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My Tuesdays and Thursdays are always a bit of a relief in the week because I’m able to sleep in. I don’t have class until 2:00 PM and it’s absolutely great. While I wanted to remain in my cocoon of warmth, I forced myself out of bed yesterday around eight so I could go talk to an advisor from the business college. (To clear up some confusion: I attend a university, and this university is made of up different colleges. Like Business college, College of Arts & Sciences, etc.)

As much as I really, really want to be enjoying my French class right now, I’m not. I absolutely hate it. My professor is rude and assigns a ridiculous amount of homework and, I just hate the class. I don’t know if I just want to give it another shot next semester to see if it was just my professor or now. I don’t know, I just need to think on it some more. I dread working on the homework and consider skipping the class (even though part of our grade is attendance) every day. Argggh! Je ne sais pas!

Anywho, I went and talked to one of the business advisor’s and asked some general questions about requirements and then officially changed my major. All of the classes I’m taking now transfer except one, which is nice. She suggested some courses for next semester and I’m pretty excited for it. I don’t have an emphasis yet, but it feels good just to be able to say right now I’m going into Business Administration. :)

At the beginning of the semester I had a lot of stress from the confusion of my credits that I received in high school from other colleges. In the dual-credit program (I received both high school and college credit) I took three math classes and an English composition class. It was absolutely great and I sent the transcripts from the college over, except UMKC forgot to put them on my transcript. >.< So I’m enrolled in an English class I already have credit for and there was all this confusion and the advisors didn’t know what to do, blah blah blah.

Well that’s all figured out now, which is a relief. I’m still in the English class, and my transfer credit will just count as an English elective instead. So I’m getting something out of it at least. Though let me tell you, my English class is bonkers. The majority of our grade is based on one research paper, and the paper has to be about writing or research. Therefore, we have to write and research for a paper about writing and research.


I finally decided that I’m doing my paper on the intertextuality of Harry Potter. Which is exciting because I love Harry Potter, but also very boring because,well, it’s about intertextuality which is not exciting at all. I’m not really sure how I’m going to incorporate the research into it, because I feel it will just be more of a rhetorical analysis, but I’m probably just going to bullcrap the entire paper anyways. Oh, college. :P

Tomorrow is me and Andrew’s two-and-a-half year anniversary. :love: We found out there is a Renaissance Fair out here that’s almost exactly like the one back home in St. Louis and we’re going tomorrow as our kind of date. Haha, it’s going to be fun!

Well, I think that’s all for now. I’m going to head up to the cafeteria for some dinner and hope that they have cookies. :P Me and Alysha have been sneaking out probably six or seven cookies each time we go to stash up in the dorm room. I wish I could send you all a cookie so you could try it, because they are absolutely delicious. To die for. Whenever people ask me what my favorite part of college so far is I always tell them the cookies. ;) We’re running low at the moment – only two left! – so I need to go change that right now.

Gosh, I’ve turned into a cookie monster!

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  1. Aww, sorry I haven’t been around to comment lately, but I do remember reading that you had a really tough time in college when you first started & really homesick. I hope things are getting much better now and I’m sending good thoughts your way. And luckily, it sounds like your units & classes are getting settled too.

    I wanna say it was just your professor! I took Spanish as a requirement in college and I loved it… I don’t think all foreign lang classes should be that dreadful :(

    That’s the thing about college. The most brilliant papers were actually us bullcrapping them. LOL.

    Hahah, oh you bring back good memories of my freshman year! Our dining commons had wonderful fresh cookies as well. We would wrap up a good amount in napkins and shimmy them on out under our clothes or purses. Haha.

  2. Hey Becca! It is always a nice surprise, to get money earlier, than expected. Honestly, I was waiting till today (the first of October), to get my money and do my errands and what not. But, nope came Wednesday, and fridge is entirely stocked with food and thrifted out and what not. Happy about that.

    I hope my examination goes well too! If anything turns out to be abnormal – they will call me and let me know. If nothing appears (which chances are they won’t and I hope not!) than no call and no worries. :). It’s rather hard to get me infected (except my tonsils :( . I still have those and get sicker easier than the rest of the world – well except us people who still have our tonsils! ).

    I’ll have to check out pintrest! It sounds like you’re doing great in your classes, and in your college! I didn’t know that you had left your parent’s and went in a dorm room! Nice! How do you like there? So far, it seems you have adjusted already!!

  3. Aww I’m proud of you for changing your major! You shouldn’t have to stick with something you can’t stand! That was me with sociology. It took a lot of convincing my mom to let me do it though.

    Transferring credits is so difficult because every school is so different. I wish our education system would be more unified like the ones they have in other countries.

    LMAO you can write a paper on something doing with Harry Potter. I have not dared to do something like that.

    You and Andrew have been together a really long time. You guys are going to the same college? That sounds really nice!

