Mission Accomplished

Hello everyone! :) I arrived back from my mission trip to Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday around four but I’ve been a little lazy and haven’t blogged about it until now. Overall, it was a wonderful experience (as they all are) and I made some new friends and experienced personal growth all around.

At the project, there were about 300 students (give or take a few) divided into eighteen crews. Each person is paired with at least one other person from their church and assigned to a crew. Each crew has a crew chief and a crew encourager and is assigned a house to work on over the week.

I was with three other people from my church: a middle school girl and then two youth group leaders. One of the leaders, Joe, was my crew chief. It’s not that we don’t get along, but he’s one of those people that just mess with you and like to push your buttons. -.- So I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy.

It’s also a bit of an ongoing joke in my youth group because no matter what, I always get a painting site. Two years ago, out of around 20 sites there was one painting site, I got it. So this year there were only two painting sites and whaddaya know! I got it! :P But it’s okay, because it’s not about me and what I want to do. So it really didn’t even bother me that much. :3

My crew was alright. I say that because, outside of working and if I were just hanging out with them, I would’ve liked them. They were fun and had unique personalities, but I’ve never – in my six years with World Changers – had such a lazy crew. I mean it was ridiculous.

Our house was a nice house and really did not need work, but we had to paint the trim. Normally we are assigned pretty run-down houses where the work is apparent. Nonetheless, we had a job to do. At the most, we had four people working at one time. Me, my two youth leaders, and the other girl from my church. Of a crew with twelve people, four would be working. You’ve no idea how frustrating that was for me.

I just don’t understand how you sign up for a mission trip where you will be doing construction work, from 7:30 AM to 4 PM every day for a week, out in the hot sun, and don’t work. That just baffles me.There was one point during the week that two girls were like, “Becca! We haven’t talked all week!” And I wanted to say in reply “Maybe because I actually work and you all just sit around!” I held my tongue though. Let me tell you, God was working on my patience.

So what should have taken us a day to complete took us three. So they moved our crew to another site that was working on a roof. I absolutely loved their crew. They were all really hard workers and were cracking me up. I also got to get on the roof for the first time and rip off shingles, put down tar paper, and then put the new shingles on. It was fun. :D

One of our construction supervisors I really bonded with as well. He had a handful of houses that he supervised to make sure that everything was being done correctly and in a timely manner. His name was Ron and he always made fun of my “baby hammer.” It was a cheaper one my mom had bought because we always tend to lose our tools so it was smaller and lighter. At the end of the week he introduced me to his wife and told me that he was really proud of how hard I worked all week despite having a painting job and a lazy crew. He was so sweet. :love:

I also forgot to mention that I had a really creepy crew encourager. She was an older lady that had everyone in the crew call her “Mama.” Uhm, excuse me? I’ve known you for less than a day and you want me to call you Mama? Yeah, no. My mama’s name is Karen and she is not here right now. :| Creeeepy.

Speaking of my mama, she’s having a hysterectomy on Thursday. She’s really nervouse. :/ I’m telling you, my family has just had all kinds of stuff going on, huh! :P My dad had his port put in today for his chemotherapy. It was an outpatient surgery that did not take long and he seems to be doing just fine. He say’s he gets a little dizzy and he’s not allowed to be left alone for 24 hours. His doctors also think that the colostomy bag can be reversed, which is so good to hear!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, which is exciting for all of you Americans! It’s one of my favorite holidays since my family would always grill and have fireworks and friends over. Though things never stay the same do they? My parent have been going to a different church than me, so they’re doing some shin-dig with them, and I have to work 3-11. Urgh. I just want to shove my face in BBQ and watch fireworks! Dx

Ah well, work will be slow so I can just read. :)

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  1. Yay, you are back! Sounds like a great time minus the lazy crew lol. Yeah that’s surprising. Why the heck would you sign up for that if you don’t wanna work o_O Maybe they were forced to do it by their family or for getting community service hours. Never roofed a house before, cool. I would imagine it’s not so fun in normal situations when you’re doing it by yourself lol xD At least this time you got to continue your legend of getting painting again, but then a taste of roofing too!

    Best wishes to your mom. Your family seems to recover really well, so I’m sure everything will be fine :)

    Hooray for July 4th! Unfortunately my family is veeeery typically Asian – and so we almost never celebrate anything like normal Americans LOL. But! The silver lining is that my boyfriends family likes to have parties for all these holidays I think I’ll get to come over and eat, hehe.

  2. I scrolled back for a little context and that sounds so great you are helping houses in need! I wish I could so something like that it’s like charity – in action.

    That woman sounds so creepy reminds me of Chicago. I don’t even call my mom mama come on.

    A hysterectomy sounds really scary but your mom is probably not going to have any more children so if thats for the best then its for the best. I hope she’ll be less nervous! And that’s great news your dad is doing better!

    I used to go see fireworks on the beach, and then they stopped doing it. That’s a shame.

