Holiday Shenanigans

Where has the time gone? One minute I’m just on break, and now my break is almost over! That’s always how it seems to go though; when you want time to go slowly, it goes too fast; yet when you want time to go fast, it goes too slow. But my break has been nice and relaxing so far, and most importantly, rather stress-free.

My Christmas was really, really wonderful. On Christmas Eve, Andrew came over a little bit early to exchange gifts. He was going to stay all evening with my family, but decided that he would go home to spend it with his own family. I was kind of glad he did. It would’ve been nice if he had stayed, but I think the holidays are meant to be spent with your family. There’s this guy who lives probably five minutes from our house who has his whole yard made up of little train decorations. He has numerous tracks running around and going through tunnels, mountains in the background, a miniature drive in with a real TV playing a Christmas movie with little cars surrounding it, miniature ice skaters skating around on a rink. It’s just like a little miniature community and it’s amazing how much stuff he has set out for display. Me and Andrew went to go see it since we had some time to kill, and it was just neat looking at his house and all the other houses that were lit up with the regular Christmas decorations. I wish I would’ve thought to taken some pictures, but oh well.

My family always has a kind of game night, so after Andrew dropped me off, I helped cook all of our favorite junk food (toasted ravioli, nachos, little smokies, dip, etc.). We sat around the dinner table and ate and talked. Everyone in my family is always so busy with either work or school and we don’t have a family dinner where everyone is all there very often, so it was nice for everyone to be at dinner together.

My siblings and I also have this weird tradition that we started a couple of years ago where we go to Walgreens (a chain convenience store, for those who don’t have them) to get stocking stuffers for everyone else. It’s kind of dumb that we all go together, because we all know what we’re getting from each other in our stocking but it’s still fun. It’s usually just candy that we get, but sometimes we get little funny things as a joke. Like this year, we got my dad some Vick’s Vapor Rub, because apparently you can put it on toe fungus and it will help get rid of it. My dad has some pretty bad toe fungus. :P

On Christmas day, my dad and I cooked breakfast. Rachel was supposed to get up and help, but she was being lazy and didn’t get up until around eleven. And you can’t expect my brothers to help cook. xP So it was just me and my dad cooking breakfast for my mom. She’s been doing really good, since her surgery. The surgery itself went well, and my mom hasn’t been in a whole lot of pain. She’s been a bit sore, and besides not being able to do anything really besides read and rest, she’s doing fine, which is a blessing in itself.

Once everyone was up, we did presents. My dad was the most excited I think to open them. A couple days before, he sat down on the couch, looked at my mom, and then started to bounce up and down, exclaiming “I can’t wait for Christmas!” over and over. I about died laughing. He can be such a weirdo.

Everyone was pretty excited with their gifts. The majority of the things I got were books, which make me pretty happy. :) I also got a couple of DVDs and some new pajama pants. Ryan, as a gag gift, got everyone, excluding myself, ugly Christmas sweaters. He purposefully had everyone else open their presents first so I would think that that’s what I would be getting. When I opened mine though, to my own surprise, I found the ugliest grandma dress. Not only was it ugly, but it reeked of old lady. I made a deal that I would wear it if he would wear what I got him. I bought him a Cardinal’s shirt, which is our city’s baseball team and he absolutely hates them. This year, the Cardinal’s won the World Series, and the entire time he was saying how they weren’t going to win, they weren’t going to win.

Christmas is the only time I will wear the ugliest grandma dress and Ryan will wear a Cardinal’s shirt. Christmas is never boring at my house. :P

After we had cleaned up all of our mess that we had made by opening presents, me and my sister started cooking for the Christmas dinner we’d be having later (since my mom can’t cook because of her shoulder). Rachel did the more complicated dishes and the ham, and I did the easier things, like green beans and fruit salad. I also made a peach pie for the first time, and I didn’t even cut a finger off or burn the house down. :)

Dinner was delicious like always, and afterwards I just went straight to bed to take a nap. I was so exhausted. :P But I was happy and it was nice just to have Christmas at home. We usually go to my grandparents house for Christmas, but the last couple years we’ve preferred staying home. Plus, it’s not really the same without my grandpap…

And now, my break is almost over, which is a bit sad. I haven’t done really anything much besides read and sleep. I’ve read a book a day (I know, loser!). I went and saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows which was ah-mazing! Critics gave it awful reviews, but I thought it was just as good as the first one. Robert Downey Jr. was as wonderful as ever. :*

It’s been nice to just be lazy after working so hard during finals. (I’m still waiting on my final grade for my AP Bio class. Kind of frustrating that my teacher is taking so long. I think I’m just impatient.) It’s a little bittersweet, knowing that I’m about to enter my last semester of high school; I can’t wait to graduate, but at the same time, I’m nervous about going off to college and finally being on my own.

I hope to be a little bit more productive with my last couple of days of break. I need to finalize some college things and I’d like to edit a good chunk of my NaNo novel, but we’ll see how that goes. ;)

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  1. Hey Becca! Seems like you had a wonderful Christmas!! Sorry this comment is really late!! Just been having those off days. Diabetes been acting up not really sure why?

