Give Me Some Sand, Sun, and Salt!

Heellllooooo from South Carolina! :)

I think I forgot to mention in any of my recent posts that I was going to be on a week-long vacation, but nonetheless, here I am! :) My family and I decided that we were going to go somewhere different than usual. We are here in Hilton Head, South Carolina, a place that someone my mom works for goes to a lot, so my mom thought it would be nice to venture somewhere that we haven’t gone before.

We usually go to Daytona Beach, Florida, since we own a timeshare there that is right on the beach, and we just like to relax and lay out on the beach for most of the week. We’ve always gone there for our annual family vacation since it’s something that we all know and like (which is rare for a family of six!). I know a lot of people go on vacation to go and explore new places and experience new things and keep busy busy busy! Our family is quite the opposite; we like to make our vacation the getaway from the daily grind and from being so busy with everything that we do. We’re so burnt out from all of that that we just like to lounge around and be lazy. :P

On vacation, we like to sleep in late, and then when everyone wakes up, we always make a huge breakfast. At home, my mom is the one that cooks dinner, but it’s her vacation too, so everyone chips in. I always make the pancakes (my favorite!), my dad cooks the bacon, my sister makes biscuits and gravy, and my mom just sets the table and relaxes. She deserves a break; she cooks all the time for us, and I don’t think that we fully appreciate it.

So far South Carolina has been nice. It was a bit intimidating at first; we’re staying in this huge resort and they have tons of different activities and things to do, but since the resort is so friggin’ huge, you have to drive to get anywhere. We then took a walk to the beach, which in itself was different; we usually take two steps and we hit sand! It was soo crowded.

I was a bit disappointed and was not looking forward to the next week. I think I was just not in a good mood to begin with because it took us fourteen hours to drive here, and everything was so different. I wasn’t used to it.

Today had been good though. :) We slept in and cooked a big breakfast, like was always used to do and then we all put on our swimming suits and slathered on the sunscreen. We hit the beach! Let me just say, I’ve missed the beach so much. I think I must’ve been born on the beach or something because I can never get enough of the sand and the sun and the saltwater! It was just as crowded, if not more so, than it was last night, but we managed to find a bit of area that was our own and settled down.

Me and my brother, Ryan, built a sandcastle (if you call it that, haha):

It was funny because every time a little kid would walk by, they would kind of stop in awe. It was kind of sad actually, because I didn’t think it even was that great. :P We didn’t see any other sandcastles or other sand creations, which was kind of weird. I love looking at the ones other people have made– we usually see a lot!

So while I started the week a bit pessimistically, I think that I’ll enjoy myself on vacation. :) Do you all go on a family vacation? If so, where do you go?

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  1. Thank you for commenting ^^ That’s such a sad and evocative image you see, too. It’s so interesting to me to hear what other people see. It’s all sad, but it’s all a part of us. No one feels the same. Yeah, I really like your layout! It’s simple but really effective! I like mine okay, I think it’s editted enough to not look like premade xD

  2. Oooh! You’re one lucky girl for being able to travel to all of these places :P! I don’t like traveling with my family to vacations :/. I find it awkward. I guess I’m too disattached :X! At the most, the most recent vacation trip I took was to Lake Tahoe, Nevada last July/August with like 10 people from band :o! They’re kinda like my 2nd family :P. I’m supposed to go to Vegas THIS FRIDAY, but I don’t have the money :/. And it’s not worth it :X.

    It seems like your family picked the perfect place for a beach trip :P! But wow :O! There’s a lot of people :P! And 14 hours of driving is crazy :X!! But still, you gotta do what you have to do to enjoy yourself :)!

    You and your brother are like.. The children of the beach :P! That sand structure you and him were building looks interesting :O! The last times I went to the beach, I built crappy sandcastles :(! It’s because I didn’t have any tools XD!

    I hope you enjoyed your trip to South Carolina :)!

    yeah, I do blame the Maintenance mode :P! And my disfigured memory :(! If you want to make a new layout… Can you make a subdomain for it and leave that in maintenance mode? That’s what I do :P

    French cuisine is supposed to be pricy! It’s like all of the things fancy XD!

