Said yes to the dress!

I found my wedding dress. :love:

I have been excited for my wedding next August, but I haven’t been this excited until now! I went with my bridesmaids and my mom to look for dresses last Saturday and I took a couple of recommendations from some friends on bridal shops to go to. They had either found their dresses there or someone they knew had.

I was a little bit nervous at first. Nervously excited. I guess anxious would be a better word. I was excited to try on wedding dresses but I was nervous that I might not find the one. The first bridal shop we went to was a lot of fun. They gave me colored note cards and when I saw a dress that I wanted to try, I would just slip the note card into the plastic sleeve of the dress and my attendant would come get it and put it in my dressing room.

From looking online, I had a designer in mind, Mori Lee. When I went to look at their selection though, I was pretty disappointed. But we found several that I liked and tried them on. I thought it might be awkward changing into and out of dresses with the attendant, but it was no big deal, just like if I were with a friend. (Not that I strip in front of my girl friends all the time… hahaha.)

There was one that I absolutely loved, and everyone else loved it, too. But it was way out of my budget. So we put it back. There were others that I liked, but I didn’t think they were it, and they were also fairly expensive, so we decided to move on. We thanked my attendant and said we’d keep those dresses in mind. We went to lunch and then had a little more time to kill so even though I didn’t have an appointment, we stopped by David’s Bridal. I was hoping that just maybe there would be something there I like since their dresses tend to be cheaper, but nothing really caught my eye.

The David’s Bridal visit consisted more of taking pictures than anything else. And maybe hiding in racks and scaring my friends.

So we headed to my next appointment at Clarice’s Bridal. We arrived early so we looked through some of their bridesmaid dresses but they really didn’t have a lot to look through. It was a really small shop, so all of the wedding dresses were actually on the second floor. When we finally went up, there was another group there that was taking up enough room for two parties. At first it was just mildly annoying since I wasn’t trying anything on yet.

We flipped through the dresses and picked out five or six to try and headed into the dressing room. When I walked back out with my first dress on, the other party hadn’t moved. There were only two benches, and four people could easily sit on one. Yet the four people were taking up both benches, and my bridesmaid’s and my mom were both just in a corner, standing. I was peeved. They didn’t make room for me, so I just walked through them to get to the other mirror to look at myself in the dress.

My attendant was very sweet. She was trying to pointedly get the other party’s attention to move without making it awkward by offering my mom a separate chair, but they didn’t get the hint. The same thing happened when I tried the second dress on. The bride was being obnoxious too. She was wearing a really form-fitted dress, running her hands up and down her body and repeating how gorgeous she looked. She kept saying, “I don’t want to take this dress off!” She was the stereotypical annoying bride. Her party kept complementing her and she would say, “I know.” Then they discussed for like twenty minutes how they were going to do her hair. I wanted to push her out a window.

Finally, the attendant asked them to make room so my party could sit. People can be so rude. Shortly after that, they left and we didn’t have any more problems.

And shortly after that, I found my dress. :)

I was initially pretty split between two dresses. One was a lot simpler, which was the look I thought that I wanted, while the other was more detailed. I didn’t end up getting a Mori Lee dress, though I did end up getting a Mori Lee belt/sash to replace the one on the dress. The one on the dress was fine, but I loved the more detailed one. I don’t want to give anything else :) away (Andrew, I know you are reading this!!) and I wish I could show you all pictures, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

All I can say is that August 8th of 2015 cannot get here soon enough!

7 thoughts on “Said yes to the dress!”

  1. It cannot! I can’t wait to see the dress and the ceremony, plus all the other pictures. I’m glad you were able to find a dress that suits you. <3 You'll really love that day, and have fond memories of it. I know I have fond memories of my wedding and reception.

  2. That’s exciting that you found your wedding dress already! I was nervous about finding mine too, but I’ve found that attendants at wedding dress places are so nice and helpful. I had to look at 3 places before I found the one I wanted.

    That other party sounded really annoying and inconsiderate. I’m glad your attendant helped you out by asking them to make room. Picking out your wedding dress is a big deal, but it shouldn’t inconvenience other people at the same place!

    I wish I could see the dress, but it’s important that the groom doesn’t see it yet! I guess we’ll all have to wait!

  3. Omg that sounds super exciting to found THE dress! That other bride’s party sounds so rude and annoying. Don’t they have the courtesy to make some room when there’s obviously another party in the room. She’s not the only one getting married, sheesh!

    I’m glad at the end of the day it went well though!

  4. Gosh that all sounds very exciting! It’s brilliant that you’ve found the dress, especially seeing as that other party were so rude, it must have made it worthwhile! The attendant much have had the patience of a saint to deal with them, but it’s lovely that they are so attentive!

  5. Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you, girl! I would really like to see you wearing that dress, I bet you look beautiful in it :) It’s good that you found THE dress while you were there, it makes dealing with those rude and annoying people so worthwhile! Hahaha!

  6. Well this is exciting! Picking your dress is definitely a big step toward the planning process. Seems like you have a little less than a year, so you still have time to figure things out. I hear the 1-year grace period gives you ample time to figure out the logistics. Good luck with everything, and we’re very excited for you. :)

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