My Dad has Colon Cancer

Wednesday after school, I walked into the house and the first thing that my mom said to me was, “Sit down, I have something to tell you.” When someone says those words to you, you can only think the worst. Who had died? What horrible accident had happened. Who has cancer?

She then said to me, “Dad has a tumor.”

I immediately asked where and she told me that it was a couple inches above his rectum and it was pushing through the tissue wall and into his muscle. My dad had had a routine colonoscopy and, from that, they had found a tumor in between his rectum and his sigmoid colon; or generally speaking, in his large intestine. I had to do a bit of research, so for those a little medically stupid like me, a picture:

He’s had to go back to the hospital multiple times since then to get other tests done. At first they weren’t sure if it was cancerous or not, but the next day the surgeon said he would be really surprised if it was not. To treat it, he’ll have to undergo five weeks of radiation and chemo to shrink it, and then have his first surgery, where they will remove the tumor. He’ll have a colostomy for 5-7 weeks, and after everything has healed, will go in for another surgery to rebuild his bowels.

We still don’t know a lot of details, but that’s the general idea of what’s going to happen. They said the tumor is about the size of a golf ball and they were really surprised that he wasn’t having any symptoms from it, like rectal bleeding, weight loss, or cramps. My dad kind of laughed and said, “What! I’ve gained weight!”

I’m glad my dad can laugh about it. Though as he said, “There’s not much else you can do.” He’s been making all sorts of “butt” jokes since then. ;P He’s so weird.

It was a bit of a blessing that my dad went in to get his colonoscopy when he did. He was originally supposed to go in a couple of years ago, but the doctors said that if he had done that, they probably wouldn’t have found the tumor.

I think my mom is taking it the hardest of us all. While colon cancer is definitely very serious, it’s not usually deathly or have awful side affects that will affect anyone for the rest of their life. It’s just one of those things that really shake you. It was so sudden to. You just never know when things are going to change…

We don’t know when he’ll have to start radiation and chemo, but probably some time next week. They want to start pretty soon, which would be best. It seems like a silly question in retrospect, but I wanted to know if he’ll lose his hair. :/

It’s been kind of a long, sucky week…

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  1. Oh no, I’m really sorry to hear that your dad has colon Cancer! It’s amazing how he is handling it – or how it sounds that he is handling it.
    The thing you can do is be strong…. I mean, if your mom is stressing, give her support! You all will need it but positivity is key. :)
    Again, I am so sorry. I hope, wish and pray that everything goes well!! Sending you a hug.

  2. At least your dad is handling it well (supposedly). The only thing to do now is hope for the best. I completely understand the situation you’re in. My dad has Hepatitis C, and he had to undergo a liver transplant almost seven years ago. Not only does his liver still hurt occasionally, but now he also has diabetes and gout. He takes eight different medications every single day, and he easily gets sick and tired. I’m always worrying about the future, and he’s always assuring me that he’ll still be around for a while. All I can do now is hope that his willpower wins over his condition.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about that! My mom was suspected of having colon cancer but apparently it was just really bad swelling or something like that. I don’t remember the details. It’s always good to face situations with a strong smile. Butt jokes seem lessen the severity of everything! I hope that you and your family will pull through together. You have my prayers and/or my wishes if you’re not the religious type. :]

  4. I’m sorry to hear about your dad having Colon Cancer. But, I am glad that they discovered it early enough so that he could undergo therapy and the removal process.
    As a family you guys should stay strong together…even if it does involve making butt jokes. ;) But it keeps you guys as a family united and happy that you guys have each other.
    I hope for the best for your dad’s chemo therapy, recovery, and in general the whole process that he will have to go through. Hope all is well. :)

  5. It is really unfortunate to hear that your dad has colon cancer :/. It’s a really scary thing, especially when it’s within the colon. Hopefully, everything will go according to the plans that are laid out and undergo chemo and radiation. Even though it’s bad news, your dad still finds positivity in life :)! That’s an upside because one someone goes down the drain, it’s hell from there. All of these other unnecessary things pops up like depression :/. Things take time and he’ll get better. :)

    You’re lucky for even going to the school that’s 10k a year! I’m like even wow’d by that because that’s 3 times less than what we have here! And especially since I want to go to USC later on, that’s like 30k more a year D:! But it’s worth the money made, no? :c. Scholarships here sucks D:! I’m looking deeply into it.

