Make a Corner Bookmark

In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to make a corner bookmark! They’re very simple (don’t let the number of steps deceive you!) and you will only need a few materials, nothing that you need to go out and buy unless you want to go above and beyond with your decorating. :)

  1. The first thing you are going to need is a square piece of paper. It doesn’t really matter what size it is, but the bigger it is, the easier it is to work with since there will be a lot of folding. For the purposes of this tutorial, I will be using a 6 inch x 6 inch piece of paper.
  2. Fold your paper in half, so it looks like a triangle.
  3. Unfold it, and now fold it in half the other way in the form of a triangle.

  4. Fold the right side of your triangle in towards the center.

  5. You are going to do the same with the left side, so both sides are folded in.

  6. This next part can be a bit confusing. Unfold your piece of paper completely. Be careful not to turn it while you are unfolding, otherwise you will fold the wrong part and your bookmark may not turn out right. Your paper should look like this:

  7. You are going to fold the bottom point of your triangle up into the center. You are going to do the same with the top point as well.

  8. Fold your paper in half, downwards. And then you’ll need to flip it over. You are going to have crease marks where you are going to fold next.

  9. Fold the right flap down; it should fold easily since it is already creased. Now do the same with the left side, so they are both folded down.

  10. Almost finished! You are just going to simply fold the flaps down into the triangle!

  11. And voila! You are done! Well, with making the bookmark at least.

You can now be done with your new handy-dandy bookmark, or you can go on and decorate it! You can simply use markers and draw designs on it, or you can get a bit more creative. And remember, you can make all different sizes–the bigger the piece of paper you use, the easier it is to fold.

I hope you enjoy your bookmark! If you have any questions or got a little confused on a certain step, feel free to comment in the area below and I will get back to you!

19 thoughts on “Make a Corner Bookmark”

  1. Thank you for this great tutorial, I think I’ll be making a few of these as I’m always losing my bookmarks. :-) xx

  2. I made these for the people in the no name, no rules book club. Once I had done a couple of the book marks I got fast and it did not take any time at all. Making for my grandsons tomorrow.

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