Nightmares Turn to Reality

I just want to say, be freaking thankful for everything you have and all the people in your life, because you don’t know when it’s going to be taken away from you. I just got in a car accident that scared the flippin’ shit out of me.

Me and my good friend Allison went out to the Rascal Flatts concert that was in town tonight with Sara Evans and a couple other people. We both love Rascal Flatts and have gone to a concert of theirs two years ago, and it was amazing. This one was no different.

It took about an hour to get out of the parking lot, and there was a ton of traffic once we got onto the road. We were just about to merge onto the highway when I heard screeching and the Jeep in front of us just stopped. Reflexively, I threw my hands up in front of my face, and Allison slammed on the brakes but we still slammed into the car in front of us.

The next thing I remember hearing is screaming. The airbags were deployed and there was glass everywhere. Allison was okay, and so was I. My God, I was so freaking scared. There were five cars total in the accident; we were the last one. One guy was screaming his head off and cursing at someone and the girl that was screaming was just sitting on the side of the road with a bunch of people huddled around her, crying. We didn’t find out how badly she was hurt, but we saw blood.

Me and Allison got out and I called my mom. Someone had called 911 and shortly after the police and an ambulance came to take the girl to the hospital. My mom said she would come drive out. We tried to figure out why the first car just stopped from the people that we hit, but they didn’t know. They had heard that the guy’s brakelights didn’t work, but I don’t know if that’s the whole story or not.

I swear if someone was drinking, I’ll kill them.

I have never been so freaking scared in my life. I could not stop shaking the entire time after the accident. I am just so, so glad that Allison was okay. She thinks she hit her arm on something, so her arm kind of hurt, and both my knees hit something pretty hard, so I’m sure I’ll have bruises from that and from my seat belt. We were both wearing them. I just thank God we’re okay, we’re okay.

Cars can be replaced; people can not.

21 thoughts on “Nightmares Turn to Reality”

  1. I think I have turned crazy from studying. Argh. UEOFJFdkfs.! The test was super difficult…I don’t think any amount of studying could have helped…:(

    Haha, the shop is the meet-and-greet type…so I can’t meet up with you and sell you things if you’re not in Sydney :(

    It was an impulsive speech…I don’t think they’ll let stuff like that happen ever again…!

    Yes I know right! THE MOVIE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! But yeah, I didn’t understand that last bit…a tad odd? xD Yeah, I’ve heard of the encyclopedia and can’t wait if it actually comes out!

    Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you are okay! That sounded absolutely SCARY! I’m just glad you came out with bruises, not a spinal injury or broken bones, etcetera. & If anyone was drinking, it must of been heaps worse.

    Glad you enjoyed the concert though :)

  2. You should totally check out the show! Seriously it’s a show worth watching:D
    And your right, I find it pretty sad that we’re using all of our resources to benefit ourselves, which is a good thing, but we take a lot of things for granted. We’re polluting a world more and more each day, and wasting all of our valuable resources:/

    Again you have a point, if more of the United States started recycling then imagine how much cleaner our environment would be! I read somewhere that if just 25% of U.S. families used 10 fewer plastic bags a month, we would be saving over 2.5 billion bags a year. Which is pretty amazing, but we hardly meet up to that 25%, only 13% of U.S families use 10 fewer plastic bags:/

    Ha I just get the gist of what Pottermore actually is. It’s going to be some interactive world or something, just took keep the spirit of Harry Potter alive. But totally, I need to get those Harry Potter ticked! I really want to see the midnight premiere!:D

    The movie better be amazing! I love the book series although the last one wasn’t my favorite. I knew Katniss was going to end up with Peeta, but there was still a small part of me that thought that she was going to end up with Gale! Oh well if the movie doesn’t turn out as good we can always go Katniss Ninja style on the movieXD
    Wow! That must have been the scariest -insert curse word here- ever! I would have been in the same position as you are…scared to death. I’m glad everyone was ok though and that’s all that matters. But that does look like a freaky accidents just telling from the picture. In the first picture, the car to the left is that your friend Allison’s car?

    As for the second picture…wow that’s a long line of wrecked car.