  3. Oh, that’s so cool that you were in Huntsville! I live in Alabama, but waaaay south of Huntsville, hahaha. It sounds like you did an awesome job and you should be proud of yourself for working so hard while everyone else just lazed around! I guess they didn’t take it quite as seriously :/

    That woman sounds like a typical “older” southerner, like when they say some people just “never meet any strangers!” hahaha. She obviously felt really welcoming towards you guys!

    I hope your mom’s surgery goes well!!! I’m sure it will :)

  4. First of all, I love the layout. <3

    Anyway, your trip seems cool! Not for those bums there. I know how frustrating it is. But, don't mind them, they're not worth being wasted of your annoyance, for crying out loud. And that "mama" sounds creepy enough for me to agree.

    I hope the best for your parents.

  5. I hope your family is doing okay and that your dad feels better!

    That’s so cool that you got to go to Huntsville. My friend just went down their with our church in June and she really enjoyed it. I think she might be heading to Louisiana next? I’m not sure, can’t keep up with the amount of mission trips she does. I have another friend leaving for Korea soon to play with an orchestra in an orphanage. I love hearing people’s stories when they get back. It’s so uplifting.

  6. Hey Becca!!! Wow, I’m so sorry, I haven’t been able to leave you comments. Been a long hassle trying to get the internet and what not. Finally, am able to get to you. I’m glad you were able to go on a mission trip. That sounds really fun though. I wish I could’ve done that, but I did get to go to Bible study with my old church. I miss that church honestly.

    Anyway, I love the new layout!! I hope to hear from you soon! I haven’t gone anywhere, nor have I died (yet).

  7. Welcome Back! Sounds like you had an interesting time on your mission trip. As long as you know you went there for a good cause, that is all that really matters.

  8. It just warms my heart to know what you and many others have done! I have always wanted to do something like that — and I plan to, eventually. You’re an inspiration, truly. I am also glad to know that you worked your butt off — while sadly, others did not. I can only imagine how much YOU got out of the experience as well as those you were helping. :D

    Also, I’m sad to hear of your family’s hardships — I can somewhat relate. :| It’s tough & can be very frustrating and overwhelming most of the time… I am praying for your family! <3

  9. Ahh… I’ve always wanted to do one of those mission trips that everyone over where I live talk about all the time! But my family isn’t really into church-involvement activities, and my parents sure as hell wouldn’t let me leave home for more than 24 hours. Ugh.

    Ohh shingles! That’s my worse enemy, I swear! lol Years ago my dad forced us to help him exchange the old shingles on our house for new ones. It was during the hot summer days… so it was the worse.experience.ever.in.my.life. I shudder just thinking about it… *shudder*

    UGH I hate it when people don’t do their work and just sit around and chat. Girls especially do that, don’t they? Nah, both boys and girl. There’s this saying… “The only thing that school has taught me is that I hate working with other people”… or something along the lines of that. But it’s so true. I guess that’s why I prefer working alone.

    lol “Call meee Mammaaa!!” I can just imagine an old lady saying that…

    Sorry about your real mom! My mom’s actually got “frozen shoulder” and she’ll be getting surgery on that. :/ I feel ya.

  10. I’m glad that you’re finally back though I’m a bit late Lol

    Sorry about what is happening with your real mom though. Those things are scary. I’m glad that you were helping others when you are away. Some day I hope I can do the same.

  11. Totally awesome layout!! Aww don’t worry about your mom. It’s a routine thing. From what I’ve heard, nowadays maaany women have to go through with it.

  12. I can understand where you’re coming from. One of my main problems is that, when adults write young adult fiction, they write it as adults. I’m always annoyed because it’s like, “NO SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD HAS THOUGHTS THAT MATURE!” So, yeah, I kinda get what you’re saying about TFiOS, but for me that book was just so laden with metaphors, and it was more about the all-encompassing meaning in the book than it was the individual moments. It was Green’s first time writing from a girl’s POV, too, so hopefully he’ll improve. And, actually, everyone always raves about Looking For Alaska, but it was my least favorite of his. So, like I said, I know where you’re coming from. ^^

    Yes, the real world is frighteningly close to the horizon, when before it was just a fuzzy, unattainable dream. And it scares me. I’m worried about the whole job situation, because being tied into a 9-5 career terrifies me. I want something with variety.

    I’m glad you seemed to gain so much from your trip! It sounds like an amazing time. And, honestly, painting doesn’t sound that bad to me. =P When I went on my mission trip to Biloxi in 8th grade, I worked in the clinic, just basically signing in patients and escorting them to various areas. Because I was only 13, I wasn’t given too much to do.

    I hope everything with your parents goes well. And that your 4th was *too* terrible.

  13. Hey Becca!
    How are you? I loved this theme!
    I hope it was a fun trip for you in Huntsville. I haven’t been able to keep in touch thanks to me college stuff, but I’ll visit your site soon!

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