Dorm Problems

I’m glad to be back at college, and there are so many annoying things I have to deal with it home, but there are also so many annoying things to deal with here. I mean just ridiculous, this-is-why-I-can’t-stand-people kind of things. So let me tell you about my wonderful living arrangements.

EDIT: I probably should have explained my living arrangements first-hand. I am in a “suite” where I have a roommate (who is wonderful and keeps me sane) and then we share a bathroom with two other girls, called our suitemates. They are, uhm, well, you’ll see, haha.

My suitemates eat toilet paper.
Okay not really, but they consume mass amounts of toilet paper in really small amounts of time. In two weeks, we used thirteen rolls for four people. Which is ridiculous! And which I wouldn’t mind so much except that toilet paper costs money, which means I have to spend more money because they don’t know how to use moderate amounts. I also don’t have an infinite amount of money, and I’m pretty cheap, so I like to save my money in any way possible. After one week here and seven rolls of toilet paper later, my and Alysha talked to our suitemates and agreed that we would no longer share toilet paper. I can already feel the money being saved!

My suitemates don’t clean. Ever.
At the beginning of the year, we agreed that one of the four of us would clean our shared bathroom every weekend, because if you’re not aware how gross a bathroom gets in one week alone when four girls are sharing it, let me tell you: it gets disgusting. I have never seen either one of them touch the crate of cleaning supplies we have in our bathroom. So I have to clean up their nastiness for them. Which is both disgusting and rather infuriating after the fiftieth time. I like to not live in filth, thank you very much. Also, they still haven’t cleaned their room since the beginning of the school year. There are clumps of hair and dirt on their floor and it makes me want to vomit.

My suitemates talk really loud on Skype.
It’ll be two in the morning, and when I finally convince myself to stop watching TV shows on Hulu and to go to bed, one of my suitemates will get on Skype. EXCEPT FOR SOME REASON SHE THINKS SHE HAS TO SHOUT FOR THEM TO HEAR HER. It reminds me of when my mom got her first cellphone, and she would shout really loud in restaurants so people on the other line could hear her (or so she thought) and we’d all duck our heads in embarrassment as people just stared. You don’t have to shout for people to hear you on your phone, or on Skype.

My suitemates’ perfume smells like death.
Sometimes I’ll come back from class around noon, and one of them will just have showered and left the bathroom door open, so that my room is not only as humid as a tropical rainforest, but it also smells like an old lady’s perfume on a decaying body. In otherwords, like death. It might be two degrees Fahrenheit outside, but the window is being opened, because I can’t breathe.

My neighbors like to blast music at 7:45 AM on Saturdays.
I think most normal college students like to sleep in on Saturdays because it’s generally the only time that we have to actually sleep in and be lazy. Oh, never mind, that’s really just asking too much since our neighbors like to blast annoying pop music as loud as they can. Normally they blast it for about five minutes, then shut it off, as if they’re just trying to annoy people but then realize they’re being douches. But last Saturday, they blasted it for forty-five minutes. I got my iPod to try and drown it out with music that I actually enjoyed, but the bass was reverberating through my bed, so that was rather useless. Next time I’m pounding on their door and telling them to shut up. OR ELSE.

Conservatory students feel obligated to sing. All the time.
The floor that I am on is made up entirely of students in the conservatory, meaning they’re studying music or theater. For some reason unbeknownst to either me or my roommate, since we’re both business majors, we’re stuck on that floor too. It’s kind of annoying, but it’s not too bad since they’re all pretty nice except for one fact: they sing at the top of their lungs, all the time and anytime.

People above us throw each other onto the floor at midnight.
I really don’t know how else to explain it, but they’re doing something up there, maybe dropping bowling balls? Doing some intense workout? But never failing, every night the noise starts up. My precious sleep…. D:

Ghetto people in the courtyard don’t ever shut up.
My room is located right on the courtyard of the dorm and there are plenty of ghetto people who don’t know how to speak in a normal tone of voice, so that, through my window and three stories up, I can hear every word they are shrieking, perfectly clear. I should start entering their conversations and shouting back, bahaha.

It’s friggin’ expensive.
To stay in the dorm for a full year, it comes out to around $10,000, including a meal plan. If I get at least one roommate, and pay around $400 a month for rent, utilities, and food, I can stay in an apartment for $4,800, which is less than half the price I’m paying for this crappy dorm. (Okay, the dorm itself isn’t of a crappy quality – it’s actually fairly nice for a college dorm. It’s mainly just the people I’m surrounded by that drive me insane. Except my roommate – can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for her.)

Moral of my story: I can’t wait to move out next year into my own apartment.

19 thoughts on “Dorm Problems”

  1. I remember living in apartments for college students and having to deal with loud music, shouting and drunken parties. I was finally glad to move out and go home. I was so happy.

    Yeah, almost everything you listed, I agree with you. A lot of it is ridiculous and I’m glad you’re getting your own place. That is expensive!