    I had a thought and want to go to Disneyland Paris- because I heard all of them Disneylands aren’t the same ;o!

    I love your point of view in affiliation XD! You are right! Jovers is your site and you can do whatever you want on it as far as linkages go! It’s never your fault if the person is inactive :o. Though, I want to delete one or two people off of my affiliation list. Because that link leads to a blog that I’m not even interested in. And it’s not even like a blog like your or mine. It’s totally off topic. bahhh.

    Thank you (:! I DO THINK PASSING DEPENDS ON THE TEST INSTRUCTOR! Bahh. I even wanted to throw some insults at her too. But no. I’m better than that in some ways :X.

    It took me a while to get that layout up :X~! It’s like, I am lacking motivation and willpower. :/.

    Thank you and take care (:

  3. Learning how to play the trumpet is like the hardest thing I’ve done so far except for learning how to play a clarinet (since I went from strings to winds :X!) Thank you (:! Take the first step, pick up a guitar. :)

    My dad got me the iPhone, but bahh :X! I’m more of a BlackBerry person because it’s faster when it comes to typing, sending, etc. Unless it’s the iPhone 4, I would use it for a phone :P.

    I think the x games does include skateboards :O! With like extreme stunts involved like flipping into a 360 degree thing in the air or something. I’ll see XD!

    At least your situation with your family is much better than a lot of people’s :)! I don’t know, I like to be individual and not be involved with my parent’s actions XD! I guess it’s because of this thing- being Americanized or keeping your heritage traditions.

    From what I know, WordPress only takes up 35mb of space. Your layouts should be like… 2mb. But eep :X! It does seem like you don’t have enough room :'(! Maybe maintenance mode is better :O!

    Thank you :)! I think practice makes permanent :o!

    Take care (:

  4. Aww. That sounds really fun. I’ve never been to the beach so I don’t really have any idea of how to enjoy the beach resorts aside from walking around in the sand and playing in the water. I can’t swim so I find it scary to go near the waters at all. If you’re born with the beach I guess I’m the opposite. I want to go to the beach but I hate it as well. Because I hate hot weathers, the sun and the tan marks it would make on my skin. :|

    When my family and I go outing, we don’t really stay overnight. It usually is just a one day thing, swimming in some resort we know of or eating out somewhere far, exploring new places and such. My family and I just wanna eat eat and eat. Lol.

  5. (Reply to comment on my site)
    Lol well I don’t do THAT. You see those others obsessed with cats and dogs really don’t care about the actual animals because they don’t see that for some it can be torture. :c So I don’t dress up my cat and hold my cat there at the dinner table. XD

    Yeah..good point. ;D They think that nobody cares if they go and nobody cares about them so they commit suicide..ya. I agree with your take. 8D

    Lolol yes of course I would go and meet you! c: There’s a person I know who lives 3 hours drive away from where I live! Lol but I’m a naughty girl and talk to people I don’t know in real life when my parents don’t want me to.

    Awesome. :’D I love going to the beach but I hate LEAVING. XD You get sand everywhere and you feel super uncomfortable.

    Ooo yummy pancakes. I normally just help my mum with stuff. Because. I can’t cook. x___x I mean, I can’t even break an egg.

    Woww! That beach looks really full. Haha, awesome sand castle. ;D Do you live inland? So then you have to drive really far to get to the beach? XD It takes me like 30 minutes to get to the beach.

  6. I was in South Carolina for vacation, too! Except I was at Myrtle Beach, which is like on the opposite end of SC’s shore, I think. XD Anyway.

    I had a lot of fun, thanks! It didn’t seem as relaxing as it was last year, though. It felt so rushed for some reason. I think it was because we had six people staying in a reallyyy small room so we were super crowded. We go to Myrtle Beach pretty much every year, and we always stay at this resort with three different buildings: A, B, and the Tower. We always stay in the A building because the rooms are so much bigger. This year we had to stay in the Tower, and the room was like half the size of what we were used to, lol. We were on the 20th floor, though, which had an awesome view!

    I’m sure you will enjoy the rest of your time on vacation, especially since you love the beach so much! And that’s an interesting sand castle that you and your brother made! haha.

    and you’re welcome! I hope that you can get the comment problem fixed!

