I Went to Hogwarts!

The last week I spent on vacation with my family and my best friend, Becky. My parents own a time share down in Daytona Beach, Florida, and it’s really been a lovely, relaxing week. The weather’s been a bit crummy as it’s rained almost every days, but there’s been enough time for us to plop our butt’s in the sand and soak up some sun. But my favorite part of the week:

I went to Hogwarts.

Universal’s Islands of Adventures has the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which was literally everything I imagined from the books/movies right before me so that I could experience it. As you enter that area of the park, you step right into Hogsmeade and the Hogwarts Express is right before you, as are all of the shops and Hogwarts itself.

I mean, I ate at the Three Broomsticks and drank butterbeer (and took home a souvenir mug! :D). It really doesn’t get better than that! It was the first time I had butterbeer and it was delicious. It almost tastes like a cream soda, or at least that’s the only way I can think of to describe it. It has this really thick foam on top that I thought was a little weird, but Becky liked it so I guess I’m just picky. :P We also went to Honeydukes and I bought some of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean, though I haven’t tried them yet. We really wanted to go into Ollivander’s, but there was a line just to get into the wand shop so we passed on it. :/

Because it was so crowded, the lines for the rides were really long. They seemed to move really fast though because the lines wove through scenes from the books. For example, the line for the roller coaster Dragon Challenge wound through the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It showed the Goblet and the different champions from each school and then you went through the tent and through the dungeons to see the dragons. It was awesome.

My favorite was by far the Hogwarts ride (can’t be bothered to remember the name :P). That line was the longest – 90 minutes – but it was incredible. About half of the lines was outside so that was a little boring, but you had an amazing view of Hogwarts right in front of you so I took a ton of pictures. The inside took you right through Hogwarts and the characters in the portraits on the walls actually moved just like in the books! We went through Dumbledore’s office and he imparted some of his invaluable wisdom upon us -“We must choose between what is easy and what is right.” The ride itself was ridiculous. It was in 4D and I thought my dad was going to be sick, haha.

The rest of the park was kind of ehhh. I guess now that I’m getting older amusement parks aren’t as fun as they used to be when I was like ten. This fact saddens me! :( Growing up sucks!

The last few weeks I have been obsessed with the Olympics. Normally I’m not real into them, I’ll just happen to turn it on and watch it for a little bit, but this year I watched them every night that I was able to. I really loved watching beach volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics. Not gonna lie, during some of the performances of the athletes, seeing them so happy after their hard work and victories made me tear up a little bit! Ah, I’m such a loser. :P

As I’m writing this post, I’m watching the closing ceremony and eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I’m not going to know what to do with my nights now that I don’t have the Olympics to watch! :P Though I’m leaving for college on Thursday – a fact both exciting and nervewracking, so I suppose that will be occupying a lot of my time just packing and getting ready. :O


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  1. I’ve never gotten into Harry Potter but that would be so amazing to experience fiction in that way. Something you really, really like.

    Sadly, I didn’t have time to watch the Olympics. I was mostly interested in watching the opening and closing ceremonies.

    Good luck with college! I hope you still plan to write once in awhile. What are you majoring in?

  2. -jaw drop-
    I didn’t get into Harry Potter through the books, since Rowling’s writing style just doesn’t flow with me, but I love the wizarding world. The movies were good enough for me. I have read books 1 – 6, but can’t bring myself to finish the 7th.

    I’ve always wondered what butterbeer tastes like. I’ve imagined a combination of cream soda and root beer, maybe. They should have a sorting hat thing at the park. Pay to get sorted into a house, or something. I’d definitely pay to do that.

    Bah, the olympics. I’ve never been into them. I watched some snippets of it while passing the TV when someone in my house was watching it, and I saw the Spice Girls performance online. I just don’t really like the olympics that much. Not into athletics at all.

    Good luck in college! I’m leaving for university on the 29th. I still have so much packing left!

  3. I’ve loved the Olympics too! I liked the spice girls in the closing ceremony, they were the best part! haha.

    I love harry potter, I’ve watched all the films, and have jsut started the books this summer! I’m currently reading the Goblet of fire. Its also really interesting to watch the film after I’ve read the books and compare them (so far the books have been better than every film).

    Michael :)

    1. Oh my goodness, I almost fell off my chair when they performed! I was so happy in such a childish away. I knew all the words to the songs they were singing and I have no shame! :love:

      That’s awesome that you’re reading the books! They are way better than the movies, though the movies were very good. You’re just now getting to the good part of the series! :D

  4. I so want to go to Hogwarts! Like now. How very cool is that?

    This years Olympics were the ones I was bored with … I couldn’t get into it at all …

  5. Your elephant smilies are so cute! I haven’t even watched the Olympics opening ceremony despite recording it ages ago – must get round to it lol.

  6. Haha, I’ve been to Universal Studios about 126423123 times (the last time being in December) and I never even watched a single Harry Potter film or read any of the books until like three months ago.

    I went on the Hogwarts ride though, and oh my god I thought I was going to be sick! Seriously, I prefer the Simpsons ride a lot more :3

  7. Wow, Becca, I would really love to go to a theme park like that! :D I picture everything you just described as amazing.

    I wonder if they made Butterbeer alcoholic? ;)

  8. haha you took their mug! :) I’m not a Harry Potter fan, but I would love to try the butterbear, it sounds delicious! I should really try reading the book, but I always get distracted by other books. I hope to read it in the future, though.

    90 minutes? That’s crazy! At least it was incredible :)

    I didn’t watch the Olympics, but I feel like this Olympics was really popular for some reason.

    Good luck with the packing :)

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