Reconsidering my Stance on Mornings

I’ve decided to start walking to school. My apartment is so close to campus that it seems silly not to – and the weather has been so mild and beautiful lately that I can hardly resist doing it! It’s a little less than a mile so it only takes me about twenty minutes with waiting to cross the busy streets.

I love my walks to school. Half of it is busy streets and the other half is nice and shaded and pretty. There’s a creek that runs right in front of the campus and my favorite view is standing on the bridge looking to downtown Kansas City.

I always feel so good after walking home from school. I hope me now walking about two miles a day compensates for the extra cookies I’ve been eating for lunch. :P

Mornings are usually so hectic and crazy for me. Normally I’m running late: I hit the snooze button too many times, I can’t figure out what to wear, I forgot something and had to turn back, I took too long eating breakfast. But so far this semester I’ve been really good at waking up on time and managing my time in the morning. I think it’s because I woke up every day over the summer at 6:00am so waking up at 7:30am is now normal. How bizarre.

If I have slept until about 10:00am now, I feel guilty. -_- I normally can’t sleep that late anymore because of my sleep schedule, but I feel like I’ve just wasted a good chunk of my day by not making the most of my morning.

I make my bed every morning now: seeing my sheets all mussed and my pillows strewn across the room drives me crazy! I used to not care a bit; my logic used to be that it was silly to make the bed up when I was only going to mess it up later at night when I went to bed. Now, however, a neat bed implies a neat morning and a neat day ahead of me!

How have I missed the glory of mornings up until now?

September has been a very mellow and peaceful month for me. My classes are picking up and I’ve started working at the theater again, but overall it has been very relaxing. I have become very lazy! The closer fall becomes, the more that I just want to roll in a pile of leaves and eat caramel apples. Homework? Tests? Psh, what are these trivial things against the tide of the seasons. ;)

4 thoughts on “Reconsidering my Stance on Mornings”

  1. That’s a gorgeous view! And 2 miles is such a perfect distance for a light relaxing walk – it’s great that you’re embracing mornings! I also used to be one of those people that never made my bed (because what’s the point if you sleep in it again?) but I find it’s great way to put your mind into a more productive/organised mode ready for the day.

    (Hi, I’m Mary – nice to meet you! :))

  2. That’s great that you’re able to walk to school :) That looks like a really nice view and a great way to start the morning! I wish my work was walking or biking distance, but I have to drive every day.

    I’m so not a morning person. 7:30am is so early for me! I think that’s awesome that you’ve been able to manage your time in the mornings. That sets the tone for the rest of the day! I’m glad things have been relaxing so far!

  3. That’s awesome that you’re walking to and from school. My doctor considers it a form of exercising. I can’t believe that you’re finally on your own. It must be exciting to not have to share anything!? To be honest, I miss my own apartment. When I wanted to move, I didn’t miss it then, but I miss it now. I miss setting my own rules, not having to share anything, not having to worry about when the money will be due to pay the rent etc. It was nice, until rude people moved in underneath me. I mean, they weren’t rude, it was just their hip hop music/their bass music that bothered me. I couldn’t hear my t.v. and I’ve confronted them about it, but things just got a little out of hand when the landlady dropped my name to them. *Shakes head*. That apartment complex was something else though. I miss my apartment, but not the people (except for a few).

    I’m glad you’re loving your new apartment/studio, and are able to walk to school. I’m also glad that you still have your job at the theater, so it looks as though life is really blessing you as of late. Congratulations on your engagement too! I’m actually in school myself as a full-time student and I’m loving it except the only assignments I have to do is reading (all semester).

  4. I used to be a morning person. Up at 6am, watching the breakfast news and getting anything I forgot to go the night before done. Now I’m lucky if I make it out of bed before 10am and like you said, it feels like such a waste! I can’t do much about it, because it’s a side effect of my chronic illnesses, but I still consider myself a morning person!

    As for walking to school, YES! I agree. It’s awesome. I live a 20 minute walk to my uni’s campus too, but it’s all suburban for me.

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