  3. Half my comment got deleted grr! Anyways I meant “Wow, that’s a long line of wrecked cars.” I’m pretty sure that really wasn’t the story, I’m sure there’s more to it. But what matters is that your alright and so are your friends. Hopefully you don’t have to go through this experience again!

    Take care Becca, and I hope to hear from you soon:)

  4. OH my goodness!! I’m so glad you and your friend Allison are okay!!! I’ve never been into a car accident before, though I did get hit by a truck and well; you can imagine the impact on that thing coming around the corner. I was half way out and half way under.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the concert though besides this horrible accident!!!! I’m glad you’re okay though. Those bruises will go away though no worries!

  5. I’m so glad that you’re okay. Things could have been a lot worse & it wouldn’t be surprising if someone was drinking considering there was so many people coming from a concert. I was in a car accident where someone hit the back of us & we went flying into the car in front of us. I was younger & I didn’t know what to do so I threw my knees up & I shattered both of them from the airbag. You should absolutely always be thankful for everything you have because you honestly don’t know when or how somethings can happen.

  6. Wow that’s really scary! I’ve seen numerous car crashes while driving down the highway but have never been in one myself; I would be scared shitless too so I don’t blame you. Does your car have insurance? It was beaten up pretty badly in the front so looks like it would be a pretty hefty bill otherwise. I don’t know much of the details but I’m trying to figure out how five cars got in a car crash like that myself. It’s little things like that, that help you remember the importance of life.

  7. I’ve been in a similar situation to this … I was stuck in the back seat behind the driver and had to be cut out. I had a bruise across my chest from the seatbelt and my legs were so badly swollen and bruised I couldn’t walk … It’s so scary. I am so glad you’re ok and your friends are ok too …

    Hell, if anyone was drinking I’ll personally fly over there and knock the arseholes heads off myself!!!

  8. Ever since then I’ve been careful with my driving even though I wasn’t the one driving when the accident happened. Hopefully it is your last because next time you may not be so lucky.

  9. The show usually comes on the History Channel:D

    Same here! I was really surprised when I saw that statistic, we’re not even close to that 25%. But what we usually do is that we save our plastic bags and just reuse them…and if they rip we recycle them, so I guess you can consider that recycling/reusing?:P

    BUY.THE.TICKETS. Ha I don’t think anyone wants to miss out on the finale of the Harry Potter movie series, literally I plan on going dressed up as Voldemort. Only problem is that I have to figure out a way to hide my nose, since he’s practically noseless.
    But I can’t wait until the midnight premiere! The last film will surely be the film of the year!

    Same here, I had a strong dislike towards Peta at the beginning of the book series but as the 2nd and 3rd book released I just thought they would end up together either way. I still think it should have been Gale and Katniss though. Oh well, the last book did break my heart though…hehe but the ending was marvelous! Katniss and Peta get married and then they start a family, I really thought that was a great ending to an amazing book series.
    Hopefully the movie does come out good, or else I’ll have to look forward to the Maximum Ride movie.

    Hopefully the girl is alright, but it’s good to hear that you and your friend are all right:)

  10. Thanks, hehe :D I think I like my new layout better because it wasn’t inspired by other places…it was kind of in my head. Haha xD

    I always have music on when I do homework because it makes concentrating easier. I turn it off when I really, really need to concentrate…which is when I’m doing practise tests and stuff…xD

    Haha, you should definitely come to Australia! It’s pretty different to the US, that’s all I can really say. Like, everything is unreasonably high priced..xD

    Gosh, I’m just glad you’re alive and breathing. It could of been so much worse!! Now I’m kind of freaked out by cars…I don’t think I really want to drive/ride one….><

  11. I am SO RELIEVED that you and your friend are okay! At least her car was the last in the wrecked line, or it could have been worse… That is really terrifying! I would have been so scared and shaken as well. Car accidents are quite possibly my biggest fear ever. I hope that the people who caused it were not drinking. I feel like strangling those people! :|

    How are you doing now?

    Aside from the accident, I hope that Rascal Flatts were awesome (again)!!

  12. Oh my gosh; that is so scary! I am so glad you and your friend are all right, and I hope that girl is okay too! I’ve never been in a car accident before, and it’s one of the reasons I’m a little scared about learning to drive. It sounds like you completely lose control in those situations, or that everything happens so fast and… yeah.

