My Awesome Life as a High School Senior

I have been pretty successful with NaNoWriMo this week–I’m almost at 30,000 words now! My novel seems to be coming along rather well with minimal problems. I am a little worried that I might finish my plot before I reach 50,000 words, but I’ll deal with that problem when I get there.

With all that success, I’ve completely ignored all of my homework this entire week. I don’t think I did anything all week but eat, sleep, go to school, and write. I should be working on the pile of homework that is sitting on my floor where I left it when I got home from school yesterday afternoon, but as usual I’m procrastinating. By writing this blog post. I’m such a professional procrastinator; too bad I can’t make a career out of that…

Speaking of careerish things, I submitted a few college applications last week and now I’m just waiting on my school to send my transcript. I feel like that should release a bit of the college/university burden off my shoulders, but it’s only freaking me out a little more. I should have no problems at all getting accepted to the colleges I applied to, but there’s still this little voice in my head that keeps saying otherwise. So I’ll just twiddle my thumbs (and not do my homework) and hope for the best.

And I need to apply for scholarships… sigh. I managed to up my ACT score a couple months ago when I retook it from a 26 to a 27, but I’m still not real happy about my score. I know I’m capable of scoring higher, so I’ve signed up to take it again next month on the tenth for one last go. My ultimate goal is a 30, whether that’s realistic or not. With a 30, I could juice a lot more money out of scholarships and have a better chance of getting a full ride to the university I want to go to. I guess I’m just trying to take things one step at a time.

On a completely different note, I got Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger album the other day and I’ve been listening to it absolutely nonstop. It reminds me of her Breakaway album, which had been my favorite of hers until now. At least she’s been serenading me while I’ve

Now about that homework…

10 thoughts on “My Awesome Life as a High School Senior”

  1. Lolol congratulations! What’s your novel about? 8D And also, how long is a normal novel? Like..published books. (:

    Haha nice. B) Lol someone came up with this: “I procrastinate so hard I procrastinate my procrastination.” XD Funnehh. I usually procrastinate doing clarinet and piano practise. :P

    Hope you get accepted! <3 Lol don't think about the bad things. XD That'll make you feel worse.

    ..What's an ACT? And I hope you get a score you're satisfied with next time! c8 I don't think I'm smart enough to get scholarships. XD And I don't really want to go to a private school or anything..Well later on in year 10 I think I want to try and get into MacRob(Mac.Robertson Girls' High School) which is a school where you take a test to try and get in. (: Or maybe John Monash which is a science/maths school. :D

    Nice. XD I normally don't get CDs, I just go on Youtube! 8D Since that's way easier.

  2. Ah, procrastination for the win! ;) I’m right there with you :P
    Gosh I hated the ACT’s! I took them when I was applying to American places. Did quite well, but man – I did NOT have fun :(

  3. I told myself that I was going to participate in NaNoWriMo this year but ultimately failed. I’ve only written 800 words or so. Life’s been a little hectic for me, especially since I have 3 weeks of school left now. I need to pull my grades up. :B

    Good luck with getting into a good college. I just took the SAT on the 5th and I’m supposed to be getting my score on Thanksgiving Break…I’m really hoping it’s over 2000.

  4. Oh great! I’m glad to hear you have been making good progress in the project. And I hope you get that homework done in time too. :)

    I’m probably going to feel the same way as you next year. I would be handling that situation this year but I didn’t finish my sophomore year in time. It actually makes me feel a little insecure. :) I wish the best for you!

  5. Nanowrimo. Oh yes, it’s the month of Nanowrimo. I want to read your novel when you’re done with it. :)

    I have also wanted to take part in Nanowrimo before but I got a lot of ideas in my mind and I find it kind of hard to compress them. But anyway, I’ll look forward it. :D

  6. You seem to be getting the grasp of NaNoWriMo easily :D! I am proud of you! Since getting those 50,000 words seems impossible to overcome! :O!

    But still, you know what you need to do :P! It seems like you have some sort of Senioritis :O! I somehow think when it’s time to procrastinate, you just need a vacation, no? :P. I need to still write essays for university applications before november 21 for college apps :/. I am sooooo ugh. D:!

    Good job on getting a 27 on your ACT! Well- it’s higher than my pitiful score of 23 and I say you did good. I think you can do what you want if you work harder for it! :D!

    Thank you (:! I don’t understand the rules of your school district/whatever’s football playoffs thing o__O?!!! Playoffs is the last 2/3 games?! That’s not fair because you might’ve played against a school that was super good! D:! Ours is to win 3 of the last 5 games to get into playoffs.

    Money doesn’t definitely buy happiness. Luckily, you agree with the statement :D!

    Even my school’s other counselor said it’s a ripoff how the radio stations’ just spamming holiday song already! I don’t like holiday songs, it’s all cheesy :(. Even my teacher called -excuse me for the language- “deck the halls” into “dick, my balls” for our song. :X.

    It’s good to hear that your feet is healing :)! I just hope now for the completion of your feet being fully healed :D!

    Take care(:

  7. Oh my goodness, I’m so proud of you Becca! YAY! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to write a novel, including participating in NaNoWriMo but I’m just too busy right now! Not sure if it notifies you, but I added you a while back as my writing buddy btw :)

    Haha, I got the same ACT score as you. I decided not to retake it – retook the SAT once instead, and that was it. You seem like you’re doing very well though. Such a smart kid, you’re do fine, haha :)

  8. Whoa, congrats on getting so far in NaNoWriMo! I could never write over 43,000 words. That’s just a ton. I couldn’t do it in a month, either. It’d take me a lifetime…….. or longer. :P

    Op, looks like you have senioritis! I have the not doing homework problem and I’m only a sophomore…… whoops……. I hope you’re cured soon! XD

    Since I’m only a sophomore, I haven’t taken the SAT or ACT. I’m sure you’ll do fine considering you’re very smart. C:

    Take care!

  9. Haha everyone’s working on NaNoWriMo! Now it seems you have nearly 45,000 words. Are you only allowed to have 50,000?

    Lol all I’ve done for the past few weeks is work! I’m such a professional essay failure. Urgh. I remember my college applications for the last two years, oh I hope to never go through that again. It’s so stressful! I took the SATs so I don’t know ACT scores. I didn’t get a great score but I still got a pretty good scholarship from my school. But if I don’t keep up doing my work perfectly I’ll be losing it.

    I listened to kelly clarkson when I was like 13. Oh she was so good … haven’t listened to her in 6 years haha.

    LMAO! Can I call you Nathan???! JUST KIDDING! If I were Kaitlyn I’d like to be a K too. The only name I prefer with a C is Catherine since Katherine is so overseen.

    Lmaoo wow what state do you live in? I could wear sandals even last Sunday! It’s not every day I can wear them but I think I’d be wearing them again this weekend. I actually wear shorts some days too cept with tights of course since it’s fairly chilly. It’ll be freezing here soon too.

    Hahaha that is so cute! I love cute hats … cept one time someone told me I’m too old to be wearing them. What the hell I’m 19.

  10. Oh, God, Nano. Stupid contest has kicked my butt, lol. I have 4,00 words and that’s it. :P But congratulations on yours! :D I’ve never gotten past around 7,000 words before. Professional procrastination should definitely be a legit career.

    Good luck with the college applications! I hope you get into a good school. :D

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