  2. Okay I understand everything you just said. I have a single room so I don’t have to deal with a roommate. But that’s a lot of toilet paper! It sounds like you get along with your roommate well but not your suitemates. My dorm is actually fairly quiet at night, I guess I’m lucky. At first at the beginning of the semester I was hesitant about getting a single room but now I’m glad I did. I don’t have to worry about getting a bad roommate! Apartments are nice but you have to learn how to cook on your own. (which is a good thing)

    I’m glad your year is going well!

  3. I can imagine all the things that you said. That’s the reason why I didn’t try moving to a dorm for college. I know I will have a hard time trusting and facing those kind of people everyday. Btw, I like your name it reminds me of the film “Pitch Perfect” :-) You should try to watch it if your have a free time. Have a great day Becca. xxx

  4. Oh my word, I cannot express to you how sorry I am. This is probably my number one reason why I never want to room with anyone. Ever. Not ever my best friend. Ever. I just have my own way of doing things and honestly, I cannot stand when people mess things up.

    I can’t wait to move out too. It will save you so much money that is for sure!

  5. Wow, I can’t believe people are like that. o_o; That’s just scary. Why don’t you get a single room? Or is that not possible? Though it’s a good thing you’re planning to move to your own apartment ! :)

  6. OUCH!!! Is all I can say to this post. I’ve been with the roommate situation before, except I rented a room out, after moving out of my ‘adoptive dad’s house. The first night I was there, it literally felt like the second floor was caving in. I, had it and told the land lord (whose a douche) and they claimed they were wrestling so unless ‘wrestling’ is another term for ‘sex’ than that’s a new one on me. I don’t like the roommate situation at all. I had the opportunity to do that, when I was going to school, but unfortunately – I had a cat that I loved to much to scar her to death when I left. I couldn’t do that. And, therefore skipped out on going to the dorms. It seemed cool, but I’d rather live off on my own. NOT sharing bathrooms and waiting in line to use the bathroom and be late and what not. That’s not for me.

    Having your own apartment kicks butt!! So-to-speak. I have my own apartment right now, and though it does eat at you with money wise, it is better than to live with roommates. Everyone here is quiet at 9:00 p.m. (some anyway), and if you tell them once to be quiet you don’t have to ask again. Where I live is a Senior Citizen/Disabled apartment complex. And its really cool. I’m on the second floor, and believe it or not – the apartment complex I’m at used to be a Motel 6! But later transformed into an apartment complex..

    Oh God – why are two business majors on a floor with music people? Where they out of the rooms for your majors or do they actually have rooms for separate majors? I’d be going nuts if I was there in your shoes like that!! I seriously would! Sometimes, I go a bit nuts here being a lone, but I have my new beau to thank for and my friends to keep me sane. lol.

    Anyway – apartments can be pricey, but I guess this is getting you used to being out on your own for the first time, and what not. Living by yourself is better than sharing a bathroom with three other girls. Especially those that won’t clean!!! That’s not cool at all! Thank god you’re willing to do it!

    Though, I feel your pain about roommates and their habits. I have in my apartment complex, drunks who likes to slam doors, people yelling at their dogs at the top of their lungs, letting their dogs bark until they decide to come home and loud talkers! Its unbelievable, but I try to drown it out….aha…so I guess no matter how you look at it – we’re in the same boat. But, really its only because the walls here at my apartment has no installation. So no matter what goes on – we can hear everything. lol its funny. But yeah, I do hope you get your apartment next year! And everything calms down.

    But I do know what you mean about music majors. I was in Choir in my 10th/11th grade years. And I went to San Francisco for a week with the Choir/Band/Pangentry, anyway, all we ever heard from the band was their fingers tapping (the drummers) and it was so annoying. I actually asked them ‘Do you really have to drum your fingers? Its bad enough I hear you guys after school!’ they thought I was a b*tch lol but I don’t care. They knew it too, so they never messed with me again after that lol. Just kinda do something like that. Or say something like that. It’ll grab their attention BIG TIME. Good luck though!

  7. Hopefully in the next few years there will be some things about this ordeal that will make you laugh. ^_^
    I’m hoping that my dorm life will go smoothly because I have a feeling it will be the college community that will really help me get through college and I would like to live in the honor’s dorm. That would be an amazing opportunity.

  8. OH MY GOD DORMS ARE TERRIBLE. Sorry for the caps, but it was necessary :P I do not agree with people who think dorming is the most exciting part of college unless they think paying a lot of money to attempt to tolerate annoying people is entertaining.

    My school also had the suites option that I originally wanted to live in, but thanks to living in a regular dorm building and your experience here, I am /so/ glad they didn’t place me there! I think the dorming experience is a lot more tolerable if it didn’t include having to clean your own bathroom.

    I still hated my dorm, though haha. I had almost the same problems you had! I was on the 3rd floor too, and for some reason everyone outside on the ground felt as if they were shouting in my ear every time the talked. I really don’t understand why they have to scream while talking to each other outside… or the buildings just carry sound very well.

