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I am not a big football fan. In fact, I know very little about the game besides the fact that you get points for scoring a touchdown. Apparently though, everyone around me is obsessed with football. The SuperBowl was last night, and needless to say I didn’t watch it. Though, I did later look up Kelly Clarkson’s performance of the national anthem, because I adore her and think she’s amazing. :love:

It’s kind of funny because everyone keeps asking me if I watched the SuperBowl last night. I just kind of laugh and tell them no and then they seem all disappointed that they can’t discuss the game with me. I mean, I guess they could, but there really wouldn’t be much of a response on my side. And then they proceed to ask me what my favorite commercial was. Which makes me laugh again, because I’m not going to suffer through half of a football game just to watch commercials. Silly people. I’ll youtube them later. :P

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I was taking a Web Design class and so far I’ve been kind of disappointed. It’s not exactly what I thought it would be. All we mainly do is familiarize ourselves with Dreamweaver, a program that does all the coding for you, and we have to complete small assignments like:

  1. Make a table.
  2. Have a link in each cell.
  3. Make the links purple using CSS.

So not exactly building a layout or anything. I often find times where I have nothing to do because I’ve already completed all my work and the teacher is just waiting for everyone to catch up. I’m actually writing this blog post during this class. :P But, I am learning some things that I didn’t know before and I’m becoming a lot more familiar with CSS, which is nice. That is one of my goals on my 101 in 1001 list, which I haven’t been really keeping up with much.

I’ve received a few comments recently remarking about me completing NaNo and editing my novels, etc. I’m currently working on two; one I am editing and the other I am still writing. However, I’m not sure I plan on publishing either of them. NaNo offered all winners five free copies of their novel through CreateSpace and you can publish it through there. I’d like to do that – I mean being able to hold in my hands a paperback novel that I wrote would be simply amazing – but the whole selling it to the public thing, I’m not so sure about. I was just talking to Kris about how I’m really self-conscious of my writing (ironic enough because I own a blog) so knowing that the entire public had access to my novel, makes me a bit nervous. Soooo, thinking all that over still. What do you guys think?

My NaNo novel is called Murky Waters, and in short, it’s an adventurous story about a young barmaid and pirates. During NaNo, when I was writing it, I thoughit it was the worst thing ever. But after going back and editing it, I’ve become really proud of it – especially since it’s my first completed novel. There are some parts where I’ve laughed aloud at something I wrote – and that’s one of the greatest feelings, knowing that you wrote something really good.

My other novel, that I am currently writing, I have no plans to share it at all. I started it in 2007, so when I was in the seventh grade (!!!) and I just want to finish it for the pleasure of finishing a novel. It’s pretty bad, but I enjoy writing so this is more of a project just to keep me writing and my creative juices flowing. Plus, it’s keeping up with my new year’s goal to keep writing. :)

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  1. I know zero about football apart from there’s SuperBowl. And even then I don’t know much (I live in Australia, I don’t think it’s such a big deal over here). But Kelly Clarkson I do know and you’re right – she’s absolutely amazing! <3

    HAHAHA! Really? They are about superbowl commercials? I watch the trailers but yeah, on youtube as well ^^

    I'm absolutely envious for you finishing your book! I wish I had the motivation :) I understand what you mean about being self-conscious about your writing – I terribly am as well! It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to share your book, don't want to pressure you. It might just be me, but a reason why I wouldn't want to share my book is I'm almost afraid of someone stealing the idea. But if you want to share it, perhaps post an edited chapter each week or month?

    Anyways, from the summary it sounds really interesting! Pirates? I'm in :D

  2. I find it interesting that people would ask you what your favorite commercial was after you already told them that you didn’t watch the SuperBowl. Wouldn’t you have had to watch the game in order to see the commercials? Or do they imagine that you wander in front of the TV only during the commercial breaks? That seems like quite a silly picture, if you ask me.

    I also took a Web Design class when I was in school, and it sounds like I had a pretty similar experience to yours has been so far. We learned how to use Frontpage and Dreamweaver, in addition to VERY, VERY basic HTML, and, like you, I always finished the little assignments quickly. Definitely less informative than I had hoped. But maybe yours will pick up. That would be nice, right?

    I am impressed by anyone who can finish NaNo–or honestly, any novel at all. I am absolutely atrocious at committing to longer pieces of writing, so mad props to you for finishing your novel! I think I can relate to your self-consciousness about sharing your writing. Although I post up my writing (poems and blog posts, mainly) online, it definitely isn’t the same as getting it legit published and having a larger audience. Sure, my work is out there, but not many people read it… so I don’t have to worry about how well it will be received, you know?

  3. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, either. Mostly because I’m still pissed the Packers didn’t win and because I didn’t like either of the two teams. And I heard the commercials weren’t even that great this year. So meh.

    I SOOOO wish I could write a novel, but I can never begin on or get a storyline worked out enough. I know how you feel about others reading your work, but maybe you could start small and work towards publishing. Like, offer it here at your site or something first, because I’d love to read it, and I’m sure your other readers would, too. Because anonymous people reading it is better than people you actually know reading it — at least, it is for me.

    History classes in college are the best, just because of the huge scope of classes they offer. I recently found out I could take 318, which is all about the roles of Japanese samurai as depicted in images and writing. I had a little nerdy geekfest about that. -lol-

  4. I’m so sick of pople talking about the SuperBowl. I’m like, I don’t care about football. For a shallow reason though. I can’t stand how the guys have such huge shoulders and wear tights. And really the game isn’t that great.

    Lmao web design class sounds like web design for dummies. We’ve been coding on our own for years probably!

