My Four-Year-Old Baby turns four today. :D

It all started with Neopets. (I feel like every good story should start with that sentence.) My dear friend Chelsea, who I met in a guild, ran several of hew own websites. Through her I learned about HTML and CSS and running a website. I practiced on the pet pages and pet lookups. My interest began to grow and through Chelsea’s websites, I ran across some bloggers.

There were several that caught my interest and I began to follow them. I loved their style of writing, and how I instantly became interested in their lives and yet they were complete strangers. They expressed their emotion so easily and unashamedly, creating beautiful pieces of writing to share with the world.

I wanted that. I wanted to be able to share my thoughts and opinions other than on a piece of paper in a pink, glittery diary (which trust me, was not my scene). At first I thought that I couldn’t run my own website. I didn’t know anything about servers or domains or anything about anything. But I wanted a website. So I looked into some free-hosting sites and started my first website at the end of my 8th grade year (2008).

It really wasn’t much besides my angsty teenage thoughts and weird encounters with friends. Whatever site I used doesn’t exist anymore, of which I am fairly grateful. I’m not sure I would want to read some of the things I wrote about. But it was a start.

I went through several different phases after that. I quit for a time, I continued for a time. I switched websites, from other free-hosting websites to subdomains. I blogged sporadically, finding inspiration one day and then the next I would run completely dry. After years of blogging on and off, having to switch content from site to site, I realized I needed something permanent. I needed something that was completely mine, and I found it here.

I still go through periods where I don’t blog often – but I know that it’s here, and I know that it’s mine. I always have somewhere to go when I need to just think. When I need to write.

Some days I feel like I’ve spent my whole life blogging, and other days I feel like I just started yesterday. It’s weird, thinking that this blog has seen me graduate, buy my first car, meet my boyfriend, and get engaged. It’s seen many of the good times and many of the bad times. I’m not sure if I’ve inspired or motivated anyone like those first bloggers that I followed, and I know that most days my writing isn’t beautiful pieces of art, but I’m grateful all the same for the site that I’ve established and the many friendships I’ve created. <3

6 thoughts on “My Four-Year-Old Baby”

  1. Happy 4th Blog Birthday! Mine was a very similar story actually, I miss making Pet Lookups! I’m sure you’ve inspired and motivated many people, I really enjoy reading your posts (especially about the books you’re reading!) and I look forward to reading them in the future! I went on Chelsea’s website – what a talented lady! x

  2. Happy 4th Blog Birthday to Jovers! I’m still amazed that you’ve had this for so long, and I keep changing domains (still) — though, I’m hoping that it will change within time, and that I will continue on with this domain that I currently have. Hey, we all start somewhere right? I’m surprised that some of the places that I started at are still around. I probably wouldn’t even know how to code some of them, now that I have moved on. I was actually given a push in the right direction after a misunderstanding between me and someone else. From that push, I actually learned html through I love that website!

    RE: You’re absolutely right! It is wrong that people tend to think more of the situation, then what it is. I am kind of tired of the way my aunt treats me (and she wonders why I didn’t want to move in with her, or the fact that her and I don’t click with our personalities? It’s her attitude, not mine. But you’re right, I shouldn’t have allowed her to negatively affect me like that. There won’t ever be a next time with her though. I’m completely done with her. I know that might seem a bit rash, but sometimes, you have to let some people go.

  3. I really love this entry and congratulations on your blog reaching the big 4. It’s wonderful that it means a lot to you and the journey you have been on to get here. :)

  4. Happy birthday to! I always think it’s interesting to hear how people got started :) I’m pretty glad my old blogs don’t exist anymore too. I’m sure reading back on it would be super embarrassing, haha. I’m glad you kept at it and have found a permanent home at this blog!

  5. Happy birthday! i am glad that you started writing, I have enjoyed reading your blog!
    my story was a little similar to urs but never managed to stick around with one blog for more than a year! :(

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