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My teacher for my Statistics class was sick today so we had a substitute instead, which one was a little odd because I didn’t even know there were substitutes in college, and two I was hoping he would have just cancelled class. However, like the good student I am (and the fear that there would be a pop quiz – which there was) and was very pleasantly surprised. Our substitute was a better looking Bradley Cooper, and my oh my, I may not have learned a whole lot today in class because I was… er… distracted, but class was much more enjoyable than usual.

Last weekend I went out with some girls from school and we had a girls’ night. Everyone got dressed up and we went to Union Station and took pictures. Afterwards we went to Buca di Beppo’s, a local Italian restaurant that serves family style meals. It was really fun and good to get to know more of the girls in Impact without the boys. Plus, it’s always fun to be able to wear some of my nicer dresses. :) I even straightened my hair – which is something I haven’t done in probably a year!

The apartment search is still going. We visited two houses on Saturday, a basement apartment, and then the main floor of a house. The basement apartment we were drawn to because of the price. It was only $700 a month with utilities paid for, but when we saw it, it was pretty crappy. It was obvious that you got what you paid for. The next house was really gorgeous – it had a lot of space and I fell in love with it’s stone fireplace. It just had a lot of character and was overall really nice. It was a bit more pricey, but I think we’re going to pass because the area it’s in is pretty shady. Bahh, can’t get everything eh? So over spring break, my potential roomies will have time to look at houses/apartments and hopefully we can find something soon!

This week has been really good, busy but good, which is definitely an answered prayer. Last week was rough for really no reason, and while it’s only Tuesday, I’ve just felt so much better, been in a better mood, and haven’t been letting the little things bother me. Though I have been a lot more tired than usual. Sunday night, me and Andrew went to one of the dorm’s study rooms and just talked from before midnight to 2:30 in the morning. We’re both so busy with out studies, jobs, and extra-curricular activities that we don’t really ever have a lot of time to just hang out with each other and talk. Definitely worth the fatigue I’m facing. :love:

Short post, but I just really wanted to share that I had a Bradley Cooper look-a-like substitute and it made me really happy. Bahaha :P

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  1. Oh my goodness, no wonder you were distracted! My boyfriend looks like David Tennant and we found a picture that proved it last night xD I can only imagine if a guy looking like Channing Tatum walked in as a substitute…..=)

    Finding a good apartment at a decent price/area is hard x.x I was looking for one a year ago and I couldn’t find a decent price in any of the neighborhoods I wanted. You either have to settle for a crappy neighborhood or a crappy apartment xD If anything, find one that has a good track record of not getting broken into and all.

    Have a great week! ^^

  2. You may have a point there. I felt as though she was bragging a wee bit. But ah well. I fixed what was said though. So, anyway, you look really good with your hair straightened. No wonder why you were distracted as well! I’d be distracted, but I’d have to be on my toes too if I wanted to keep learning :). And I’m glad you were able to still learn and be distracted aha!

    I hope you and some of your roommates, gets an apartment soonish. That sucks that the studio apartment is crap. That would’ve been perfect. All utilities paid for! No wonder why. But, I do wish you luck on finding a new apartment for school and everything! You deserve to be out of that dorm, and in an apartment where you can actually study and sleep. Not hearing the band and choir practice all night and day! Keep your chin up, and you’ll get an apartment sooner or later! Hopefully sooner!

  3. A Bradley Cooper lookalike. Hello. I wouldn’t be doing ANY work whatsoever. None. hahaha.
    How cute are you? That’s the first time I have seen a picture of you :)

  4. I didn’t know there were substitutes in college either. A hot substitute? That I’ve heard of before haha.

    Your hair looks so pretty! What color would you call your hair? My natural hair color is somewhat similar to that and I never know if it’s black or brown. It’s kind of colorless, but not black! That’s what I see in your picture on my screen anyway, your hair might be different in real life.

    Is that $700 a month total or $700 a month per person? Because here, $700 per person is even considered cheap!

    I know what you mean, it’s hard to handle school work and a boyfriend. Maybe you could do your homework in the same room. It’s sorta hanging out haha.

  5. I’d love to have a teacher like that. I bet girls in your class can’t help but be distracted and inspired. :)

    Woah. I think $700 is a lot for a rent. I guess the cost of living here is just low, a $700 place would be one of those super upscale apartments. Normal ‘decent’ apartments are usually $300 or lower.

  6. Lol maybe it is just me but I don’t think Bradley Cooper is very good looking >_<

    Your dress is so pretty, the blue looks really nice on you!

    Ah! the cost of living is so different from place to place. Where I live you can rent a semi-decent house for 700$ and if you can find a room mate than the cost is divided so its even cheaper. Hopefully you will find something soon though, that all of you will like and can afford!