    You’ll be fine, when it comes on leaving on your own. I thought I was going to hate it, and I still kinda do to a point, yes I’m living with a different family, BUT, it feels strange. I’m not sure if it’s cause I’m not used to be out on my own yet, but I’m not all tensed like I was living with my dad. It still kinda hurts, but, they enforced this on me, so I had no way out of doing this. Plus, at least your family isn’t putting an eviction notice on you, so that makes things easier. Mine only did that to scare me, not really sure what his gf was thinking about. But still. Cheesy way of doing your own daughter wrong. But I’ve forgiven him, just not her yet. You maybe homesick for awhile, but you’ll get over it :). I did after a week of not seeing my dad.

    My Christmas was great. I got to spend the Christmas morning with the new family I’m with, then afternoon with my dad. :). It was good :). My mindset is different than everybody else’s. I guess you could’ve gotten that from my blog post lol. But yeah, I don’t want to start when everyone else starts their New Year’s resolution. Why? I just don’t understand that!

  2. Aww you guys go back to school on the 2nd? That’s when high schoolers here go back. I have until the 23rd though, yay! Though a short break can be nicer than a long break at times.

    I’m glad your boyfriend went home for some reason. I guess I agree you shouldn’t ditch your family during Christmas, haha. Unlike how my family ditched me. I don’t think anybody here is that hardcore about Christmas decorations. There are maybe half the people who bother to put up anything at all.

    Everyone in my family is scattered across the world so it’s NEVER that we’re all together. It happened last year though but I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon. Right now I can’t even imagine us all sitting together to eat and talk, lol I’m so lame ….

    Omg I haven’t stuffed any stockings for so many years! This post really brings back memories!

    I’m glad that your mom is doing fine now, especially since it’s the holidays. You wouldn’t want her not to smile. =)

    LMAO is that a joke he got you a grandma dress?? It looks so funny, haha! And it’s warm enough to wear short sleeves?? O.o

    You’re entering into your final semester of high school. It should be a time of fun and memories for most people. Kinda sucks that I missed mine though, but then again I don’t think I’d want memories with the people I went to school with.

    Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. (You commented on Quiet Rebellion, but I changed my link yesterday so that’s why my name links somewhere else. Just wanted to avoid confusion. :P)

    I think Christmas is a family holiday too, but I’m glad your boyfriend came over so you had a bit of time with him too. ^^ Your neighbor’s house sounds cool. On the street behind mine, two house that are right next to each other always go all out with the decorations.

    I totally can relate to your dad’s excitement. XD I was pretty much doing the same thing. I got up at like 7:30 on Christmas to wake everyone up. And I hadn’t even gotten a lot of sleep. My subconscious was excited, even. :P

    What DVDs did you get? I got a bunch of books last year, and a pillow pet. Don’t feel bad about seeming immature. :P Mine was a panda. What’s yours? I make the cookies and the pie crusts sometimes, but that’s about the extent of my Christmas cooking. :P Kudos to you for making a pie without hurting someone, hehe. ;P

    I never saw the first Sherlock Holmes, actually. I had a chance to once but watched something else instead. :P My mom says it was good though. I think I can understand why you’re nervous about college, but I say you should just enjoy what’s left of high school. ^^

    That’s true. Borders went out of business? I’ve only shopped there once or twice, so I didn’t know that. :o I do too, I think having a lot of books makes you seem…smarter I guess. And there’s also something really great about collecting a series of books or something like that.

  4. Wow, your family rocks. XD I love how you got each other gag gifts! The granny dress is hilarious but to be honest it’s kinda something I might wear at home – I wear old clothes because no one’s going to see me anyway and it’s just comfy. That’s so funny though. :’)

    I’m pretty jealous that you had such an awesome Christmas. I wish my family got more into the spirit. I was just at home for Christmas and I got my parents some gifts. They weren’t expecting it because we don’t really give each other gifts. XD

    I think Christmas is a time to be spent with family but there’s no harm in having some friends to celebrate with it too… the more the merrier I guess? But for me I’ve always celebrated it with my family. x)

    You’re not a loser for reading a book a day. :) I love reading and I wish I had the time to read a book a day, really. Good luck editing your novel too. Reminds me that I need to go back to mine, I didn’t do NaNo but I am in the middle of writing a novel hehe.

    Have a wonderful new year <3

  5. I’m so glad you had an amazing Christmas. That’s the most important thing, other than bonding with your family. Presents are important, too, but not to that extent! ;)

    I’m really envious of your family. My family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas, so there’s no cheerful cousins jumping about, excited nephews and nieces hopping around and lots of presents (completely optional but most loved :P). I’d say that I hope my New Year will be better, but sadly I spent my New Year’s Eve tapping at my computer just like on Christmas.

