Introducing: Almost a Gamer

Since marrying Andrew, I have been introduced to the gaming world. Andrew has slowly been convincing me to try different games, and I must admit, it’s been fun. I would never have considered myself a “gamer” before, and I’m not really sure if I consider myself one now, but I am much more open to the idea. So I want to introduce you to a new series I’m starting about my adventures playing video games!Almost a Gamer

Before, I had only completely finished one video game- Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, and that was waaaay back in middle school. For my first post, I want to share a few games that I have been playing recently (and even beat 100%!).

LEGO The Hobbit
I love the Lord of the Rings – the books, the movies, and now this video game. Andrew invited me to play a level with him a couple months ago and I had so much fun smashing all the LEGO pieces and earning all the nuggets (okay, maybe they aren’t called nuggets, but it sounds better than studs)! I wanted to play the next day when Andrew wasn’t home, so I started it up and decided to just make a new game and play on my own.

I loved the cut scenes, which were essentially scenes from the movie lego-fied, and added with the trademark LEGO humor. I really enjoyed all of the side quests and they proved to be both entertaining and humorous. Some of them proved quite challenging and took me longer than I’d want to admit to try and complete them. I found the Rivendell scenes especially hard as you had to run all over the buildings and in hard to maneuver locations.

It was a good mix of everything – not too easy to be boring, but not too challenging to be frustrating. A fun take on the movie that proved immensely entertaining and makes me a little sad when I beat it because it was over. But I beat my second game so it was quite a momentous occasion. ;) I even snapped a picture and texted it to Andrew and my brother, who were both quite shocked! :D

The LEGO Movie
I thought that the LEGO movie was a hilarious and brilliant film that definitely got snubbed in the lack of awards it received. Since I had really enjoyed the LEGO Hobbit, I thought it would be worth a try. I didn’t find this game as enjoyable as the Hobbit, and it seemed rather unfinished to me, like it was still in a rough draft state.

This game proved rather glitchy, however, which was really frustrating. I would be near the end of a level and the game would glitch, requiring me to completely start over and lose all my progress. My characters would get stuck, I would complete the mission but couldn’t advance, etc. There were many times I would just quit the game for a while because I would be so frustrated! However, The Hobbit was also rather glitchy, so I think that it’s something the LEGO video game franchise could definitely improve upon.

Overall, enjoyable, but could use improvement. Here’s to my third completed video game!

Just Dance 2014
Oh yes, my friends. There are some days where I just want to dance and this game is so perfect for that. I’m only slightly embarrassed about how much I love this game. It’s absolutely hilarious playing with Andrew – we are the perfect definition of horrible white people dancing. Some of the moves require two people. There was one particular song where Andrew had to dip me and continue walking, but I just ended up toppling to the floor. We couldn’t finish the song because I was laughing so hard. :P

I’m not sure if I’ll ever beat it 100% because some of those songs are hard! But it’s definitely entertaining and quite a good workout! There are some days that my arms are sore afterwards because of all the pumping and fast movements!

It’s been fun playing all these new games so far, and if you have any suggestions for a beginner, let me know!

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  1. I love playing games. I’ve never actually played a Lego one before, but I’m planning to get the Avengers one that’s coming out soon. Glad to hear that they’re enjoyable!

    I love Just Dance. I used to play it all the time, but I’ve neglected it recently. Some of them are crazy difficult though!


    1. Ooh, yeah! I’m looking forward to the Avengers one coming out! I don’t know if I’ll get it right away but I definitely will be adding it to my to-play list.

      I know! I can’t believe how hard some of the songs were! I was trying to get three stars on some of them but no matter how many times I try, I can’t even get two stars! Still very fun tho :)

  2. I love games! =3 I come from a gaming family so always have been playing them. Though mostly I play role playing games. My favorite is probably the Lunar series (though its older XD). Dancing games can be super fun! I used to play Dance Dance Revolution all the time! I should bring that out and play that actually. And lego games I found can be fun though I’ve only played Lego Dimensions, but I really am enjoying it.

