A Review of my Final Days as a High Schooler

Last Thursday was my last day as a senior. It’s hard to believe that I’ve completed my final days as a high school student, but I am SOOO happy to be done. Let me tell you, I’ve had enough of that school for the last twelve years of my existence. My last week was overall a pretty good week.

I finished with straight A’s and a 4.6 GPA for my senior year. I was worried about a few of my finals, but I did just fine and I’m really proud of this school year. I took six honors courses last semester and three this semester, so ended up with a 4.6 GPA.

I’m finishing 12th in my class of 306, which I am slightly bummed about. I was 11th before this semester, but I guess I didn’t take enough honors courses to move into the top ten or to even stay put. I finished with a cumulative 4.35 GPA.

I received Math Major Honors, Mu Ulpha Theta (math honors society), and Best of Class for French Honors Society. I received these awards and cords at the seniors awards night tonight. While I was happy I got these, I was also really bummed that I didn’t get any scholarships or athletics awards. I worked really hard on those scholarship essays and put a lot of time and effort into all eleven that I wrote. It’s hard watching all of your friends get scholarships and really high recognitions but getting none yourself…

“Long Live” by Taylor Swift was our senior song. Something I was also really happy about because I love Taylor Swift and it’s very suiting. When they played it over the announcements, my and my friends were passionately singing it to each other. :P

My french teacher gave me a $1,000 scholarship for college. She gave the unaffiliated scholarship to the eight students in my French IV class that received A’s for the semester. Needless to say, we were all absolutely floored. I felt bad taking it, but she insisted. I am really, really touched that she did that for all of us. I’m really going to miss her but I’m glad I have all of the fun memories of going to Europe with her and having her as my star teacher.

I worked 35 hours, plus school. This was really the only negative of the week. One of my coworkers is out for maternity leave, so I was one of the main people that picked up her hours. I’m looking forward to my next paycheck because of it, but I was really exhausted the entire week. x_x

I created a Twitter account.Yeah, I caved. I had never before really seen the point of it, but I thought it would be useful to follow certain people and receive updates. I’ll probably get addicted to it. :P Feel free to follow me here!

I guess all I can say is I cannot wait for graduation on Saturday. I made a lot of friends and created a lot of memories that I will cherish from high school, but I really cannot wait to get out. I guess it’s just the depressed mood I’ve been in lately, but I just want to move on.


Everything Will Be Alright

Last Wednesday my dad had his surgery to remove the tumor from his colon. Since we had found out in February that he had colon cancer, he’s had radiation and chemo treatments until the middle of April. He handled it all really well and wasn’t real sick, which was wonderful.

His surgery took six hours and overall went really well. The surgeon actually wasn’t pleased with how it had went at first, so he did it again… whatever it is. One of my dad’s blood vessels along the colon didn’t have very good blood flow, so because of that, they stretched his colon some. Depending on how he heals, my dad might have a permanent colostomy bag.

Which would be a bummer, but honestly, that’s so much better than the alternative.

I went right after school on Wednesday to see him and he wasn’t out of recovery yet when I got to the hospital. When he was released from recovery and placed in his own room, he was still really groggy and trying to wake up from the anesthesia. It was really hard at first because he was extremely pale and it was hard for him to talk.

But then he started acting like his normal goofy self. He had a button that he could push every so often to give himself morphine, so whenever the button would indicate he could press it again, he’d go, “Oh boy!” He kept saying just really bizarre things and my mom would tell him something and he would forget and ask again.

He was in the hospital for a total of four days. I went up every day with my mom or with one of my siblings to see him and each day he looked better. On Saturday, I told myself I would spend all day at the hospital to both see him and study for my finals. I ended up doing my dad’s Sudoku puzzles instead. :P

My dad’s home now; he was released on Sunday. He’s doing really well and we’re all glad that he’s home.

I’ve entered my last week as a high school senior and I am beyond stressed. While I should be enjoying my last time with some of my friends and teachers, I have a few finals I’m really worried about. And I have to work every day this week. x_x Ugh, stress.

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