Speeding cars and the jitters

Well, I’m back in KC guys.

I wish I was more excited about that fact, but I’m not and here we are. My sister, my mom, and I all left Thursday morning at about 9:00 AM. We had borrowed a friends truck and packed my furniture into it. Everything else we fit in my tiny little car and then I drove the four hours to Kansas City. The drive was uneventful – which I am thankful for. I drove behind my mom most of the way and I just kept imagining all my furniture flying out of the back of the truck. But it didn’t. :)

When we were about ten minutes out from my new apartment, I checked my phone and had two missed calls from my roommate and one from my landlord.


I listened to the voice mail my roommate left and my stomach began to sink. She said, the apartment was a mess; the doors didn’t even have doorknobs on them; it was filthy, and she didn’t feel comfortable signing the lease. My landlord called me right when I was done listening and she explained that they had “overlooked” our apartment with all the other move-ins. She apologized and said they were having a cleaning crew come out to get it fixed up. So we went to a local diner to eat with my roommate and her mom until it was all ready.

But of course, it started to rain. We didn’t have a cover for out truck, so if it was out in the rain much longer, all of my furniture and my mattress would be ruined. We found a parking garage and just waited until the apartment could be ready. It took three hours after I got there, so five hours after our original move in time of 11 to be able to move in.

The apartment is really a fairly nice size except for the kitchen which is really small. Everything is just the right size for the two of us. It was still really dirty after the cleaning guy left (turned out to be the landlord’s husband), so on Friday we just scrubbed the whole place down. I mean walls, floors, everything. I was really overwhelmed on Friday. I had numerous little crying sessions where I went into my room and cried (I seem to be having a lot of those lately…) and then took a deep breath and kept moving on.

Plus, my mom kept telling me to suck it up.

We’re still having some issues with the apartment, but they are slowly getting fixed. Our hot water has not been working and the Maintenance Man has come by several times to try and fix it, but he doesn’t know what’s wrong so we’re hopefully getting a new one put in tomorrow. It’s the little things like hot water that you take for granted. Also, screened windows. None of our windows (except our bathroom window) have screens – and I don’t do bugs. The Maintenance Man is supposed to bring some tomorrow as well. There are issues, but they are slowly getting fixed.

We found some chevron curtains from Target that are adorable. :love: Our apartment is really cute now that we have the couches and everything set up. It’s starting to become my home away from home. And things are starting to get a little cluttered as well, just like home, which is why I don’t have a picture of my room yet. ;) But I’ll share later when I’m finished decorating! For now, here is our living room!

Living Room

Living Room 2

Today was my third day of classes. I really hate the first week – even though it’s mainly going over syllabi and whatnot, it gives me the jitters. So far, all of my professors seem really good. I just hope it stays like that. I don’t have too rough of a load and my schedule is really nice. I only have one class Monday/Wednesday/Friday and then I have three back-to-back on Tuesday/Thursday. I’m taking:

  • (Financial) Accounting 210
  • Microeconomics 202
  • Political Science 210
  • MIS 202 (a computer class)
  • Physics 140 (online course)

I’m a little worried about my Poli-Sci class. Our exams are all online and he gives us three days to take them – because we will need 36 hours to complete them. A bit intimidating, but I’ll pull through.

I had a job interview today at a local movie theater. I received a call relatively late last night from the manager and I was extremely surprised. It was an application I turned in basically on a whim and I wasn’t really expecting a call back. I was actually planning to call back in a few days to ask about it. So I went in today for the interview (after worrying all morning and through lunch about it) and went over some of the policies they gave me. The manager that interviewed me was really nice. He was very laid-back and didn’t seem too much older than me which made me more comfortable.

He asked a lot of questions about scenarios and how I felt about certain problems, how I would handle situations. I tried to incorporate previous job experience as much as I could (from working at a hotel) and I think he really liked that. I tried to be friendly and honest – I wanted to make sure that not only I was a good fit for the company, but they were a good fit for me. He had me give a sales pitch on one of the programs and I thought I did really well.

At the end of the interview he said, “You just aced this interview.”

I had thought I did well, but having him confirm that was so encouraging. He didn’t outright say that I got the job, but he did imply it. He said he had about twenty other people to interview over the next few days and he would give me a call back tomorrow or the day after. Even if I don’t get the job, at least I have the experience and it was a positive experience as well. Plus he was really nice, haha.

But I could really use the job. Textbooks this semester cost me $750. D: Also, I really love free movies, haha.

9 thoughts on “Speeding cars and the jitters”

  1. So far your living room looks wonderful. Mine was kinda drab and a bit depressing feeling. I guess I got the brown/maroon bug from my Grandma when I had started to decorate my apartment. But keep at it, you’ll feel at home in no time! It sucks that you had to wait until all of that mess was taken care of. Hopefully, your land lord will let the first month slide or something for the troubles.