    1. I want to play Lego Dimensions but we haven’t gotten it yet because of the price tag. I’m hoping that it will come down in price soon, because I’ve heard such good things about it!

  3. Yay for playing more games! That’s too bad the LEGO games are kind of glitchy, but that’s good to know that they’re fun, especially the Hobbit one. I do feel like they crank out those LEGO games a little too frequently, so perhaps they’re a bit rushed =/

    I love watching people play Just Dance, haha. It looks so fun, but I’ve always been too embarrassed to play it in front of people!

    If you have a Wii or Wii U, I really love Kirby’s Epic Yarn. I usually recommend it to beginners because you can’t die in the game! Collecting everything and getting gold on the levels is challenging, but for people who don’t care about those, it can be a fun, casual game. It also has a 2nd player option :) I reviewed it a while ago if you’re interested:

    Oh, and I recommend Minecraft too! It’s soooo fun!

    1. Despite the glitchiness, I would still recommend the LEGO games because they are fairly easy. They take a bit of work to 100% complete it, like any game, but they are still fun. I’m always amazed at how many they make! Though I’m wondering if they’re going to just keep adding to Lego Dimensions since they’ve released it.

      Just dance is so much fun! It’s so funny to watch other people play. I wouldn’t be too embarrassed about it because everyone always looks so crazy trying to do some of the moves! It’s always so much more fun in a big group! We had six people play one time and oh my, we all just ended up on a heap on the floor laughing! :P

      Kirby’s Epic Yarn sounds like something that I would really enjoy. Thanks for sharing the link. :) We only have an Xbox at the moment, but I want to get a Wii in the future because I feel like I would really like a lot of their games. Thanks for the suggestions Cat!

  4. HAHA. I recently did some research on what kinds of games appeals to girls and your post completely fits! I found that girls usually like playing adventure-style games that they can relate to, in your case with The Lord of the Rings and The Lego Movie. We also like to play multiplayer social-focused games like Just Dance! I’ll vouch for you too, my first game was Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets and I also really liked DDR and Guitar Hero.

    However now I play a lot of indie games and RPGs, and I recommend you try them if your husband likes them! Start off simple and sweet though. What kinds of games does he play?

    1. LOL. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I feel like I would like the games that a typical girl would like. :P I’m starting out with a lot of adventure RPGs and music games, but I’m trying to branch out a bit more. My husband plays pretty much whatever because he likes a really wide variety of games: adventure, puzzle, RPGs, but he plays the most first person shooter games probably. So he’s been playing a lot of games with me to help me because I suck haha!

  5. I suggest Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Mario Kart 8, and even Undertale. Undertale is something you should play and worth getting if you have a PC, but it’s easy to play and simple enough. It’s a game where you don’t have to kill anyone, but that’s fine.

    Scribblenauts Unlimited is another great game to get for any beginner, too!

  6. Playing games is fun! The only time it isn’t is when you want to play games but have to study/do homework ;~;.

    Playing a LEGO game sounds pretty neat. Especially when you get to smash LEGO’s and not actually step on them in person :P. It’s a bummer when games have glitches. I wonder why they have people pay for games that are not fully functional?! Then again, who knows how much R&D might be needed to iron out all of the flaws!

    I’ve seen people play Just Dance and it looks mega fun! Especially since you have to be up and working out your legs XD. Good to hear you’ve been enjoying some games ;)

  7. If you want something pretty and fun, I’d suggest Kingdom Hearts….if you have a PlayStation? Especially, if you’re a fan of Disney!!!

    Gaming is fun, so just look for the games that look fun to you. :)
    Happy gaming!!!

    1. I love Kingdom Hearts! We have an old PS2 so we can’t play new games, but I played through the first one and totally forgot about the second one though. I am excited for the third one coming out, too!!

      Thanks for the comment, Kimmy. Happy gaming! :)

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