    And thanks! I would soo love to travel Europe. It looks so beautiful! I still want to visit the UK… and Prague. Especially Prague for all of their amazing architecture. <3

    That is so funny about the gargoyles! I would have never expected to find one eating another one! haha.

  7. At least you learned how to play the piano :o! I have a keyboard piano at home and I’m seriously stuck on it. D:! I even used sticky notes to label the keys :P! But wow :X! Those lessons should be stuck with you for life :)! Because it’s not often people have private lessons :o!

    If anything, get a second hand blackberry if you really want one. Craigslist, ebay, amazon, you name it! With that done, you don’t need a data plan :O! That’s how I have my BlackBerry. My dad used it for like a few months, ditched it for the iPhone and downgrade the plan to texting. Verizon should be cheaper than AT&T :o!

    Yup (:! At least you appreciate what you have XD! It’s like something you’re blessed with ;o! But there are times when you just want to have your alone time XD!

  8. awh it sounds like you’ve had fun with your family on your vacation. it’s nice to just take a break from everyhing now and then (:

    well i think vacations with my family is really nice, we use to have one once in a year. it’s kind of funny though, i usually get up earlier than usual as i want to get as much out of the day as possible, haha!

    thank you!! and do you mean my navigaitons isn’t working properly? doesn’t it slide down a menu when you’re click any of the links? ;S ahh and i who thought i’d finally found a solution to my menu.

  9. WOW!! I’m so jealous!! I’m actually heading to South Carolina in mid-September for a vacation. There’s 10 of us going, though (5 couples). And we’ve rented 2 different condos on the same resort. We’re going to Myrtle Beach, it’s about an 18 hour drive from here. (Ew) I hate long drives, so we’ll see how this goes, haha.

    Usually every year I go away in mid-January. This year I went to the Dominican Republic, last year I went to Jamaica. I never go with my family though. My parents go camping in their motorhome like every weekend in the summer, and they enjoy that. Occasionally my boyfriend and I accompany them for the weekend, but they usually just go somewhere close (max. 1 1/2 hrs from our house) so we never have a far distance to travel.

    That beach looks SO crowded!! :( That’s the only part I hate about public beaches along the Atlantic ocean… We went to Old Orchard Beach, Maine, a few years ago in our motorhome and the beach there was packed too!! The sand looks awesome though!

  10. yes it is really nice to sleep in the morning too, just take everything as it comes and just be lazy (: that’s what’s great with summer, you actually have time in the morning to do so, when the normal busy day hits you have more than enough to just get yourself to school, haha!

    oh that’s great news, i was scared i had to dive into the codes another time, again haha!! sometimes it can be really tricky.

  11. Thank you Becca! I have to agree this layout is different from the last one. :D I’ve never really done a grayish type of layout before so this is my first. :D

    Seriously, I think you are beyond luck! This year has to be probably one of the worst summers for me when it comes down to summer assignments. Overall, it’s going to take me about a month to finish everything! Ha, also I only have a month of vacation left anyways so I should get started soon. :P You’re completely right with AP classes, they are certainly beneficial when it comes to the long run of it all, like applying for college, and just getting to learn subject to a whole different extent. That’s why I love AP classes. *__*

    Aww! Thank you! Ha, I think I looked very “pimpin’” in my car –cough-my dad’s car-cough- Overall, I think having pictures of your childhood is important for some reason it brings back fond memories of my childhood. xD Really? Your brother seriously started driving out of the driveway? Ha! My mom would be really mad if that was me, but hey your brother was 3!

    What Universities are you planning on applying to?

    Your right, the whole aspect of tuition, spending, etc. for universities/colleges is a scary though. Right now I only have half of my tuition paid, and that’s if it’s university or college in my state (I reside in Virginia). Hmm…I guess only time can tell with what the future is going to bring.

    Ha, you did sort of forget to mention that you were going to South Carolina. xD Tis, but its fine!