  7. I didn’t know that there are substitute teachers in college either. It’s a good thing that you went to class after all because of that pop quiz. And along with that, it’s a plus that the sub was a better looking version of Bradley Cooper ;).

    It sounds like you had a nice time at the ngiht’s night out the other week. The Italian restaurant sounds fancy with it’s name. Girls are usually much more nicer to hang out with (unless they’re bitches or something). You look really pretty in that picture! :)!

    You’re getting through progress with that apartment hunting. You will find something nice eventually.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re doing better mood-wise. And it’s awesome to spend even a bit of time with your significant other despite of the busy schedule. You will make it through :D

  8. I absolutely love this layout! I’ve never had a teacher cancel class.. Probably because I attend school online.

    Have a great week! =)

  9. I totally loved this layout, Becca… it’s really awesome.
    I’ve never hard substitute teachers in college but if that teacher of yours looked like Bradley cooper it must have been fun for you!

    I’m gonna have a Girls Day Out today, with my friends, shopping and all…
    You’re looking gr8 with straightened hair… I’ve never straightened my hair but they aren’t too curly, just curled at the end type of hair…

    Take Care, Becca! :D :D
    How many of you are gonna share that apartment? I hope you get a perfect apartment soon!

  10. Bahaha. Gotta love gorgeous professors. Last year, for my later American history class, the professor was beautiful. His name was Neil, and he was balding, but his voice was beautifully soft and musical, and he had really bright, pretty eyes, and a fantastic smile. My friend and I loved him, even though his exams were ridiculously hard. But mostly we just quietly made fun of him in the back of the room, which is a really immature way of showing affection, but it was all we had. He was one of those guys who liked to refer to himself in third person: “I know what you’re thinking. ‘Neil, what effects did the Progressive party have on the modern Democrat party?’ Well, class, let me tell you….” So we called him Neil a lot, and used his name sometimes as an expletive, like, “What the Neil?!” And one day he made a joke about how he was out of shape and couldn’t participate in the civil rights movement’s walks, and my friend and I were all over that. Because he was so ridiculously in-shape and muscular, so we were sitting in the back murmuring under our breath and giggling. “Get your fat ass out of the way, Neil. I can’t see the PowerPoint.” “Stop fishing for compliments, Neil.” “Gotta stop double-fisting Big Macs, Neily boy.”

    Anyway, long story short, it sucks that your professor didn’t cancel class. :P

  11. I didn’t realize there were substitutes in college either. I normally see the TA take over if the professor isn’t there. That’s funny that you were distracted though, haha. I hope he made the class more interesting ;)

    Cute photo! I like your dress :)

    Good luck with the apartment search! It is pretty hard to find everything you want in a place sometimes. I hope you’ll be able to find something soon. Before we got our house, I liked making appointments with apartment finders to show us around. They seem to dig up places that I didn’t find before.

  12. Ouu, lucky you to have (what sounds like) such a cutie for a substitute. It’s no wonder that you were distracted. ;)
    The straight hair looks great! What do your natural curls look like? I naturally have straight hair so it’s kind of boring haha, sometimes I wish for curls.
    Best of luck with the house hunting! Hopefully you’ll be able to find another with a pretty fireplace that isn’t in a sketchy neighbourhood haha.

    In reply to my site, thank you for the congrats on the license! It really is a lot more complicated than most places, but I’m almost there so that’s all that matters! *crossed fingers*

  13. You hair looks lovely straight! I swear if I didn’t already know what you looked like, I would assume your hair was naturally straight.

    I’m not all that familiar with Bradley Cooper, but I know how distracting it can be to have a good-looking teacher. My English teacher in high school was so good-looking, I sat at the front of the class all the time, but he was also a great teacher and very nice to me.

    Good luck with the apartment search. I am sure you will find something <3

    I love those long phone conversations… that go for hours… and hours… especially when you don't get to talk to the person a great deal and when that person is your boyfriend :) Definitely worth the minimal sleep, hehe~

  14. haha, who wouldn’t be distracted? XD

    I really love your picture, you look adorable! :) I thought it was your real hair until you said that you styled it. XD
    I do hope you’re able to find a apartment as soon as possible :)

  15. Hahahaha that’s a bad idea having him as a substitute, I think everyone would be distracted! I would have thought the lesson would just be cancelled, but I suppose they have to carry on teaching!

    That dress is really pretty, it’s a lovely colour too!

    It’s so hard to find a good apartment! I’m looking for a two bed one with a friend, and they all have one really good bedroom and one box! Best of luck to you in finding one!

  16. Hey there,
    I only just realized who Bradley Cooper was. :D I get distracted by any pretty face. I really need to get out more. :)
    Nice picture Becca. You look exceptionally nice. ^_^
    I hope you continue to have good weeks, finally find an apartment, and get through your statistics class even if Cooper doesn’t show up. :D

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