    HAHA TAG! I understand what you mean, if I wrote something I’d wanna read it to myself but if someone else reads it I freak out. Imagine a paperback book for the world to read. I wanna read about a barmaid and pirates! Sounds interesting I’ve never read anything similar.

    Ohhhh oops my bad hahahhaa. That’s easy to abandon then! I literally abandon social networking and my cell phone on a day to day basis.

    Hmm maybe I’ll participate in NaNo in a future year when I have the time. And not show it to anyone, NOPE! haha.

  5. I’ve always wanted to participate in NaNo but I always seem to forget about it. It might be more of a convenient thing as like you I am really self-conscious of my writing. :P

  6. I am with you on the Superbowl, I only watched some of it and the halftime. I didn’t find the commercials that good though. A lot of people here were watching the superbowl because of the Giants, and I live really close to New York.

    Good job finishing your novel! Are you looking to get it published? I think it would be awesome for a teenager to get a book published, just like Eragon lol He was young when he wrote the series-I think lol I always started writing and I have ideas, but I never can sit down and just write. I would love to one day, but also I don’t know if my writing would be that interesting lol I always wanted to be a screenwriter though more lol

    yea I am just watching my (ex) friends, downfall, it’s quite sad. He was such a nice guy and now he is a douche (sorry for my language). I am actually quite curious how some people will do after college, will they be the same, different? I kind of want to go to a high school reunion lol.

  7. Hey Becca! Long time no talk! Ha, it’s been a while and I’m not sure if you remember me anymore. But, anyways I’m still glad to see that you’re still blogging. ^_^

    No one has asked me about the Super Bowl since most of my friends either don’t care for the Super Bowl, are to busy with homework to actually care, or just have better things to do. I was actually buy with homework that day, but the rest of my family watched the Super Bowl. They were pretty surprised to see M.I.A flicking her finger off to the public since it was totally unexpected. My mom literally had her mouth open and said that M.I.A is a child who ruined the family fun of watching the Super Bowl. Oh well.

    Congrats on finishing your novel! If you’re really looking into getting publish then I suggest that you should totally go for the opportunity you have at hand. By what it sounds, you seem very proud about your novel, and if you really feel confident about your novel I think you should really get it published so you can share it with the world. Ha, I would totally buy a copy. :D

    Whoa! I just noticed you were 17! You’re just a year older than I am! :D

    Can’t wait to hear from you, talk to you soon Becca! :D

  8. Deamweaver is such a boring subject. I’ve done two classes on the subject and now I hate it that much I write code by scratch with a html editor. I never use dream weaver and I can’t say I struggle at all not using it …

    I’m going to do NaNo this year. I contemplated it a few years back. Tis year it’s on my list for this year.

    As for the Super Bowl, funnily enough I watched it at the gym. Love the Super Bowl … A few people a the gym were fascinated that I knew the rules and was explaining what they were :D what can I say? I love all sport bar golf and lawn bowls.

  9. The SuperBowl was meant to be adored by men in my opinion.. And some girls, if they’re interested in seeing guys tacking each other down. I find it just normal to see you’re not a big football fan. I’m not one either :P!

    Usually for any events that I miss, like watching some pay per view with my friends, I just find articles and read about it :P. But I don’t blame ya!

    Your web design class sounds too… Easy.. In a sense that you’re finding the lazy way out into making websites. But familiarizing yourselves with Dreamweaver isn’t that bad. It’s better than using Microsoft Frontpage in my opinion :P.

    I don’t blame you for being self-conscious of your writing. I used to write stories, but I never wanted anyone else to read it. I ended up throwing it all away :I. But you’ll get to that point where you’ll love your writing enough that you’ll force everyone to read it :P

    Good luck with your novel projectos ;D

    I hate swimsuits too! D: I am trying to find a way out into not wearing and buying a swim suit. The one’s they sell in the market are horrible.. And the one’s I like.. Shows too much skin :P.

    Maybe Twilight’s first draft IS the one that’s published :P. Stephanie has a lot of issues :P.

    Take care ;D

  10. Haha I am somewhat in the same boat as you. I didn’t really know much about this sport until I came to the US. A lot of people around me are very much into it as well. I try to get more involved but I guess I don’t care as much as them xD. Kelly Clarkson is indeed awesome :3

    I usually just keep up with the highlights…I have seen very few games start to finish lol. I will watch it if someone who is enthusiastic about it watches it with me and explains stuff or even comments about it…make it much more fun!

    LOL I remember my web-designing classes to be lame like that too…I learnt most of the stuff by myself which was so much more fun that stupid things that Dreamweaver does (not that I hate it as a tool). Haha yeah…I guess people who have no experience have trouble familiarizing themselves with it. CSS is awesome…have fun with it!

    Whoa you write novels? That’s awesome. I hope you can get yours published :D. Hmm I can sort of understand you being nervous about the public being able to read your novel and all but isn’t that what people write them for in the first place? I am sure people will enjoy reading it. Also you might get some constructive feedback which might help in your future writings!

    Oh pirates…I might need to read this then…let me know when it is available to the public hehe :3

    Cool…good luck with finishing your other novel…I am sure it is fun to read and not as bad as you think it might be ;)

  11. it’s okay. I didn’t even watch the Superbowl either. I’m meh when it comes to football and when I saw the commercials, I was glad I missed it. Though that is exciting about your novel.

    It does remind me that I have to finish a few of my own novels. Good luck ;3

  12. Ha, you are such an inspiration. I’ve started stories since middle school as well, and I just end up with a brain fart or too embarrassed to ever continue. I really really want to do NaNoWriMo sometime (this year???)!!!

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