Rainy Days

Normally I do not like the rain, but it sounds so peaceful and serene that I’m glad that it’s raining. Or maybe because it’s knowing that I don’t have to go out in it and I’m comfortable and dry inside, half-sitting half-laying on my bed, typing up this post while I can look out my window at it falling. We’ve needed the rain – it’s been so hot and dry.

My mom’s shoulder has been hurting her for the last week, so she asked me this morning if I wanted to clean one of her houses with her. I went with her more because I know cleaning is hard on her, but the money is a nice little bonus as well. :P After we were done and on the way to the bank, my dad called from the hospital. He had had a check up and was told today he will have to have another surgery to place a port inside of him for chemo treatments. I’m not really sure on all the details. I’m glad they are doing it as a precaution, but it sucks that he will have to have another surgery in addition to the other two.

But he is still doing very well, which is more than I can ask for. I was speaking with my manager about it the other day and her daughter-in-law had colon cancer and underwent the same surgery that my dad had. After the surgery, however, the food in her stomach was not moving to her bag, it was just sitting there. So it became infected and she had to have the surgery again and she’s been in the hospital now for two weeks. My dad was in the hospital for four days.

I’m very thankful.

Today just feels like a rainy day. I’m really tired since I didn’t sleep very much last night. I went to bed early – around 10 PM – because I wanted to get up in the morning to run, but I didn’t even fall asleep until 2:30 AM. -.- I didn’t end up running since I was so tired and sore from playing tennis yesterday. It was wonderful, the first tennis I’ve played so far this summer. I haven’t been playing entirely enough!

I finally got everything sorted out with my travel blog – the huge, horrible headache of transferring everything. I just ended up not switching hosts. My first host was wonderful, I was just switching because of something minor and it really was not worth the effort. Lesson learned. I’ve been working on it yesterday and today, and I’m about half finished. I’m really excited to open it. I’m working on a sort of surprise for the opening, but I haven’t decided on the details yet. :)

I really need to go run some errands and do some shopping just for some little things. I need to get a sleeve/cover for my laptop since I’ve already managed to put a big scratch on the top of it. Dx This is why I can’t have nice things! I also need to buy some containers since I’m reorganizing my room, and some bobby pins and ponytails. I’m always losing both of them! Plus my nail polish stock has been running low. I’m thinking some bright colors for summer. But it’s so nice inside that I’ll probably push all of that to tomorrow. Oh procrastination, I thought we wouldn’t be friends after school was out!

I think that’s all for now. My tummy is grumbling and the leftovers I have from Applebee’s yesterday is calling my name. 8) I’m going to eat my salad and catch up on all my favorite blogs and return some comments. A good day to do so – yay for not working until 6:00 PM tonight! :)

7 thoughts on “Rainy Days”

  1. Hey Becca, I totally love rainy days but we don’t get much in Southern California. -_____- And when we do, it’s glory to me.

    I really hope your father is doing better and better every day. I hope your manager’s daughter in law gets better too. I was in the hospital for four days over my spring break and it wasn’t fun at all. The worst part was that I could only have 2 hours of sleep each night. ):

    Yay for cleaning the house. I did that about a week ago. It was so tiring. My back started to hurt like crazy.

    YUMMM Applebees!

  2. I love rainy days as well (It’s supposed to rain here soon. I’m hoping it does!). I haven’t been in the hospitals for years and years and all for various reasons. It really does suck. I hope your dad and mom feel better along with your manager’s daughter.

    Cancer is some scary stuff.

    Anyhow, I’m glad you are well at least ;D

  3. I love the sound of the rain outside when you’re all safe and cosy indoors. ^^

    I’m really glad your dad is doing well, and I wish him all the best with his future surgery. :) Having nearly lost a mother to cervical cancer, I understand it’s an emotional roller-coaster.

    Hee, glad you sorted your travel blog troubles, too! XD

  4. I hope your mom’s shoulder feels better. And I’m glad your dad is doing well. :)
    I don’t hate rain unless it is threatening my plans. What I don’t like is the fact that worms come up after a rain. I hate that.
    Right now it is almost 2 in the morning. I’m staying up to watch the original Mission Impossible. It’s just a goal of mine. But I think I’m going to do my best to get up at a decent hour later this morning.
    I am looking forward to seeing your travelblog site.
    What kind of pattern are you going for on the laptop cover? I was thinking about getting one too, it would be nice to look at.
    Thanks for your comment on my last blog. I really, really appreciate people who understand. :)

  5. I’m not much of a rain person either – though almost everyone I know loves the rain, and are always asking me to run around under it with them.

    I don’t like the rain, unless I’m indoors. It’s almost always hot weather here in the Philippines, so sometimes rainy, chilly weather is nice to have.

    That’s a lot of surgery. :( I hope everything will go well.

    At least you’re dad’s doing okay so far. That really is something to be thankful for.

    I’m glad things are working out with your travel blog! :)

  6. Rainy days are only fun when you don’t have to go outdoors to do anything :)! You’re lucky for having rain! We barely got any rain these recent 2 years in LA.

    Getting paid by your mom to help clean a house sounds really nice! Some parents would force their kids to clean the house with no pay. I wish your dad the best of luck with his next surgery. He’s truly a fighter with all of these conditions going on :/. But the treatmeants are for the best :)!

    I am glad your dad is doing well regardless. But wow, I am glad that the medical technology is advancing today, otherwise it would’ve been left untreated centuries ago (and be blamed on some kind of natural disaster or something) :(.

    Congratulations on getting your travel blog down! Perhaps, it was meant for you to stay ^__^!

    Good luck with all of the things you gotta do! I love reorganizing my room sometimes, only when it’s necessary XD.

    You’re lucky for having some leftover Applebee’s! I would like to have some leftovers of awesome food :D!

    Buying new luggage is really hard, when everything is so expensive! When worse come to worse, I’ll just borrow a family member’s luggage if anything :D.

  7. I absolutely love rainy days — we rarely get them here in Central California. I’ve lived in the south most of my life… and we always had the BEST rainy days… and thunderstorms! I miss the thunderstorms. :| I haven’t seen lighting in over a year… lol, a weird thought.

    By the way, I’m glad the travel blog is getting sort out. I can’t wait until it’s online! :)

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