    That’s really awesome that you may have a job working at the Theater! I wanted to work there, but I don’t think I ever applied if I did; I never got an interview. :/.

    Hey, I need your Facebook username again. I forgot what your last name was.

    Yeah, I do hate seeing pictures of people with the an illness and stating “How many likes for this _________ and that” ? I don’t get that. I honestly hate seeing depressed posts on Facebook, when I had signed up to see what my friends and family were doing. Not what the government was doing. Also, I had made a comment about Obama kissing this one guy. Well, apparently they didn’t like my comment so much about how it’s been photoshopped and all – so they kicked me off from liking their pictures as to which I can only share them now. They also deleted my comment which is quite hilarious. I could care less really. But yeah, I don’t want to see depressing garbage on my newsfeed!!!

  2. That sucks about all of your apartment problems! I hope they’ll all get resolved soon. Hot water really is something we take for granted. I remember how annoyed I was when our water heater wasn’t working.

    Your living room looks great though! Target has some great things for decorating :) I also like your rug and shelf!

    That’s awesome that you did well on your interview. I hope you get the job! Good luck with your classes too!

  3. It’s been dull and now look how things gets better everyday there at your new place.
    Congrats for acing the interview and i hope you get the job!

  4. Gah, that would freak me out if my place wasn’t clean when I moved in. I’m so anal about that kind of thing. I recently bought a house and on the surface it seemed well kept up but now I’m finding more and more problems with it. It is slowly becoming our home and a good one. XD

    Your apartment is looking very nice though, when you talked about it I was picturing scary things but you did a great job with making it look good.

    Good luck with a new year of school!

  5. I always thought that a house had to have certain things taken care of before it could be leased out, including apartments. From experience, it was one of the requirements by law, but maybe this changes based on state. Anyway, hopefully things start to turn up for you and your roommate’s apartment!

    I hope that you get the job! Interviews always make me nervous altogether. :x It’s like I’m supposed to be this person and say all of these things to really get it — no ‘white lies’ — but everyone else says the same thing, just basically, and you have to come up with realistic experiences on the spot (like going from a nanny to interviewing for a cashiering job) that apply to said position. And the job is almost never like that. :x Maybe I’m rambling. D;

  6. First, I love your new theme.

    Second, what a bummer about your apartment not being ready. But just think how it’ll look when it’s done — your sitting room already looks lovely and homely and as you said, there is some (nice) clutter building up.

    I really hope you get the job! It sounds like you nailed it, so I’d be really surprised if you didn’t. The manager sounded so impressed with you. :)

    Haha that’s both amusing and infuriating, I suppose. But then I suppose when their power grid has a power cut/outrage you can watch TV in your living room.

    I’m also afraid of the future. And trying new things, and meeting new people, and, well. Just life. God, I’m doomed.

    Take care! xx

  7. Oh dear… that’s terrible! I hope everything got sorted out. How long is the lease? I hope you and your roommate will consider finding a better place once the lease is over.

    The place look adorable, nonetheless :) Great job on decorating!

    That’s amazing :D You aced an interview! I would be so proud :D I agree, even if you didn’t get the job, you had a positive experience and that would translate very well for future interviews.

    $750..YIKES! I never understood why textbooks are so expensive. I used to use Chegg to borrow books for a quarter/semester. It’s a lot more affordable.

  8. I think I would be really put off if an apartment wasn’t clean in the first place. That’s awful that they took so long to get it ready. Hopefully you managed to get the apartment looking decent enough, it looks quite nice on the picture. And hopefully they sort out the other problems. A friend of mine had a broken oven, a leak over the floor, and a really old dusty mattress when he moved in to his accommodation last year. Half the carpet was pulled up, it was horrible.

    Hope you get the job! I hate interviews. I find some of the questions really hard to answer on the spot – just trying to remember examples I can use can be annoying.

    I’d rather pay lots of money to use my own car rather than get the bus. Can’t wait to get my test done!

  9. I never really intended to stop posting about our apartment entirely, but in the excitement and stress and overwhelming magnitude of projects that our crazy fixer-upper house has to offer, I guess that’s kind of what happened. Max and I both still have to be on the ground in NYC for various reasons, and while we can work remotely from Kingston some of the time, it’s a bit too far out of range to really make for a practical regular commute. Consequently, we still spend about half of our lives in the same Brooklyn apartment we’ve been renting for a little over 2 years now——and as much as I love Kingston, our house, and how happy the dogs are there, I do still love the apartment. This is the place where I became a Brooklyn resident and fell in love with the better borough. It’s the first place that I really got to share with my boyfriend——now future-husband——and it’s the place where we made a little family with a couple of fur-babies. It’s seen us through school and a weird collection of jobs, ups and downs, highs and lows; it’s been the backdrop of parties and good times with so many people we care deeply about. I’ll concede that I develop deep attachments to spaces and places, but this one will probably always rank as one of the most important.

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