Sleep, Eat, Read, Repeat.

It’s a bit bittersweet going into my last week of break before I have to head back to college. On one hand, I love being on break: not having to do a million things, minimal stress, and just being able to relax and do things that I enjoy to do that I normally don’t have time for, like read and see friends. On the other hand, I think I’m ready to get back and finish this semester of my first year. While I’m sure in the future I’ll miss being in college, I’m always impatient to finish up my education. Patience was never a quality I was graced with.

I’m also the type of person that likes to be doing something. Breaks are greatly appreciated, but I tend to grow bored of not doing anything substantial. So in a good way, I’m looking forward to going back to my studies and to be learning again. And to be starting my new job on campus, because the Christmas season sure took its toll on my bank account, haha.

I ordered my textbooks the other day. I was confused at first because I could only find the required materials for one of my classes. The other classes weren’t showing up, like they were just nonexistent. So I e-mailed my professors, asking them if they could send the textbook material to me. Turns out, none of the rest of my courses required me to buy books!! That is such a huge relief, knowing that I don’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars on books. Last semester I think I spent around $500 on four classes. It was ridiculous (though my university told me they had used books in stock when they didn’t so I was forced to buy new ones… but anyways). So I’m very grateful that I only had to buy one book and that it only cost $50.

Another reason I’m glad to go back? So I don’t have to freaking clean up after everyone else. This past week alone, I’ve had to clean up the kitchen every day before lunch. Not because I was told to, but because it was disgusting. Dishes will be piling up in the sink, God-knows-what is spilled all over the counters, and have of the pantry is out on the counters because no one can put anything back. I can’t eat in that, and it pains me to just leave everything looking so disgusting. Plus, my mom is the only other person that will clean up, and I feel bad because when I’m gone, she has to do it all the time. And don’t get me started on no one washing their plates/bowls out before putting them in the sink. >.>

You’d think that living in a house with 5 people wouldn’t be terrible, especially when everyone is 18+ and I’m the youngest. But I swear all the men (I use that term loosely) in this house can’t do anything for themselves except scratch their own butt. BUT ANYWAYS.

I haven’t done a whole lot else. My typical day has consisted of sleeping in until noon, making myself something to eat, and then showering. Then I either do something with my family, see friends or Andrew, or waste my time on the computer for the afternoon. Then I eat dinner and read until about one or two in the morning. Repeat. Totally lazy and totally wonderful.

Since my new job’s dress code is business casual, and I’m kind of a slob when it comes to clothes, I’ve gone shopping a little for some nicer clothes with my mom last week. I am perfectly content in sweatpants and a hoodie, or jeans and a t-shirt. However, that attitude has taken its toll on my closet, since it definitely lacks nicer outfits. I managed to find a cute new cardigan, shirt, and dress all for $15 at Kohl’s, which was awesome since they were all on clearance. The feeling I get after finding a good deal makes me want to shop more. :P

My eyes have been pretty tired lately, and I think It’s because I’ve been reading so much.


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  1. Books can get to be expensive… It’s amazing how your other courses don’t require books! Lucky!!

    When I lived with my mom, I was the oldest child. She had a husband who didn’t do anything but basically scratch his own butt, play online and tell people what to do whilst he just watched. I stopped helping out when they both started telling me I didn’t do ANYTHING to help out, even though I babysat their kids while they went to parties, made dinner, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the whole house everyday… I was a live-in nanny not getting paid anything.

    The outfit at Kohl’s for that price is awesome! I used to love shopping there until their fashion changed, and now it’s slightly more difficult to find something great to wear. But for that price, I’d be quite content. :)

    Hmm. Maybe you should take a break from reading? :p

  2. I am not excited to buy my books for next semester, I can only imagine how expensive it will be.

    I completely understand the cleaning thing. My family is extremely clean in some instances and others they leave banana peals on te counter or plates just sitting there. Not a fan.

  3. Hi Becca. I enjoyed reading your blog posts. It’s like I’m reading a novel/book. Teehee! I’m also a college student, 1 more year to go and I’m done… I think I’ll miss it but right now I want it to end, asap. HAHAHA! =)) I don’t have much patience too when it comes to school. Have a great day!!! xxx

  4. I understand about breaks. I get bored of them just a few days in. It’s nice to get a small break but a long one is never that good. Anyhow, that is good news about the books.

    Yeah, I lived in a house full of 5+ people before and you’re right. It gets pretty disgusting fast. I don’t miss it.

    I’m impatient too :P

  5. It’s a good thing that you actually like school/university. I do admit a break is good but after a while you just need to do something again and learning is never a bad thing! ^_^ You’re lucky that you only had to buy one book, they sure are expensive! :(

    Living with 5 people sure can get messy, especially when nobody clean their own stuff :/ I wonder how people can do that, I mean, it’s not difficult ? Oh well, they will learn somebody, right? :) It’s a good thing you clean up the mess! ^_^

  6. I was not graced with patience either. I have been working on it though! However, you should know that good things do come to those who wait! Not to mention, you value things more when you have to wait for it!

    Oh my word, I would hate that. I like things nice and clean and if I was in your living environment, I would probably lose it! I would not be able to stand it whatsoever!

