My Bed is Calling My Name

Nancy commented on one of my last blogs about how busy I always seem to be, and man, I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes being busy can be good – I’m constantly seeing people so I’m not lonely, I always have something to do, and I’m being productive with my time. But other times, it’s just so exhausting and stressful to always be going, going, going. I’ve been feeling like the latter as of late, and I really just need a break.

Fortunately I am on spring break, yet so far, I probably wouldn’t call it a break. I’ve worked three of the five past days, which is a lot for someone who hasn’t had a job before. I worked with my mom yesterday cleaning one of her houses. Her doctor said that she was allowed to clean one house a week, so I went to help her on her first day.

Today my youth group worked on this lady’s house to raise some money for our mission trip in June. We scraped and primed the shed, working from around nine to three. I only stayed until two though, because I had an appointment to (finally) take my senior pictures so I had to go home and get ready for those. (Out of curiosity, is this just an American thing? Where your senior year you have a bunch of professional pictures taken?)

I don’t consider myself a photogenic person and I always feel awkward when I know someone is taking my picture, so having an entire session of just that was a bit weird at first, but I knew the lady that was being my photographer so that made it better. I flipped through some of the shots really quickly and I was pretty pleased with them. Whenever we actually get them, I’ll share a few. :)

Tomorrow my youth group is going to finish working on that lady’s house, but I’ve decided I’m not gonna go. Call me selfish, but it’s my spring break and I think halfway through, I deserve a break. Plus I have to work tomorrow night. Ugh. I’ll talk about work some other time. Work is just work, and I don’t really want to think about it until I’m there.

Every spring break, I have this really nerdy tradition to watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies. Last year, I got Becky and Andrew to join in on the tradition. This year, though, we’re having a difficult time getting times together. All of us have jobs now, so combined we work every night this week. The logical thing would then to watch them in the afternoon instead, but we’re still having a hard time getting together to even do that. Me and Becky wanted to go Prom dress shopping and mine and Andrew’s two year anniversary is Thursday. It’s just a lot to squeeze in. :/

For now though, I’m going to finally start enjoying my break and stop working myself so hard. As I’m writing this blog post, I’m watching Chopped and eating strawberries and cheez-its right out of the box. I don’t even remember the last time I sat down to just watch TV.

I’m so excited to sleep in tomorrow morning. Normally I like to get up at a reasonable time in the morning, but I don’t even care. I can sleep in until three pm and I’ll be happy because I finally can get to sleep! I need a lot of sleep. I never understood how some people can go on five or six hours of sleep every day and be perfectly fine, not tired or sleepy. To be fully functioning and focused during the day, I need about nine hours of sleep. I hardly ever get that much, but it’s nice when I can. :)

I’m just trying to look a little more at the positives at the moment when all I want to do is pull my hair out, and sleep is definitely a positive! Sleep makes a girl like me happy. :)

10 thoughts on “My Bed is Calling My Name”

  1. Haha well you can always look it up on google XD.

    Yeah…I love how a lot of folktales and ancient lores include dragons :D. Thanks I like my bracelet too hehe.


    Being busy is actually good…keeps you on your toes and like you said keeps you from getting bored xD. Then again too much of anything is not good and stress is definitely not good :(

    Ah you are a nice daughter helping out your mom! I guess it could be an American thing….I mean personally we didn’t have anything like it…we would only take a group class picture at the end of our school life xD.

    I know what you mean…most of my pics don’t come out nicely T_T I am glad you were pleased with your shots :D

    Everyone deserves a break and you certainly seem to have earned it! I don’t like thinking about work either lol. Have fun with your break ;)

    Yay for nerdy traditions! I love LOTR _>

    Ahh I would like some more sleep too…I am one of those people that gets 5 hours of sleep everyday and keeps going…doesn’t mean that I am any less tired or sleepy though really ^_^; I like 8-9 hours as well…on weekends I love sleeping in :D

    Haha yeah sleep is awesome <3

  2. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being busy. In fact I would say that’s the American way of not being lazy.

    Take me for example. I tend to stay busy by either cleaning the house, or doing my chores. Now since I’m starting school back up again, and will be going to the orientation today (which will be shorter than the last one), getting my badge and what not. It will keep me busy, plus I’m doing the online course thing. And one on ground class. Also to keep me further occupied/busy, I will be starting Weight Watchers again. I’m super excited about this. I was losing 3.80 some odd pounds a week! I was doing excellent in that program, and I can’t wait to go back! I will more than likely blog about this soonish.