    I need a vacation! Seriously, like right now, you guys are lucky to go to Daytona Beach and venture out in South Carolina! Must be pretty awesome to get away from all the stress and actually enjoy summer vacation, I know I would but for now I’m stuck at home. xD Also, it’s good hearing that you guys are enjoying your family time together! I wish we could go on vacation just so the family can get some relaxation time in. (:

    The beach looks friggin’ crowded! Ha, Virginia Beach is probably the closest beach to us, (even if it is four hours away) and it’s always really crowded. Sometimes I can’t really get anywhere without stepping on someone’s leg, hand, etc.

    As for your question: Do you all go on a family vacation? If so, where do you go?

    Ha, the best family vacation we go on is probably our annual trip to New York where we spend a few nights in Manhattan and just enjoy everything about NY. Then, and this only happens once a year, we go to Del Posto which is probably one of New York’s expensive restaurants. But there Italian food is DELICIOUS. Yum…I want some pineapple ravioli now, and I know it sounds weird but it’s actually really good. X)

    Take care, Becca! Hope to hear from you soon. :D Also, enjoy your vacation!

  12. They had three elevators! We used them. haha. It was so funny, though, because they didn’t label the 13th floor on the elevators. The buttons just jumped from 12 to 14. I guess they did that for superstitious people? LOL.

    We were only like three rooms down from the ocean, so the view was amazing! I’ll post pictures on dA later. And it was soo funny. We were on the side of the tower that faced a campground so the view looked like a redneck trailer park, haha. Apparently that campground has a tradition: every night the people staying there would take their golf carts and circle the campground on and on. There would be two lanes, one going in one direction and another going in the other direction. We would watch them from the balcony of our room. It was like a parade! :P The people in the golf carts would high five each other as they drove past each other. Some of them got out and danced when the “traffic” wasn’t going anywhere. Some of the golf carts were really decked out with epic stereo systems and neon lights, haha. It was quite hilarious!

    And oh yes. We are always used to having two bathrooms/showers so that was never a big deal. This year we had only one bathroom so that was terrible to work out, lol.

    Drip castles! What a clever name! :D They actually sound pretty fun to make, haha.

  13. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun, too. ^^ For our family vacations, we usually go to Dallas, because my mom has family there. But when we really want to escape, we go to Galveston Island, because it’s only a few hours south of Dallas. It’s our favorite place in the whole world, and we have a lot of fun memories there. ^^

    It’s good that you worked so hard to go to Europe. It probably felt better when you got there, knowing that you put so much effort into it. Hard work reaps the best rewards, non?

    I’m gonna try WP, I think. Whenever I put up a new layout, I shall try to convert. I’m not very patient, though, so I might just say, “Screw it!” and keep FanUpdate.

    I liked This Lullaby, but only because of Dexter. He’s my favorite male character of hers ever. Remy kinda got on my nerves, though. =/ I loved Lock & Key, because while the dude does help her with problems, she is the one that helps him out the most, in the end. Plus, Ruby is a redhead in that one. Dessen has so many blonde characters. xP

  14. (Reply to comment on my site)
    Yeah, they treat them as if they’re human babies. 8C Poor things(the animals lol).

    ..Really? XD Same for me..I think..actually I’m not sure..I got Facebook because my friend said they had really cool games(okay. That was ages ago) and my dad found out..He said he would get a Facebook account if I did or I could just deactivate it. o___o SO. I don’t know who will be more understanding.

    Gah! That’s terrible. x_x And it’s always hard to get sand off things!

    Lol yes I know. I fail. Well I did once..But then I don’t want to try again. What if I get eggshells in it. D8 Well I know how to make chocolate brownie. XD I do the batter thingo..My mum chops nuts and helps. :’D

    Oh I see! But the Australian beaches are TERRIBLE. The water is FREEZING cold. Super duper duper cold, even in the Summer! I want to go to a beach in another country. XD

  15. I love going away to new places :D On Saturday I went to Pontypridd in Wales for a Party in the Park – I loved it, even though I was sore beyond belief afterwards.

    I like going on holiday to relax by seeing somewhere new and refreshing. I like to look around but I like to relax, too!

    Biscuits and gravy for breakfast? Sounds interesting. I just have cereal… or yoghurt… or fruit… or something like that xD

    Busy beach, dude. And haha, that’s one nice suncastle that you have there! I haven’t made a sandcastle in ages.