    Junk food! Oh, how I miss it after I’ve gone on that diet.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year. :)

  6. I wish my Christmas was as exciting as yours. I didn’t really do anything until the evening, when I went to my parents’ friend’s house for Christmas dinner. :P

    I love that you and your brother got each other gag gifts, lol. :D

  7. Aww, so glad your mom is doing well and Christmas was wonderful for you :) Ha, that’s quite the lovely granny dress you got on. You and your brother’s gifts are just too funny. And your dad sounds like a cute little kid. haha. That must be where you get your humor from :P I enjoyed reading about your Christmas! Mine are usually either very very tame or we don’t do much at all. My boyfriend was also like yours, he spent the day with his family and I spent my day with mine. There’s always time to go on romantic dates on other days :P

    It’s funny that you talk about break being over too soon because I feel the exact same way, haha.

    I feel ya girlfriend, I’m trying my best to do the last few things I wanna do before break is over…but we’ll see how that goes :P

    Oooh, I can see how naps are great when you need a pick me up. I wish it was like that for me too! Unfortunately I have a habit of “napping” for hours so when I wake up that adds an extra N amount of hours that I stay up all night with nothing to do and being upset haha.

    Aww, thank you so much for your compliments on my nail XD I like doing them because it’s fun, but having other people liking them is also a huge plus :love:

    Yeah..I don’t know about brothers like that. Is it even possible for them to change? But hey, we’ve got the rest of our lives to witness and see I guess x_x lol

    Happy New Year’s!

  8. My brother made a comment tonight that he’s “so happy it’s still break” and that it feels to him like break has gone on for a month. It’s been nine days for me, but it only feels like *maybe* a week. :( I’m kind of looking forward to going back to school, starting new classes, and seeing my friends again, but I’m also dreading the homework, work work, and going back to exercising. xD

    It sounds like you had a nice Christmas! I love how your family gets each other gag gifts. The dress your brother got you is hilarious.

    I’m glad to hear your mom is still doing well in her recovery from her surgery. It was really nice of you and your sister to cook Christmas dinner for everyone. :) Congratulations on the peach pie! xD

    Good luck in your last semester of high school! College is pretty awesome, so don’t be too sad about leaving high school.

    Happy New Year!

  9. (Reply to comment on my site)
    Oh yeah. (: Because you have middle school. We have primary school prep-6 and then high school 7-12. So ya. We graduate in grade 6. Weird that you didn’t really do much. : All schools here make a big deal out of it. I mean like, lots of us will be separated going to different high schools. But yeah..

    Haha don’t really need to make new friends. Got 7 really good friends there! :D

    (Comment on this blog)
    You’re break is going to end?? Mine has only just begun. xD Until the 3rd of February, started on the 23rd of December. Summer holidays. c8

    Glad you had a good Christmas! (; That guy’s house sounds amazing..I wish I could see. xD Did you take any photos? :3 For Christmas I went up to this place around 1.5 hours drive. :D Gave all my friends cards with tonnes of writing and erasers to my 3 besties. :D They’re so adorable! There’s a sheep, a pig and a penguin. :3 And I got these oil pastels from my friend so when I was on holiday I got her this manga book for her and I am giving it to her on Tuesday. :D Hope she likes it.. I got a Hello Kitty doll from my mum. (: And new shoes. :D

    Eh, we don’t have any traditions. xD Well every year around Christmas but not at Christmas I go to my friend’s house for this Christmas party they have every year. (: Sadly I couldn’t go this year because I was having one with my mum’s side of the family because they were about to go on holiday. xD My cousin, cousin’s girlfriend and my aunty lol. The rest are off in China. But my grandpa is coming next week! (:

    Lolol love what your dad got. xD Well not that I want it, it’s just funny. :’D What did you get in your sock?

    Haha nobody had to cook breakfast because we went to the restaurant in the hotel. xD Buffet was WAYY to expensive. D8 $30 for each person, including kids! That means it would’ve cost $120, just for breakfast! :O So yeah. Glad your mum is getting better. (:

    LOL. Your dad. :’DD My dad got this orange Polo shirt that he is wearing right now. xD Mum got new work clothes and a new shirt. Bro got this BIGGG lego Airport and aeroplane. Finished making it. Doesn’t care about it anymore OTL And it was $150! Make it, done, who cares about it now.

    Wow. That dress is ugly. NEVER WEAR IT AGAIN MAN. ;-;

    The Christmas lunch at the restaurant was sooo expensive. $100 per person! So we went out to a park next to the beach and had a picnic. (: I fed seagulls. Soooo many came. xD It was funny.

    For dinner we had room service because the restaurant was closed for packing up the Christmas lunch. But it was still really nice! Because they made it in the kitchen and brought it up. (: Not like..frozen food warmed up.

    Haha! You’re just like me! For the past 4 days I have read one book a day. xD Just finished reading Ghost Boy, awesome book! But so far my favourite is To the Boy in Berlin. c8 Actually that and Ghost Boy. But you probably wouldn’t like them since you’re way older than me. xD


  10. Happy new year!!

    Glad you guys had such a lovely Christmas! And O.M.G. that dress :P Where on EARTH did he find that thing XD

    My break’s almost over, too, and I have finals coming up Dx My university sure knows how to ruin Christmas breaks :P It’s the only one we get too, apart from summer, so that makes it that more sad :P

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