In Which I am a Super Nerd

I have this really nerdy tradition that during every spring break I watch all three of the Lord of the Rings movies. I know, I know, it’s really nerdy. I’m not really sure what I started doing it, it just kind of happened about three years ago. On Tuesday, me and Becky went to Andrew’s to watch the first of the series, the Fellowship of the Ring, and last night they came over to watch The Twin Towers at my house.

Becky ended up spending the night, which was really fun. She hasn’t spent the night at my house in probably like six months, so it was just nice to have girl time. :) We talked some about prom and were trying to figure out what the heck we’re going to do with our hair, but to no avail (any ideas?). We also reminisced about middle school and elementary school and all the stupid drama and stuff that freaked us all out; it all seems so silly now, but at the time it was such a big deal. I guess that’s growing up.

I’m going back over to Andrew’s tonight to watch the last movie (which is the best one!). I think I forgot how long they were. They were long to begin with, but I have the extended versions which add like another 30-45 minutes to it. So they’re like four hours. :l But totally worth it! They are probably some of my favorite movies.

I’m still pretty sure I like the books better though. In some ways, the movies don’t give it justice. I think that’s how it is though with most books that are turned into movies. Speaking of which, I need to read those books again. Next to Harry Potter, they’re my favorite. I know, super nerd. 8)

I started fiddling around with Photoshop yesterday and ended up making a few icons. They’re the first ones I’ve ever made, so there’s definitely room for improvement, but overall I’m pretty proud of them. You can see all of them on the icons page, but here are a few of my favorites:

What do you guys think?

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  1. I spend every spring break working on school projects, so watching LOTR is not NEARLY as nerdy. So don’t feel bad regarding that, hahaha. (I have the extended versions, too! They’re so amazing.)

    I have read the first book… and The Hobbit. The immense details bother me after a while, but they’re still a great read story-wise. I still need to find time to read the second and third in the trilogy, though.

    Speaking of The Hobbit: did you know they finally started to film part one of the movie adaptation? I am super-excited about it! Although I am SO going to miss Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn. :C

    And you know I love the icons already. :P

  2. That’s pretty epic that you watch the entire trilogy. owo
    I don’t think I’ve ever actually sat down and watched one of them all the way through, lol. But I’ve seen every scene at least twice, just not all in the right order. xD

    Wow, those are pretty good for your first icons. My first photoshop icon was like a stamp on a colored background. Px Then again, I was 9, so it was pretty cool for me. The only thing I have to say is that you should put a border on your icons. I personally think it makes them look cleaner, and there’s a super easy way to do it.

    Select > Select All
    Select > Modify > Border
    Just a one-pixel border is all you need. c:

    And there’s my photoshop advice for the day!

  3. Ahaha. That’s funny about your friends being surprised with the new material found in the extended versions. XD It’s been a while since I’ve watched them. I’m gonna have to do that over the summer. :D

    I think I am an underachiever, actually. Most of the time, I am finishing things at the very last minute the night before. LOL. But a perfectionist? Definitely. :P

    And yes! They started filming! Earlier this week, Peter Jackson posted the first two pictures from his set on his Facebook page: #/pages/Peter-Jackson/141884481557
    I want a hobbit house to live in now, haha. But yeah. Aragorn is my favourite character from LOTR, so I’m sad he won’t be in it. xD It’s still gonna be epic, though!

    ( And lol. Yeah, the shout-box is fine. I don’t have a well-defined comment system. XD )

  4. I’m like that with POTC more than anything else, hahaha. I could probably watch the entire trilogy all day, every day if I had the time. Or at least have it on in the background while working, but then I would get distracted due to an obvious reason. :P I wish POTC had 30+ minutes of extended footage like LOTR has… There’s just not enough to satisfy me! XD

    I’ll go with just “super awesome,” because I don’t think overachiever describes me. At least it doesn’t at the moment. I’ve been spending like a week working on and off on this 5-page English paper that’s due Sunday… and I only have like 1.5 pages done. Whoops! Or maybe the term procrastinator more accurately describes me, ha.

    And LOL. Indeed! Viggo was my eye-candy for LOTR, so I’m not going to have anyone to drool over for The Hobbit… but I’ll live! Maybe. ;) More than anything, I’m looking forward to seeing how awesome Smaug will be. So excited!

  5. Seriously men do have it better than us women do! Ugh! But yeah that’s pretty darn cool to have something like that to look forward to do ya know? I’ve never gotten to do anything like that except every other weekend before my friend Becky (gawd that sounds odd you having a best friend named Becky and a boyfriend named Andrew too)’s place from 7th to 10th grade. We were even seated next to each other during graduation. Which was fun, because I honestly thought she had no use for me any more. We did have our battles but we were still good friends regardless of what was said and done. But yeah, we talked for hours standing in the gym waiting to walk down the long road to our seats in our field. But it was worth it. I tried to coax her into going to Grad Night but she had family members that were throwing her a party so I let it at that. But eh, we got back in touch over on I don’t have her number or anything like that yet, but she has been wondering how I’m doing and what not.

    Anyway, your icons are great! Keep up the great work. Just remember do baby steps and sooner or later you’ll be creating great layouts! :D. See photoshop isn’t that bad now is it? Haha! :). Well; take care I’ve gotta upload some of tonight’s Meat loaf concert pics, so I’ll talk to you laters.

  6. No! Not nerdy at all! I LOVE the Lord of the Rings movies. Now I want to go watch them all. xD

    Girl time is fun. Gosh, it’s hilarious looking back on all the stupid things I freaked out over with my friends. I remember I started bawling once because my friend put too much eyeliner under my eyes… yeah I was a total brat. :P Good luck coming up with prom ideas! Sounds very exciting. :D

    Oh, the last one is SOO good. My family disagrees with me; they all think the first and second are much better. Such a lie.

    Ah, I actually do think the movies are a pretty good adaptation from the books. I think the books were a great idea, but the writing style had me nodding off at a good many points. But, then again, I have the attention span of a flea. xD


    Thanks so much! Ahaha, thanks; I’m really excited for everything else to start blooming. :D

  7. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, lots of tests coming up. >.>

    Thank you! Yeah my favourite is making the people, haha.

    Yeah that was the first time something like that happened to me. It was scary!

    Sounds like fun! I’ve never watched the movies, even though I’m a huge nerd. I know, I’m a disgrace. :( I should though!

  8. Thank you soo much, it’s really good to be back. :D
    Yeah I tend to do that a lot. Whenever I make a dark layout, there’s always something colourful going on.
    Hope you make NHS, it’s really awesome once you do. :D
    I was soo mad when I didn’t make the softball team, I even cried. Now I just try not to think too much of it anymore.

    Ahhh lord of the rings was never my thing lol. I tried to watch it but for some reason I just kept getting distracted.

    What’s your hair like, maybe we can help come up with ideas.

  9. The icons you made are good! Better than me. XD I’m not good at these stuff. :P
    I’m not a movie person, but I do watch a few movies once in a while! I’ve heard of Lord Of The Rings but i’ve never watched it.
    I’ve never stayed over at someone’s house before, and no one stayed over at my house before either! XD Few people in my school and class does that. ^^ But then it sounds so fun I would like to try it out! :D

    Oh, ok, thanks for telling me that! :D I can tolerate physical pain but not emotional. ;) Yes! I want to do better next year! I want to beat my school’s rival. :D LOL

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