    Yeah, sometimes you see some amazing sandcastles and it’s like… how is that even possible?!

    We usually go on holiday somewhere in Europe – normally France, but we haven’t been abroad for three years or so due to money. We went to North England the last two, maybe three years, but this year we’re not going anywhere.

    Take care! xx

  16. That’s so true – I always seem to like the books better than their movie counterparts. Like, Harry Potter… Oh wait, it’s pretty hard to fit ALL those pages into ONE movie. LOL!

    Ooooh, South Carolina? Sounds interesting! But it’s perfectly normal to like going to Florida annually – like, if you made friends there you can make plans to see them! :D I know I used to do that when I was younger and we would go on family holidays. :) that beach is busy in the photo! Great sand castle :D

    Oh gosh, FOURTEEN hours to drive!? That is INSANE. We have a roadtrip in two weeks, but where we are going is only seven hours away – less if we speed it up a bit on the road. We normally head over to a place called ‘Johannesburg’ or ‘Joburg’ – that’s where we are roadtripping to. It’s a city but we don’t head to the city… The city isn’t really safe :/ oh my, this may seem confusing… I may need to write a blog post explaining it. Ha ha, basically we go to the suburb areas of JHB which is like how a city would be but suburban and SAFE! LOL!! I like it because it’s our South African Los Angeles so I always take the opportunity to schedule interviews and set/studio visits. I can’t wait.
    I live right by the beach anyway so I need to get away! :p

    Enjoy your vacation!!

  17. Your vacations sounds good til now. I like going to the beach, but we always buy tickets with breakfast and dinner included and for the lunch we buy some fast food or chips. Anyway I like salt water and sun and sand too, but to be sincerely I prefer pools more. I don’t know why. Anyway I remember that last year I did snorkeling. It was so much fun.

    Do you all go on a family vacation? If so, where do you go?
    Yes we always go in vacation, every year. Last year we went in Egypt and this year we’re going in Portugal.

  18. more pictures please!

    A for the Q is yes i was with my family last year at Caramoan beach!
    Island hopping is the best!

    If i were a kid i would totally adore your sand castle, hmmm. im not laughing, the two of you looked cute making a sandcastle! :D

    Bacooooooon! Im dying here i want some!

  19. Ahhh I hope you have a lot of fun! I’ve never been to South Caroline so I’m not sure what you could be doing other than the traditional relaxation vacation. I’d love to go a beach resort and relax for a while. But I’m kinda stuck here and I can’t even go to the beach, which is only about 20 miles away. No one to go with me anyway. Everyone’s either busy or can’t drive, so out of luck for me.

    I haven’t been on a family vacation for probably more than 15 years, and I’m only 19. My family is kinda messed up in terms of ‘being together’.

    I hope this couple never has children then … I’d feel so bad for the kids … LOL that was so mean.

    Haha I just can’t remember how many people I’ve ranted about my town to. Because people ask me where I live, I say really close to New York, so they think I’m walking down 5th Avenue and watching Broadway. Not true, not true.

    Oh yeah I almost forgot that some parts of Paris are very not-modern … some European thing going on. Like in Greece I heard public bathrooms are unisexual. But I’m sure the modern parts will beat where I live, haha, and if I ever go I will make sure I only remain there.

  20. Wow! Your vacation sounds like heaps of fun :) I could really use a vacation right now, haha!

    Wow. You have obviously never been to Bondi Beach – it’s full of people from one end to another but its a really beautiful beach. Check it out

    I don’t mind the beach…I just hate washing up after sand..ugh wet sand in shoes and me is a terrible combination.

    I usually go to Queensland for holidays…not really fun after going there every single time I have a break. I would really like to go overseas next time though!

  21. I’m glad to hear you are having a fun time. I think I would be a little unhappy too, after going on a long car ride.
    I’m not a big fan of the beach. I don’t like sand. It is so itchy to me. And I think shell collecting is boring. :) But sand castles are intriguing to me. I just don’t know how to make them.
    I hope you have a good rest of your vacation. :)
    My family doesn’t have family vacations. :|

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