  7. Lucky you. I started school just last week and now things are actually becoming due and I am freaking out because I feel like nothing is being done. Lol. I only have a few things due this week but I am taking Speech class online so I have to get people together to listen to my speech and it is due on Feb 3rd so I am stressing over that.
    School is stressful and I hate it. Yet, I want to be a teacher. GO FIGURE.

    That sounds nice. I wasn’t able to do that during my break because I worked right through it. While it is nice to have the money, I keep spending it on hosting and such so I don’t have much of it but I am trying to save up for a car.

    I am not very patient either. I’m not even sure that many people are. If they are they were graced with it. Good for them. They are probably our doctor’s and nurses. hahahaha. Having to get through all of that school. ;)

    $50 for a book? Nice! We go to and look for books there (my mom pays for my school, lucky me). You might want to try that as well. We get rentals and they are perfect, you use it and then send it back because who has the need for keeping books from college? I mean really? We end up selling them in garage sales anyway. XD
    Yeah, the “dumb phones” are going out of style now. Which sucks. I want to downgrade my phone as I have no use for the smartphone anymore (not with my tablet) but I have to wait out my contract as my sim card is too small for our old phones and I don’t want to change my sim as that would erase all of my contacts. (probably a good thing but you know…. hahahahhaa)

    Verizon is definitely expensive but I’m going to go prepaid as soon as we can get out of our T-Mobile contract. We have to wait another few months now because there was a better deal on a plan that got us more data and we spent less money. So, that’s good.

    1. I look around at different websites for used textbooks. This particular textbook I think was originally $150 so I thought I got a pretty good deal, even though it was still $50. But in comparison, I did well. My school lists their prices against like ten other websites, so you can usually (not always) find somewhere else that is cheaper. Though I always like to make sure that I am buying from a reliable site, because some sites are shady and don’t have very good reviews. I got that particular book from

      Bah, they should just make textbooks cheaper. :P

  8. Now that school is back in session, I don’t even want to go back to school. :( Dang! You only had to spend $50 this quarter, but I guess it makes up for what you’ve spent last quarter. I spent $200+ this quarter and probably the same amount last quarter.

    Where do you work?

    Have fun at school!

  9. I have to pay for all of my books, although I’m waiting until my classes start to make sure I need them xD That’s really awesome you don’t have to get all of them! Text books are WAY too expensive to buy them for nothing!

    I do miss going to school just because it gives me a routine. I will miss being lazy around the house and not having to do much all day. Like you said, break is always good to have but having routine is always good too xD

    That’s really awesome you got a nice cardigan at Kohls! I honestly never find too many cheap things there so I don’t go there often. I hope you got a good haul on nice clothes =) I honestly need to get more myself if I want a job xD

  10. I love breaks too! Haha!! :) Good luck on your next term!! :) Make the most of it while your at it. :) And, good thing you don’t have to spend that much on books! :) Haha. :)

    Living with other people sure is messy. You have to deal with their mess every now and then. :P I used to live with 4 other people, and yes, it is messy (and stressful). :P I hate seeing clutter around me. :)

  11. Gosh, it seems as though, I haven’t come to your site in forever! No wonder why we drifted away. I cannot imagine living in a house with all men and two females. That would honestly drive me nuts! I can’t believe, that none of them can even put anything away! Didn’t their moms, teach them anything?

    Anyway – I need to read your blog more! It seems more interesting, guess my life got in the way, and the downs and ups got in the way of it too, plus the new domain. I’m glad you were able to stay in college. The one, that I was going to dropped me like a fly. I was half way done and finally found someone to take me to the campus to finish off the course, and wham – email stating I’m dropped. I was like :O . If I didn’t have a cat, and wasn’t a pet lover, it wouldn’t have been a problem for me to leave and actually be on the site of the campus to live there and what not. But since, I do have a pet and am an animal – I can’t see myself living on campus, and especially sharing a room with two or more girls. Plus having your own set of pots and pans & what not (which was required). Anyway- I’m out on my own, in my own apartment, so its different. I pay a lot of my stuff here, and its hard due to the one income check I get monthly. I’m seeing a new guy though now. So he takes up a lot of my time. And its a good thing.

    The new guy and I have already been on three dates, and still planning on more before we actually make it official official. We’re into that relationship step, but still wanting to date more and more. That’s a good thing. And so far everyone’s approved of him that has met him :). God I remembered, when we both had boyfriends with the same name Andrew lol that was pretty hilarious. But that was two-three years ago. lol. So, yup I have that good of a memory. Anyway, I’ll let you go, it was great reading your blog again.

  12. I think you have probably gone back to school by now, so I hope the end of your break went well and did not drag on too long. I definitely got bored during the last week of my break, but I haven’t been too busy with school so far, which has been nice.

    I hate it when people leave a mess in the kitchen. :( I don’t mind when there are dishes in the sink, but I can’t stand it when people spill things on the counter and don’t clean them up. It’s disgusting and I don’t understand it at all.

    Good luck at your new job!

  13. I’m also impatient with education. I’ve just only been in university a few months and I already want to finish my degree and get a job.

    Text books cost crazy money! I’ve only bought one for my course so far. The rest I’ve borrowed from the library which is right across the road from where I live.

    For me it’s the opposite. When I go back to uni I have to do everyone else’s washing up. For instance, tomorrow we have a flat inspection. I told my flat mate this several times yet she still walked out leaving her dinner stuff behind. Grrr!

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