Labor til the work is done

I’ve been working at the movie theater for about a year and a half now. I don’t talk about it much on here for a couple of different reasons, but mainly because I don’t want to be complaining all the time. For what should be an easy and fun job, it is incredibly frustrating and I’m pretty sure the only reason I’ve stayed there as long as I have is because of the free movies I don’t like change.

The first six months I worked there I actually really enjoyed it. I had a really great group of managers who were both good at their job and good at working with employees. My HR manager was great at making sure I didn’t have too many hours/had enough hours depending on my school schedule and there was never any issue over me going home to St. Louis for breaks.

But he received a better job offer somewhere else and in the next year, we had gone though five new HR managers. And it’s awful. I don’t get consistent hours, I get really crappy shifts, and none of them were ever able to communicate well with employees. My last schedule, half of my days I was scheduled outside of my availability.

At a job like this, the employee turnover rate is extremely high. I’m not sure what the average is, but there are only two other people that still work there when I started. There’s also no room for advancement unless you want to work 60 hour weeks and get fed a bunch of crap if you ever want to take a day off. And for crappy pay. No thanks.

Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say is I get treated like crap. I’m under-payed, unappreciated, and fed up. I’ve already talked to several supervisors and they’ve communicated how I feel to management and nothing has changed. I am one of the best workers they have and yet people who were just hired get more hours and better shifts than I do. I told my manager I had enough.

So I got a job at a local grocery store and starting there I make more than I do now at the movie theater. One of my really good friends who just quit working at the theater told me about it and told me to apply. I did and I just had orientation yesterday. On Monday I go in for training and I am so excited to not be working as much as the movies!

I would quit, but there’s going to be a bartending position opening there soon, and I wouldn’t have to deal with any of the crap that I have been dealing with if I get that job. I think I will, because there’s no one else of age and they like to hire from within. I would make good tips and think of all the drinks I would learn to make!

I’ve been trying for some internships, but so far nothing has come from any applications… It just really sucks. I haven’t told Andrew because I’m too embarrassed. I’m just going to try working two jobs to make up for it.

“Rise up like the sun, labor till the work is done
One day you’ll leave fearlessness on your sleeve
When you’ve come back, tell me what did you see
Was there something out there for me?”

–“Be Still,” The Killers

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  1. First off, I completely understand what you mean about a job that has a huge turnover rate. I ended up quitting because of other reasons I cannot go into, but damn forbid that I worked my ass off to get a little raise and barely anything to pay for bills. I helped with bills at the place I was staying but still, it was bad. So many people came through the job and left. Oh well. I’m glad that you found a different job and I’m glad that you will be working better hours with better pay. Just don’t overwork yourself too much, girl *hugs*

    Also, I love The Killers.

  2. The people you work with can make all the difference. They can make a job great or make it rubbish. For both of the jobs I had working in shops I had one vile manager. Just one. Everyone else who worked in the stores were lovely but one manager at each job seemed to dislike me. Funnily enough they were both women. I like to think they were jealous. Well, that’s what I told myself to get through the days.

    You shouldn’t be embarrassed to tell anyone about this. You should be proud that you are keeping up with two jobs and fighting for something better. :)

  3. Wow! And here I was telling Tristan about you doing so well with working at the theatre and going to college. I guess, once management changes, there goes the system. I know it all too well. My last two jobs that I had before my “breakdown” over-hired. You know what that means. They pick on the weak. I was unfortunately picked on (don’t get me wrong, I loved working at Sub-way — free sandwiches.) However, I just did not like the staff. They were all snobbish, so I know how you feel. But, I’m glad you have a much better job. I did apply to Stater Bros. one time, got the first interview, but not the second. I applied to several more jobs, but only got one interview, and because my phone buzzed during it, I think that’s what cost me landing the job. Thanks dear ex-friend. Ah well.

    I hope you have fun with your new job, and that it will give you the flexibility you need to continue with schooling. Speaking of which, I really think you would enjoy p.e. depending on which class you take. We have several. I was even thinking of doing yoga at one point. Not sure. But, I do love my interm. walking class. 3 miles and lifting weights. Not bad.

    OH! Don’t be so bummed or embarrassed about the internships. One will pop up eventually. I think I may have missed my cue for Nasa, when they wanted internships my first semester. However, I don’t think with my resume, they would have accepted me. But, now that I have college credits from this college and others, I think they might.

  4. Wow, that’s crazy that your job has been through 5 HR managers. That’s too much change in a short period of time! Sorry to hear that the job got worse after the first HR manager left. That’s super frustrating to be under-payed and have bad shifts.

    I hope the grocery store will be much better! That’s nice that it’s a higher pay :) I hope you’ll get the bartending position too!

    That’s too bad about the internships, but they’re often hard to get. Don’t be embarrassed about it! It’s pretty amazing that you’re balancing school and two jobs!

  5. That is truly the sucky thing about a job that has such a turnover rate. When you actually get someone good – they don’t stay long because those people are going to find much better jobs.

    I understand your frustration. I worked at a job for a year that was just like that. Every time I turned around I had to learn new peoples names because so many would leave. I work for the same business but now I work in a field that tends to keep it’s same people so I don’t have to worry.

    Good luck with it all! If only we didn’t have to work to survive lol

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