I Suck at Coming Up With Titles

I was organizing some of my files on my computer earlier and found some old essays that I wrote my freshman and sophomore year, so a year to two years ago. I opened one of them and almost started laughing. They were so horrible! I guess you don’t realize how far you’ve come or how much you’ve grown until you stop and look back. I can honestly say that I’ve grown a lot as a writer, just this year, through AP English. I don’t think I realized what I was getting myself into when I signed up for the class.

We do so much writing in there, it’s pretty ridiculous. We had to write to timed essays in both classes last week, then revise them over the weekend and turn them back in to be graded. Then in class today we had another timed essay, in which we have to revise. x_x It’s a lot of work, but because of it, I’ve become so much better. My essays no longer sound choppy or simple, but they flow and are a bit more complex. I’m more proud of my writing and more comfortable with it than I was last year, that’s for sure. Yay for not sounding like I’m a five year old writing a paper! :D

I was pretty proud of myself today. I have been procrastinating my homework so much lately that I’ve just not really been doing it. But after dinner I sat my butt down on my bed and finished my physics review (I have a test tomorrow. :( Hope I don’t fail…) and then did some minor revisions to my essay. Then I realized I left the rest of my homework at school. :/ Poop.

I’ve been so unorganized lately, and I think my problem is that I just needed to sit down and get my priorities straight. Sitting in front of my computer for more than three hours after I get home isn’t really beneficial. So, I’ve been trying to get more active and in shape. This week I’ve gone on a walk everyday with either Becky or Andrew, and me and Becky are trying to go running in the morning. We did it last Friday, but it’s hard to get up at 6:00 in the morning, especially if you aren’t a morning person. :P

Hopefully I can shed a couple pounds before my France trip; we’re going to be doing a ton of walking, plus, I just want to feel better about myself. Losing a little weight wouldn’t hurt. ^^

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  1. (Reply to comment on my site)
    Lololol. Dubbed is when the Japanese speaking gets taken by English speaking. In Pokemon it’s ok but in other’s it’s horrible! Pokemon is an anime by the way. XD Dubbed is when there’s just English translation at the bottom. :D

    Woww!! That’s so unlucky. D: Oh yeah that girl is also anaphylactic to peanuts. If she goes near them her whole body goes red. D: SO FREAKY. And she’s also got eczma and asthma!!!

    Lolyush. Like bribary. :D And also every Friday ten minutes before break we have Special Play which is just when you get to play a game with the teachers like skipping, poison ball and these other fun games and if you are in ZE BOOK you miss out and have to go to the library to do work. XD

    I’ve grown a lot in drawing! Even though it hasn’t been a long time I’ve improved A LOT. I mean like look at this:
    to this:
    Over 2 months I got that much better! I am amazed. XDD

    We don’t do THAT much writing. Well actually we kinda do. XD But we don’t get essays. Like nearly everyday we do writing when you can just write about whatever you want and we do set topic writing and also different forms of writing like exposition, narrative, snapshot and information report. oh and also debates.

    Hope you do well in the test! :D I love procrastination…:D Especially with my piano practise! I love playing piano but I hate doing scales and stuff. XD So I always leave it to just before I go to bed! |D Because I am awesome like that.

    Woww….3 hours after school. Freaky. XD I don’t really need to “exercise” because at school I run around like a maniac already and every weekend I go to the park with my brother and when my friends come over we play tennis and badminton and ride bikes and keep running around like maniacs! 8DDD Yay for being maniacs!

    Woww!! 6:00 in the morning!! FREAKY. VERY FREAKY. XDD I get up at 8:00 in the morning! Yay. XD

  2. (Reply to comment on my site)
    Yush! Of course Pokemon counts. :D And so does Bakugan, Digimon and Yu-gi-oh!

    Yes uhm. “The book”. XDD If you’re in “the book” you go to the library and do random work at special play time(you know 10 minutes before morning break)and your class gets taken out of the lucky dip to do something special!

