I’m Going to Smell a lot like Buttered Popcorn

So…. I got the job at the movie theatre!! :)

The hiring manager called me the next day and set up a time for me to come in and do paperwork. Before orientation, I also had to take on online safer alcohol serving class and then exam and then an introduction class to the movie theatre’s values and ethics and whatnot. I was so excited that I got the job that I hunkered down and did all of my homeowork….Six hours and five episodes of Hell’s Kitchen later, I finally finished. It was long and boring, but I got paid for at least two hours for it.

Yesterday I had my orientation. They had hired three new employees (including myself) amongst a pool of 25, so I felt pretty awesome. (That or I’m really good at sucking up.) I was really impressed because the General Manager actually led the orientation. When I was at the hotel, I wasn’t even introduced to the general manager, so I thought it was really cool that he led everything to us laymen.

I have never felt so positive about a job after the first day. This is my fourth (gosh, that sounds awful) job and I’ve been so worried and overwhelmed after the first day. I’m still a bit worried about training and making mistakes (I’m a Certified Worrier) but everyone seems really friendly and that really is what makes the difference is the people. I start my on the job training tomorrow night and the night after, and then on Friday they’re releasing me to the world! :O

I introduced myself as “Rebecca” instead of “Becca” for the first time since I can even remember. I’ve almost always gone by my nickname and my real name just casually slipped out of my mouth. Everyone keeps calling me “Rebecca” and it is the weirdest thing. Not bad, just different. Does that mean I’m growing up now that I’m not using my nickname? D:

After I got off last night, my roommate and I had a Bollywood movie night with some of our girlfriends at our apartment. It was so much fun! We had s’mores and chocolate. We watched “Om Shanti Om” and then “Bride and Prejudice,” which was basically just the Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice. :P There may have been points of the movie where we were all up and dancing and trying to sing along. No shame. :)

And of course I have to share our favorite song with you all. :)

I’m really missing home and I’m still waiting to get back into that routine. I’m a person that doesn’t like change, so once I’m settled have a system going, things will be better. I wouldn’t say I’m down right now, but I wouldn’t really say I’m great. I’m just in this weird in-between. I just feel like this next month or so needs to go and then I’ll be okay.

I’ve been looking over how many credits I have earned towards my degree and how many classes I still need to take to graduate, and if I figured it out correct, I might be able to graduate in three years instead of four. I need to go talk to an advisor to verify that, but that would be so nice if I could finish early! I haven’t decided yet what my emphasis will be with Business. If I do Finance, I might be able to graduate in three years (so next year would be my senior year!) but I’ve also been thinking about a Management degree with a minor in Psychology. Just some thinking to do about which path I want to go down.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Most of you guys know me pretty well – and obviously I’m bad at making big life choices so I could use the help. :P


5 thoughts on “I’m Going to Smell a lot like Buttered Popcorn”

  1. Congrats on your new job! I have friends that works in the movie theatres and they looooooove it a lot. They tell me the perks of free movies is the best but also because it’s one of the easiest jobs when not dealing with stupid customers. I love it when companies/stores own GM take the time to do orientation – that happened to me at my previous job and I instantly fell in love with the job and place… when you find a job with coworkers you can consider as a family, I think you hit the jackpot.

    I love Bollywood films! I haven’t watched the two you mention but then again, I barely have time to sit for 2-3 hours with school and work :(

    And as for your degree, I really recommend talking to an adviser. I had a friend that was working towards a filming degree and one year he decided to drop by the advisers office and it turns out he graduated earlier AND he got another degree because of all the random courses he took as electives towards the film degree also worked out to his second degree without his knowledge. Good news usually comes out of those kind of meetings :) Good luck!

  2. Congrats on getting the movie job! That’s so cool! You get to watch movies for free and get paid at the same time! LOL. There’s an Indian movie called the Three Idiots I think, and its really funny! It has some famous Indian actors and there’s singing too. I k ind of see you as majoring in Management not Finance for some reason. But you do whatever you want! I’m majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business. You should probably do an internship to see if you like finance.

  3. Congrats on getting the job! That’s good that everyone is so friendly. The people you work with make such a large difference in how much you enjoy your job. I hope it goes well!

    I don’t have any advice on your school situation, unfortunately. I was in Computer Science, so I have no idea about the Business majors! Good luck on getting that figured out though :)

  4. Congratulations on getting the job! You sound really excited about it, and I hope it goes well!

    I’ve never really watched any Bollywood movies, but I love their dancing and whatnot. I’ve seen previews, I’ve just never taken/made the time to find any to watch.

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