My heart is full

The light overhead is off, but the glow from the lights on the Christmas tree and the lamp beside the couch illuminate the room. There is something wrong with the fireplace that we haven’t figured out yet, but under my blanket with Chloe cuddled next to me, I am more than warm enough.

There are presents under the tree and even more still waiting to be wrapped in the spare bedroom. The stockings are hung on the mantle, and I’ve got a book nestled in my lap.

Andrew is next to me, quietly playing a video game. He has the sound on the TV so quiet it’s barely audible, so that it doesn’t distract me from my reading.

Nothing else can be heard except for the rhythmic thrum of the dishwasher in the background. The kitchen is clean and our bellies our full after we’d both had a steaming bowl of chili for dinner.

In the quiet, I savor this moment. My heart is so full – of love, of joy, of all the wonderful things that I am thankful for: a warm place to lay my head, a husband who I love more than the world, and this time to just soak it all on.

I know too soon that this moment will pass. Soon we will need to go to bed and get ready for work the next day. We will have things to check off our to-do lists and be in a hurry to be at the next place.

But I will keep this little moment that I’ve tucked away. The magical simplicity of having this time of rest on His day, with all of the things that I could ever need or want surrounding me, it overflows me. My heart is full.

My heart is full.

14 thoughts on “My heart is full”

  1. That is lovely. A perfect moment. I don’t think most of us take enough time to treasure such times. We’re always in such a rush. A nice reminder to stop and treasure such times.

    1. I just finished the Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and am almost done with Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card. Loved the Nightingale, not a huge fan of Children of the Mind.

  2. This is so beautiful. I love your writing, it’s so lovely. These moments are the best. I love Saturday afternoons when the housework is done, and me and Andy are just sitting on the sofa and relaxing.

    And Andy always has his games on a low volume so I can read too!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

  3. What a lovely post, Becca! I enjoyed seeing this moment of your quietness here. It’s interesting to see how people are offline, and you’ve captured that single moment beautifully. Our lives, especially when we join the working world, feels like we’re always on the go, constantly doing tasks that seems endless. But when we can get a moment to breathe and just unwind like what you shared, it makes me feel grateful about those moments.

    Happy holidays to you, Becca :) Enjoy the festivities!

  4. This post makes me so happy!! :D You’re lucky you found such an amazing guy!!
    What are you doing this Christmas? I hope it’s great especially since it’s your first “married” Christmas!

    In other good news, I have a full time job now! I’m working in a doctor’s office that is a part of a large healthcare company! I went into the interview and I think he liked me right away, because I got a job like 5 days after that! I start January :D I’m excited to get my own money!!

    Your husbands a nurse right? What’s his specialty or what type of nurse is he? There’s a huge need for nurses right now!!

    1. He is pretty awesome and I’m thankful every day for him! ❤️

      Congrats, Laurie! It’s a great feeling being able to pull in your own income! I wish you the best of luck when you start! It’s always hard transitioning to a new position.

      Yes, he is a nurse. He really wants to work in the ER, but there’s no openings at the moment so he is working on a transplant as surgical overflow floor. He really likes it.

  5. Such a beautiful post, Becca! Thank you so much for sharing :) I love how sometimes when I’m so happy and so content, I take a moment to look around and feel thankful for everything because time passes quickly! You described it perfectly, I almost teared up a little bit :P

    Happy holidays Becca! I received your card btw and it is GORGEOUS, thank you so so so much <3

  6. I’m so happy to hear that your heart is full of love. It’s always good to feel like you have everything you want and can actually feel relaxed. Thanks for sharing this moment of joy :). It made me happy when I read it!

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