I’m Being Way Too Productive for Summer

I am truly blessed by such amazing friends and family. Sometimes I really don’t think that I deserve the wonderful people I’m surrounded by. I had my graduation party on Saturday and a lot of people came and it was just over all really nice. My teacher from kindergarten came and a lot of family came in. It was great to be able to see all of them again.

It was a gorgeous day as well. We had tables set up out on our deck and down on the lower patio in the backyard. My mom worked her butt off getting ready for it – decorating and cooking. We kept it pretty simple by just having BBQ, chips, some salads, fruit, and cake.

A couple days before I was shopping for shorts for the summer and found this really cute dress just lying on the floor in one of the dressing rooms. It wasn’t out on the racks anymore and it was a size too small and the price tag read $48, so I was a little bit bummed. On a whim, I looked online to see if they had it and I found it on clearance for only $13 and in my size! My mom had another coupon she let me use which brought it down to $10. Definitely a lucky find.

I opened all my cards and presents later and was overwhelmed by just how generous friends and family were being. My aunt bought me the cutest sock monkey graduate in a coffee mug. I love sock monkeys. :*

With these new gifts, I was trying to determine where to put what in my room. It was obvious, however, that I really needed to perform a Great Purge. While I’ve cleaned my room before, these were really just superficial cleanings; picking up, throwing some papers away, minor reorganizing. It was apparent I just needed to get rid of junk.

So after work last night, I started to clean. I began with my desk drawers and I just couldn’t believe all the stuff I have saved since I was little. I mean really, I’m like a rat pack.

Anyhow, I didn’t really get too far. I filled up two trash bags of things to get rid of so far, but I haven’t even really achieved too much yet. I’m hoping that if I’m not too tired after work tonight, I can keep going. I took some before and after pictures so it looks like in the future I’ll have a whole post devoted to my nasty room! :P

If you hadn’t noticed, I bought a domain for my photoblog. :) I’ve always loved the phrase Shades of Gray since my last name is Gray, so I decided to give my photoblog its own little space. I think I had also mentioned before that I couldn’t access my travel blog site to work on it for two weeks now, so I finally just switched hosts. So I want to give a big thanks to Nancy for being awesome and getting everything set up so quickly for me. :)

Unfortunately, I lost most of my information for my travel site because I’m dumb and didn’t make backups. But oh well, I’ll be working on that in the next couple of weeks.

It just seems that at the moment I have so much I want to do over the summer and not enough time! So I’ve made some goals to keep me going and stay on track!

  1. Finish writing and mail out graduation cards.
  2. Complete my travel blog.
  3. Import all posts from previous blog on Weebly.
  4. Clean room.
  5. Edit old articles on Jovers and work on the site overall based on Cami‘s review of my site.
  6. Finish writing half of my new novel, Learning How to Run.
  7. Finish my first novel ever, Not as Easy as It Seems.
  8. Run three times a week.

So I’ve got quite a bit of work to be done over the summer! Though, these are all things that I like to do (well, cleaning my room falls under organizing, and I like organizing!). And of course I’ll hang out with friends and have vacation and ahh, I’m just really thinking this is going to be a great and productive summer! :)

5 thoughts on “I’m Being Way Too Productive for Summer”

  1. Good for you for being productive over the summer! :) I tend to get really lazy when I have nothing that I really HAVE to do, so kudos to you. I love having parties where I get to see a bunch of people that I haven’t seen in a while, and especially the presents! Woooo! Hahaha.

    Your photoblog looks really great, I love taking pictures. :) Writing is also something I like to do, maybe you could post a small excerpt of one of your novels for us to read? That’d be really cool!

    To answer your question about what part of PA I’m moving to, I’m going to be living in Hershey. A lot of people have told me that they have family in PA, I guess it’s a pretty popular place to be! haha. :)

    A mission trip to Alabama? That sounds awesome! I hope you blog about it because I’d love to read about how it was and what you did. One of my friends is going on a mission trip to Zimbabwe this summer, and I was going to go with her but instead I’m moving. :'( But have fun!

  2. Hahaha, that is great to hear that your family is supportive of you ;D I don’t even think I did much for my graduation afterwards.

    Also your photoblog is pretty awesome!

  3. Yeah, New York was lovely! :D I’d hate to live there though :'( The city’s too busy for me; all the cars would scare the heck out of me! Haha >.<
    Congratulations on graduating! :D I'm still only a high school freshman this year, so I still have a long way to go… : The monkey graduate looks so cute!! Hehe what an awesome graduation gift :D Congrats on finishing your new novel as well!!! <3 I've been trying for the past year to finish my novel, but life has kept me extraordinarily busy :( I have the plot and everything down, but I just haven't had time to write! Are you planning on publishing your novel? If so, I'd love to buy and read it :D

  4. Happy graduation!
    I’m glad you such a great network of people that support you.
    Yeah for dress sales!
    I know what you mean about site backups. I’ve scared myself a couple of times by not backing up.
    Hope you have a productive summer!

  5. Amazing celebration with the people you love and care :) I’ve never experienced such an event personally before, but it sounds so wonderful. I’m glad you are surrounded by so many great friends and family members.

    The sock monkey in the coffee mug is so cute! :) Being productive is always good.

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