    Yeah. |D

    .. Ok. XD Oh yeah. We also had to do a recount about this excursion/field trip as you may call it. My friend and I are writing this rhyming story called Honey Bunny’s World and her mum writes books and stuff and her publisher is looking for kid writers to publish books for so yeah!! I hope we can get it published. |D


  3. I’ve been looking for you, you changed your domain name. AAAAAARGH!

    I can’t work out that early, just does not happen :)

  4. Cool title you have there. XD I used to be a really bad writer too, until I got influenced by this bookworm who’s always reading a book under th table in class and then I satrted reading lots of book as picked up writing after that. ^^
    The class sounds really tough, but if you really love to write then you’ll really enjoy it. I think I should sign up for the class; I need to brush up on my writing.
    I’m a procastinator too, but I always end up doing my homework late, late at night or just rushing it in class(like going to school really early to do homework). I’m actually procastinating right this second. :P
    Ooh, I always leave my homework in school last time. Once I procastinated and finally decided to do my homework, I realised that my workbook and my writing pad were stuck in school and then I cried. LOL. XD
    Yay! You should exercise! :D Especially jogging. I’m not a morning person either, I always run in the late afternoon or evening, but that’s mostly because of my track and field training. But really, exercising helps you to lose weight so just bear with it for a while, and it’ll slowly become a habit! Good luck with that! :D

    I think next year will be better. :) Just think positive. ^^ Tests are a part of my life now, it’s no biggie. :P Next week I have another maths test on algebra and I really suck at that. All the letters make my head spin. @.@ There’s no theme for my potluck. Thanks for the suggestion, I might bring those! :D I have a sweet tooth anyway so I have stocked some up. :P

  5. Well done with your improved writing!

    I came across a couple of old stories the other week and I cringed so badly. Haha. It helps when you have English as a subject; it just helps your writing and that.

    I’ve been putting off my coursework for a long time now and it’s due in next week -.- Time to get my butt in order.


  6. (Reply to comment on my site)
    SERIOUSLY!? Wow. XD Yeah. Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh is really old now though…XD Bakugan is also a card game kinda thingo. :D But you have this little balls and if they go on the cards they open up to reveal a monster kinda thingo!! :D

    …Um…..we have half an hour recess at 11 and one hour lunch at 1…:D Well here we call elementary school primary school and we have no middle school…Primary school is prep to grade 6 and high school is 7 to 12. Then we have university which is college. :D

    I know!! Thankyou. :D There’s this kid…and she’s amazing! She wrote this SUPPPPERRRRR thick book and I read it and it was AMAZING and it was I think 500 pages long! And it got published in 20 something languages!! Amazing <3

  7. I love going through old work of mine. I always end up realizing how arrogant and silly I have been in years past. But hey, everyone has to start somewhere and build their skills, right? :)

    Ugh, I hate timed essays. Actually, I had to write one yesterday. We just read Joy Luck Club in English, and we had to do a complete essay in 80 minutes. Horrible. I am sure your essays are amazing! Your blogs are always so well written. :)

    Good for you! For me, the best way to overcome procrastination has always been to set a schedule and lay my goals out on paper. I’m a pretty methodical person. Ooh, good luck with the physics! Has physics been particularly hard in your experience? I have to take it in my junior year, and everyone talks about it like it’s some kind of horrible disease. I’m a little scared. xD

    Good for you for exercising! Ah, waking up early can be difficult… but it’s much easier if you get to bed at a decent hour. I’ve always been a morning person. :)

    AHH, have the best time in France!!! :) :)

    Thank you! Haha, my mom was the same way. But somehow I tricked her into getting three cats… she’s a total cat person now. xD

  8. I still avoid my papers from younger years. I’m afraid to look. :D
    I want to take AP English myself. I really want to test out of English for college.
    I hope you pass all your tests and get grades.
    Sometimes just sitting down and organizing or writing out a schedule to organize your time helps. :)
    Thanks for the birthday wish. :)

  9. Things change over year :P For sure, in your teen years, your writing style WILL change no matter what. Whether you become more literate or not. :O! All we can do now is just laugh at it XD!

    I hope you did good with the timed essays :D! For sure, its all worth it :D! Blogging is also worth it :O! Because it helps you with your writing skills :P !

    Congratulations on finishing off your physics homework :)!I hate physics. I want to murder physics. D:! My teacher is good, but she is strict. But I guess its for the best.