    But yeah, I run on a ticking bomb, type schedule. I go until I wear myself out. And than I just flop on my bed and go to la la land. However, one night I did drink some heavy duty coffee around 6:00 p.m. and boy that was a mistake. I didn’t fall asleep until either 4 or 5 a.m.! I wasn’t even tired the next day though I tried forcing myself to sleep. Plus on top of that I watched “An American Haunting” which didn’t really have a big effect on me, but some of it did. I kinda got a wee bit scared so I read the bible. Anyway, I better get going.

  3. It’s sometimes good to be busy, but I feel that if we are busy with things we don’t enjoy, we get tend to get irritated or else we really enjoy being busy :D
    Even i feel awkward when someone’s taking my pics, i think I’m bound to look dreadful!
    I agree with you on the sleeping part… I’ve my summer vacation, and I sleep like at 2 am or something, and then wake up by 8…But then I feel so tired that I readily sleep in the afternoon! hehe :D
    and how are you? :)

  4. Becca! I’ve missed you! :) I’ve been visiting you but my own lack of blogging has kind of led to my lack of commenting as well >__< so I've only been lurking around. I might go back and comment on a few old ones right now since I felt like I had a few things to say :3

    You definitely sound very busy but you should be proud :) I've been taking it easy my ENTIRE spring break so I feel like a bit of a bum but hopefully it's a good thing before I tackle another quarter of school haha.

    That's great that you like your pictures! I still have my hs prints laying around in an envelope somewhere – the ones with the watermarks. I actually never ordered any, LOL. But it's nice having pictures you like – there's a better chance of you looking back in 10 years and still liking them, haha.

  5. Man, I hadn’t even started reading your blog yet and I was already lol’ing at the title. It reminds me of me.

    You do seem to be quite busy! Sometimes it can be a great things and other times… you just need a break! I know exactly how you feel!

    Since this week was your spring break, do you start school on Monday like I do? ): I’m not looking forward to it. I had a dream I missed my geology exam! :/

    Glad you’re enjoying your TV time! I would be too!

    Can’t wait to see some shots! :love:

  6. We took our senior pictures earlier in the year, but I just did the basic school yearbook one. A lot of my friends go all out and pay the 400+ dollars for the photoshoots but I know myself well enough to know that I probably wouldn’t look at those pictures ever again.

    OHMYGOSH THAT’S THE BEST TRADITION I’VE EVER HEARD OF! Don’t worry, I’m just as nerdy. Every summer I reread the Harry Potter sieres and sometimes, if I really need a mental break, I’ll read one and listen to the soundtrack of the movie with it.

    HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY! That’s so exciting!

  7. Welcome to the adult world ;/ It’s not fun but exhausting all the time. Think of working full time instead of part time..and yeah.

    I took senior pictures as well but I missed the first ones where I could dress up in anything I want, so I only got the classic senior picture. Lol

    You’re not selfish. If you need a break, you need a break. You deserve it for working so hard.

  8. Being busy isn’t a bad thing when you’re being productive, and you certainly sound like you are! Hopefully you can get just a day off or something soon. I don’t think you’re selfish for not going to work on the lady’s house. You went other times plus it’s break so treasure it! I have a week off but I spent the past weekend working my butt off so I can have spring break free.

    It’s not just an American thing. My boyfriend has high school graduation photos too. I’ve never seen them but I’ve seen them in media and they’re always in uniforms and staring at the camera so I don’t know if you consider them professional.

    My session was pretty annoying if you ask me, I mean why can’t they just take your photo and go? It’s not like a portrait tells so much there are other photos taken for senior year anyway.

    Tell me about it, I can hardly get together with ONE friend let alone two at the same time. And none of us have jobs. Maybe you can watch all of the LOTR movies on the weekend? I mean it’ll take like 8 hours but that’s not bad, haha!

    I haven’t slept in since last summer because my body clock always wakes me up way too early, even 6AM on weekends. I go on with 5-6 all the time and I am definitely sleepy but it’s more like something you get used to. But everyone’s different.

  9. aww I know how you feel! haha yes, sleep is amazing ;)

    I’m more of the person that’s behind the camera, snapping pictures. I don’t like getting my picture taken. It seems weird to me and I never know if I should pose or what O_o

    It’s okay to enjoy your spring break. I don’t think it’s selfish. You deserve the break!

  10. I don’t remember getting any pictures taken for my senior year of high school. But maybe I did and just don’t remember haha.

    I hope you get a chance to just sit around doing nothing one day. You just need to have one of those alone days now and then I think to keep you from going crazy.

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