    I do surely hope the other activities I’m involved in help with the f’s I got :/. At least I never got D’s in my academic classes :x.

    Take care :)

  6. Yeah, I’ve dealt with cancer before from family members and friends. It’s not easy to deal with especially when it zaps everything from you.

    But I’m glad that your dad has such high spirits about it. It will make everything so much easier.

    Though I can imagine the kind of “butt” jokes he’d make though. I’m so bad like that >_< but I do hope that he gets through it okay.

    It's so frightening to say the least. I hope you're holding up well!

  7. Hey Becca, I hope you are doing well though all of this. I’m really glad your not going to lose your dad. I will be praying for him.
    Kudos to you, to finding the diagram. I thought rectum had something to do with the eyes. In fact, I just did a google search to make sure I even wanted to admit that. :D
    I hope and pray everything goes well. Don’t disappear now, or I’ll be worried. :)
    When I’m writing book reviews sometimes it takes me awhile because I wanted to get that exact word. So I know how you feel. :)

  8. Just pray for him and also find natural and herbal cures for this on Google. There are plenty of good results and they are much better than what he is supposed to go through which can cause weakness and worsen things from what I heard. I suggest he give these natural and herbal remedies a try.

  9. Aww Becca *hug* I am sorry to hear your dad has cancer=/ but at least he caught it early and fast. I believe timing is everything in life, so it’s good that he got it done later than earlier. I hope everything is okay and your family can keep their spirits up:) That is the best thing to do at times like this. It’s good that your dad isn’t showing signs of worry or freaking out. The best way to handle serious situations is to stay calm and collected. From this post, it sounds like you are. I really wish the best of luck for you and your family. You are right, sickness can change life in an instant. I, personally always try to look for the good in a situation, so I hope this experience will help your family grow together :) I’ll pray for him and hope everything goes well!

    I know I would want to date/marry someone who is Christian too. I am protestant and in all honestly, it would just be easier marrying someone the same religion as me. One of my exs is Jewish and we use to talk about (joking of course lol) what our kids would be if we had them. We could never agree because religion was both apart of our lives. But I think life turns out the way it does, so if I do marry someone who is out of my religion or race, it may be a challenge at times, but I am sure everything will work out lol

    I hope my two friends stay together too, and show their parents that race/religion shouldn’t matter lol

  10. Oh no! Well it is a blessing that he went in when he did, they caught it at a critical time so he will be alright in the end. It still sucks that your dad and family have to go through this though. It’s really tough =[

  11. I’m really sorry about this, and I do hope that he is okay throughout all of this; sometimes laughing about it helps ease the pain that’s really behind all of the jokes. Some people actually do joke about things to help them to not be so hurt about it… or scared, etc.

  12. Ohh…. Plz do take care of your dad… I’m glad your dad isn’t worrying about it a lot…cuz i feel worrying makes that stuff worse….. Take care :D

  13. Your dad’s going to be okay! I am sure he will. It’s uncomfortable to have a problem like colon cancer but I’m sure that as a family you’ll make him feel as comfortable as possible.

    I nearly got a colonoscopy once. I’ve had colon problems before and they really aren’t pleasant when it comes to digesting and excreting. I hope your dad isn’t in too much pain, but I know a bit about how the pain is. Many hugs to him! <3

    I think when people go through chemo, for whatever cancer, they need to get their hair removed. :(

  14. Becca! I am very sorry to hear your that your dad has cancer! Man this is NOT a good month for you or my family. My aunt is in the hospital with mild dementia, and was found on the floor, babbling nonsense. I thought for sure she wasn’t going to make it and made myself sick thinking about it. But according to my cousin she’s doing better. My cousin has some cancer on her Thyroid, which she had surgery but after the surgery they found a tiny bit of cancer which is treatable, she started her radiation already. I’m going to try and get a new MRI done and see what’s going on and see why I keep feeling like I’m wanting to die. I hate that feeling. But anyway, I’m glad your dad is taking it with a grain of salt and loling it up. But anyway besides all that sadness, you’ve been tagged!

  15. I know things have been hard for you, but in your other post, you wrote about how your dad is in great shape :D I hope you and your family have been sticking through with it all together. It’s great that your dad has such an amazing sense of humor. That’s what can really get you through tough times, sometimes. Compared to old grumpies who might see it as the end of the world! All the best to your dad :)

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