    Getting your priorities down is a must. Because its what you need to do first for the benefit.

    I don`t like pizza. :P Its enough said XD!

    Take care (:

  10. Sorry for a double comment D:! I missed your recent comment -__-!

    I never tasted red bull before :O. I just don`t like how its the same price as monster for a smaller can .__.!

    I learned the song within a couple of days,but there are some parts where I need to polish up. I have festival in 2 weeks ._.! I still need to polish up my tongueing for a phrase that contains 2 8th notes followed by 2 sets of triplets. -__-!

    Arcade games are fun if you find a flaw in it :P!

    Take care (:

  11. I know what you mean. I looked back at my poetry book from 7th grade a few days ago, and half of the poems I re-read and thought, “Wow. I put all of two-seconds-thought into this, didn’t I?” But on the other hand, there were a few that were pretty spectacular, considering how much my poetry style has grown and changed since then.

    Ew, I’ve been really bad with doing my homework, too. Especially Algebra, which is really the only class that I have homework every single day in. And I never to my Algebra at home. Instead, I finish it at the beginning of class the next day. xD So, by doing that, I always forget to do any other homework I might have. This week was especially bad, since I had extra Honors English homework, and we never have time for that in class. x3 Shame on me!

    Good luck with getting in shape. That’s always pretty hard to do, especially coming right out of winter.

    Have a lovely day!

  12. I hate writing… probably because I suck at it. English was always my worst subject.

    I’ve been wanting to get in better shape lately, too. It never happens, though. I workout for like one or two days in a row and then I stop, haha. I think since the weather is getting better that it’ll make it a little easier to want to go running and what not, though. :)

    I have been thinking about reading Water For Elephants. I don’t know if I should, though. Sometimes reading the book makes the movie adaptation seem not as good… haha.

    For some reason, I have never gotten into the POTC movies. I don’t know why because really they should be just the kind of movies that I like, haha. I have tried to watch the older ones on TV, though, and I just always get bored by them. :S

  13. Most of the people I talk to online, I consider them to be a family and as such, it’s not fair that they shouldn’t be included when it comes to said disappearance. I would feel bad in the afterlife knowing someone didn’t tell them but it’s a bit harder because some people don’t share their website with their immediate family anyways.

    It would have been different if it were April Fool’s or something but even so, death on that day is a little extreme; you should never daunt or mock death otherwise it may come back and bite you. I believed it mostly because the person that killed themselves, I had talked to them periodically on Twitter. When they died, so did their Twitter and everything else; I do talk to her friend that left the message though. In time, I’ve become pretty good friends with him.

    Oh, wow that is quite a ways away. That’s still a little unbelievable. Prior to meeting her there, when was the last time you saw her?

    I had recently spent a lot of money on clothes (I still can’t believe I even did it) but because I don’t have a job anymore, I’ve been guarding most of my money for dear life! I do make some extra money through my site and on Twitter so it allows me to live for a few more months. Hopefully I find a job soon though; it’s really hard.

    Well it’s crappy to you now because your writing has since improved. I know when I look back at my old writings, I think the same even though I always got high marks. It just means you’ll only get better from this point on.

    Ah, I see. That’s a little troubling. That wouldn’t be so hard if they gave you the topic you had beforehand so you had time to prepare, but those things, you have to think on the spot! Usually I waste half of the time thinking and the other half actually writing.

  14. Oh my goodness, I remember having to write out essays for school. I sucked at those. Even worse doing a review in front of the entire class. I’ve never done one before my 9th grade Reading 3 class. I was just so nervous that I rambled on and on about the entire until the teacher told me calm down and breathe and just re-do it. So I did and was able to do the review and I got an A+ on it. Even for the rambling nonsense lol. But still an A+. Not shabby eh?

    Hey did you ever get the job as a lifeguard? I’ve been dying to know! And yeah losing a little extra weight or pounds even is not a bad thing. I need to start watching what I eat from now on as well. Instead of drinking sodas like I’ve been doing, I should really drink water or something like that that is non-soda-ish if you know what I mean? I want to lose this gut it looks hideous with out clothes being on. I’m telling you. It does. But I guess every woman feels that way.

    Anyway, take care and good luck with your weight loss!

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