  4. Gah! I remember how stressful college was for me when I wasn’t sure what major to go into… and not knowing which credits would transfer over… what a mess, lol. I am glad to hear that you seem to have it all worked out! Those advisors can be so helpful. :)

    As for your anniversary — congratulations! I love that you two are going to a Renaissance Fair. How fun! :) I have always wanted to go to one of those… I have yet to find one close by though. Maybe you’ll share photos!?

  5. I still haven’t gone to a Renaissance Fair and I still want to. I guess it was too far for me last time and it shall remain so :(

    I’m glad that things are getting better for ya at least having rest days helps a lot. Sorry about your french class. That seems tough and your english class? O.O Good luck with your paper!

  6. Happy two years <3 I hope you two had a lot of fun together! That is so nice to have a boyfriend for that long:)

    I feel the same way with art, as you do with French. Well I don't "Hate" it, but I don't love it as much as I thought I would. To be honest, I think I got shuffled into doing art, more than actually wanting too. My friend here said to me "whenever you talk about art, you never sound as excited…" Like she is going into business and she's always so excited to talk about her major. I am glad you transfered and most of your credits did too. Hopefully you enjoy this more, but if you don't there are always others to choose from :)

    Yea, I feel like I sleep a lot too. I really want to do stuff with people, but work is piling up now. I feel a little overwhelmed. I didn't realize how much stuff I had to do in so little time. Like in high school, there was a set schedule, in college, we are on our own.

    Btw: How far are you from your home?

  7. Hey at least you’re not running around all confused and they are. It’s great that you see that you got a handle on the college experience and know what direction you want to take.

    My university does that too. I go the the College of Engineering at my local university all the time for camps and stuff.

    Research is research. It’s all boring unless you like gathering facts. Which I do happen to like. :) I’ve been just recently thinking how you can like something so much and think it is sooo cool. But when you get down to the nitty-gritty of what makes it work, it is just that, nitty-gritty. Not any nitt or gritt that is particularly special or particularly colorful. Just annoying sand.

    Awww. Happy Anniversary you two. Hope you had a wonderful date!

  8. I hate it when teachers give us so much homework. I know how you feel about that. :)

    I haven’t read the Harry Potter books yet. In fact, I’m not much of a fan.

    Happy 2 1/2 years! :)


    * My website’s new. Just dropped by. Will visit regularly. ^^

  9. I love your layout! Omg. It looks amazing! :D

    This is my first time on your site and I am impressed. :D I linked you in my blogroll. I want to start visiting regularly.

    I love being able to sleep in, it is nice. Not going to college really helps (I go online) Lol. I just miss out on all of the nice (and not so nice) experiences which I hate but there is nothing really I can do about it at this point.

    I’m doing business administration as well. I want to open my own pet boarding/watching business. :) I love animals of all kinds so this would be great. I may even do fostering for the humane society. Not sure if I want to have horses or not (I wouldn’t take care of them if so) but I know I will do house pets at first. :D

    That paper is messed up. Seriously? Writing about writing and research? 0.0 That makes absolutely no sense but that is what she told you to do?

    That sounds fun! I love harry potter! It is amazing! :D
    I was able to torrent the books and put them on my phone so now if I travel again, I can’t say I have nothing to do. I have games on my phone and now AWESOME BOOKS! Hahahaha
    Oh & movies….all of this on a 16gb Galaxy S3 hahaha. I really want a micro SD card that way I can put all of my music on my phone and not worry about space…but ehh I don’t have a job and therefore no money for it so I’ll live. Hahaha

    Congrats! I was with my xbf 2 years and 9 months before I realized what a jackass he was…..I shouldn’t think about it so much but we’ve only been broken up 2 months (almost) so, yeah, I will in the future just not yet. My cousin and his girlfriend (a few months over 3 years together) just broke up yesterday. :/ I feel awful because I know what he is going through but there is NOTHING I can do to help. :( I want to so bad because we are so close but I can’t do anything. :(

  10. Being a cookie monster is the only way to live, I’d just like to say that. ;)

    This site is cute, I like it :)

    My gosh… I don’t understand how humans do this. We just work and work and work and… I could continue. I’m in sixth form and just… the work, really, the work. I’m totally demotivated right now.

    It’s awesome you get to do it on Harry Potter, though. Silver lining and what not. I hope you’re not too busy with work and your enjoying it! :D

    Personally, I’m shattered and I haven’t even got to uni yet.

    Soph :)

  11. Thank goodness you got all that administrative paper work out of the way and successfully changed your major. It must’ve brought on a lot of unnecessary stress but at least it’s all over! Plus, now you will have learnt how to deal with the admin, in case you ever have to again. Gah, I want a cookie please :(.

  12. Wow, that all sounds very complicated, I’m glad it’s all sorted now. Good luck on your Harry Potter paper, it should be fun! :) happy 2.5 year anniversary to you and your boyfriend, that’s a very long time!
    The cookies sound delicious, and you’re lucky that you can just help yourself to as many as you like hehe :P

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