired because he was so terrible. The dean received so many complaints that he told our instructor if he received one more, he was fired. Hint: he received more complaints.

Our professor would show up to class and read us multiple choice questions and have us answer them. And that was it. He didn’t present any of the material. He just assigned homework and tests and didn’t actually teach at all. Halfway through the semester, he decided to “change the direction of the class” and the rest of the classes were useless guest speakers and free periods to work on group projects. He just have everyone homework points without us having to actually complete it.

I would be more frustrated with the class if I didn’t end the semester with over 100%. So even though it was a waste, at least it boosted my GPA.

Credits: 3
Grade: A

Individuals in Management (MGT 330)

Not a bad class, just boring. Really just fundamentals of management but it was all a lot of common sense, so it was very difficult for me to study for tests. It’s not that tests were “hard” necessarily, you just had to memorize everything, which was difficult for me if it’s common sense. I’m not sure if that is clear or not, but I’ve never had a class where I did so poorly on something that should be fairly easy.

*shrugs* Oh well. He was at least a decent professor.

Credits: 3
Grade: A

International Management (MGT 370)

This was probably my favorite class this semester. My instructor was a grad student, but I’m pretty sure he is the best professor I’ve had so far in school. He was very fair in grading tests and assignments, and always made class interesting by using his own (relevant) experiences and current events. Plus I love learning about other cultures and views. Overall a fun class that still made me think.

Credits: 3
Grade: A

A long semester, but I am glad it is over. Only one year left until I graduate! :)


5 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Semester Review”

  1. Just one more year! Yeah~! I can’t wait for you! Also, those professors/classes sounded so terrible. Glad you were able to get through the semester all right. That boost to your GPA helps a lot.

  2. FIN 435 sounds like my ACS 2947, where the guy just talked about his masters degree, there was a language barrier and he just threw the tests down the stairs to get grade. Every school has a prof like that. How many years are you there for?

  3. Congratulations on finishing your junior year of college. I am about done with my first year of college. What I mean by that is I am taking one summer class to finish off my area 3 and 4 for my educational plan, and then I will be done with my first year of college.

    I’m so sorry that the one Professor wasted your time and money, and you received your first D. It seems as though you and I both had rotten luck this semester. I took Pre-Algebra aka Math 055 through a recommendation and even though my Professor and I are friends on Facebook. I can’t help but think that he’s a d*ck. I mean I’m grateful that he passed me as he knew how much I needed to pass the class in order to still be eligible for the grant. But, I kept failing the math tests for some reason. I don’t know why. He would never ask me how did I do? But, he would ask all the pretty girls in class how they did. So, I passed that with a C, and same with History. So I hear ya with that memorization part. There was a LOT to memorize for History and for Psychology, but I lost interest in History and passed with a C, and Psychology I remained interested in and passed with a B. So not to bad, but I don’t think I made President’s Honor Roll this semester. But there are always other semesters. But, I can’t believe you’re almost done with college. You rock girl!

  4. As an engineer I was always a little surprised by how subjective business classes could be. I haven’t been in college in a while, but I remember quite a few similar complaints from friends in school who had these classes that sounded like they would be based on numbers and math, but were in fact more about relative experiences and involved more abstract thinking.

    Congratulations on completing your junior year! For me senior year went by in a flash and I couldn’t believe how quickly I was graduating.

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