    If someone was drinking that night, they deserve jail time. People need to wake up and realize that they are taking their life and OTHER lives into their own hands when they drink and drive. It angers me that there are people out there who can be that stupid and selfish and careless. It also really angers me when people use their phones in the car. It’s scientifically proven that a person who texts while she/he is driving is just as dangerous as a person who drinks and drives. Scary!

    I would have been shaking too. In fact, I might have been sobbing. Experiences like that stay with you. But I am so glad you are okay!!!

  13. I hate driving, too. XD If it wasn’t for the bloody idiots that cause the wrecks, then I would love it a lot more, haha.

    But yeah. I’m really glad that you’re doing fine, and I hope that insurance will cover the damage!

    That’s awesome that Rascal Flatts were amazing! Did you take pictures? ;)
    And yes! I saw them in concert a few years ago, and they were AMAZING, haha. I hope they make it back to TN sometime soon. I’d love to see them again.

  14. WOW! That..That just looks freaky. D: And very very scary! Glad you and your friend are alright, hope everyone else in the crash is too! Luckily I’ve never been in a car crash. I just hope I never am. D8

  15. Eep! Car crashes are not a fun situation to be in. I am relieved that you and your friend, Allison is okay :)! Along with most of the people within the crash. I hope that girl that is injured will have a swift recovery.

    I can’t believe how one car messing up on the highway can cause a domino effect. The crash looks horrible from your side of the car :X! Thank god you’re on a car with a long hood! Because it saved your and Allison’s life :)!

    I hope there’s no injury that’s going to happen to the either of you in the nearby future.

    But wow :X! If the person was drunk. It’s a big lawsuit coming up!

    Take care :D!

  16. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you and your friend are okay! :( Car accidents are ridiculously scary. I’ve only ever been in one, and it scared the heck out of me, and it wasn’t even that bad! Sheesh.

    Things like this really do make you realize all that you’ve taken for granted.

  17. Well i hope no one was seriously hurt. Car accidents especially pile ups are very scary and always get me nervous when I here about them. Its the main reason that I don’t like driving– just dont trust most drivers

  18. Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re okay. An dominoes accident like that is like one of the worst. When cars suddenly stop, you can’t always avoid hitting them, and if you’re in the middle of the dominoes then you have nothing much to say. I hope no one was drinking, because then they’d deserve to get suspended for driving forever. I just can’t accept DUI, and don’t know why people do it.

    Good thing you were wearing your seat belt, because if you weren’t … uh I’ll skip this.

    At first I was wondering why you two were going alone to the concert, then I realized it’s only me that can’t drive at nineteen. Maybe that’s a good thing.

    You are so lucky your brother has a cool girlfriend. Harry Potter and Johnny Depp are probably the #1 and #2 loves of my life if going into American/Western media. My brother’s girlfriend likes Brad Pitt. Whooo????!

    I so hope I can drag someone to show me around :P I have all my aunts and uncles and cousins over there. I’ll def be keeping a journal. I still have yet to read yours hehe.

  19. Oh my goodness! :-? What a nightmare ;) I really do hope you are ok. That is great that you got to see Rascal Flatts and Sara Evans! My mum loves both of those bands! :D
    From Sam!

  20. Oh my goodness! That sounds so scary. :( I’m glad you and your friend are alright. I’ve never been in or seen a situation like this, but I can imagine how insane it’d be to realize you could have died. Things like these remind us to cherish the lives we have because they could be gone in an instant.

  21. Oh my gosh, I’m glad you’re okay. That sounds really terrifying. :( I hope you find out what happened or at least who was at fault. I hope you and Allison will heal soon, luckily none of you were badly hurt. That must have been a horrible accident if it involved so many cars. I would also be annoyed if someone was drinking. My mum would not be too pleased if I got into a car accident with friends. She would think we were at fault… there are such idiots on the roads these days. :/

    I was once in a car accident with my mum, our car went spinning after some guy hit our car at the rear corner. So much force meant that we practically did a 360 in the middle of the road! x_x

    Glad you’re alright. *hugs* You’re right, the thing that is most at risk on the road is your life.

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