    My stupid floormates liked blasting music too… and really bad music at that. For a couple months, every friday they’d blast Rebecca Black’s Friday. The song was already terrible, but the fact that I’d hear it blasting every week was even worse. :'(

    Ugh @ the upstairs neighbors. I know what you mean especially here. The people in the dorm right above mine always felt the need to bounce some sort of ball every single night. I’m still having the same problem even though I’m in an apartment now, though… it’s like my upstairs neighbors are raising really happy dinosaurs…or something.

    I couldn’t wait to move into an apartment too! It really is so much cheaper ^__^ but my school gives me more money to pay for the dorms and less for living in apartment, which I think is totally unfair since I still have to pay for food! Oh well, the difference is I guess they paid me to tolerate the really annoying people they put me on the same floor with :P

  9. Oh my gosh! I was laughing all the time while reading this post because… err… i don’t know, maybe because I imagine it all ad i thought these scenarios can be only found in movies! Your suit-mates are awful! I feel sorry… I can’t imagine how they use toilet papers! And staying up late for skype???!!! I also hate people who talk too loud! I laughed hrd on the perfume part and the story of the people above your room hahaha, my goodness what are they doing?!! 0_0…

    Good thing you’re planning about staying on apartment.

  10. Aw, that actually sucks to hear about all those things involving your dorm. Is there any way you could maybe switch out of it? Or if anything, plot ways to kick everyone else out, it might work!

    Can’t believe you love snow though! To me, it’s far from my best friend. If you were here in Toronto, you’d be with us while we go through a major snow storm.. there’s so much snow that my friends and I have been going through rounds shoveling our driveways, it’s insane!

  11. Oh gosh I feel you there! My best friend lives on campus and her room mates are infuriating! They only gave her a small dresser to put all of her clothes in while the other two shared a dresser AND two closets! Plus they get mad at her for setting her alarm clock at a certain time so she can wake up, which I think is ridiculous and inconsiderate.
    Eh, well at least you won’t have to worry about that next semester! I hope everything gets a little better at least =)

  12. Oh my lord, you poor thing. I live with two other people and while I have my own bathroom (thank god!!) I’m always cleaning up after them in the kitchen. I just don’t understand why you can’t clean up a spill when it happens so then it doesn’t dry up and go all sticky?
    I know what you mean about the talking-really-loud-on-skype thing, too. My neighbours were doing it last night and I had a bit of a chuckle.

  13. Oh dear….just reading this reminds me of my suite days…
    I lived in a suite during my Freshman year and I had one roommate and 4 suitemates, but the thing is that my roommate and I have our OWN bathroom and the 4 suitemates share one bathroom. Here comes the annoying part…I’m the ONE that always buys toilet papers for our bathroom. And when my suitemates runs out of toilet paper, my roommate would tell them to just take “ours.” And so they would casually walk into our room every time they’re out.

    I did not get along with any of these people. They’re not bad people, it’s just that they’re much well off than I am, and they do not understand how hard it is for me to buy even the simplest thing like toilet paper. Toward the end I started to stop buying the huge pack of toilet paper and just buy the cheap kind that’s rough and I keep those inside my closet. It’s a passive move, but I seriously rather not have to hear them complain how rough and poor they are.

    (Oh yea, none of them clean as well). I guess I was a maid while they were still little princesses.

  14. Ahh, I was going to suggest that you guys not share toilet paper! I mean… I barely go through one roll a week sometimes… I don’t understand how it’s possible to use thirteen rolls in two weeks!

    Have you tried talking to your suitemates about the cleanliness/your annoyances?

    You totally should shout back at them; that would be pretty hilarious. If you do happen to do so, share how it goes? ;p

  15. …And this is the reason why I don’t want to stay in a dorm.
    The roommate surveys don’t extend to suitemates, so I could end up having to deal with crazy people, too.

    My parents talk loud on the phone, too, especially my dad, but I only notice it when we’re at home. In public, I don’t think he yells…

  16. I’ve never dormed before but my best friend lived in a suite when she was a freshie in college. I have heard so many bad things about suitemates. For some reason roommates are nice but suitemates are not!

    So the four of you use one roll of toilet paper in like a day? That’s such a waste! Definitely don’t share that, it’s unfair to the people who use less.

    I’m really OCD about cleaning my bathroom, so they’d piss me off even worse!

    Lol my mom thinks she needs to shout over webcam too. Same on the phone. Primitive people.

    I’m really glad I’m not dorming. I really wanted to since I have to spend an hour traveling to school, but this sounds worse. I’m sorry you have to deal with them! Things will get better when you are in an apartment! *HUG* I want to live in an apartment but my mom refuses to let me move out because I’ve never dormed before.

  17. I can’t believe how much toilet paper was used between the four of you! It’s good that you all agreed that you would no longer share toilet paper. Hopefully that won’t be a problem if you have guests over. If worse comes to worse, steal toilet paper from public restrooms :P. Just kidding; I heard of some people doing that to save money but still.

    It’s hard to believe that the girls don’t help clean around. This somehow discourages me from applying for suites or anything when I transfer. I wonder how the guys are if they don’t clean. It sounds like they’re nothing but an inconvenience to you. I hope their attitudes and such amkes up for the “negative” things though.

    $10,000 sounds just about right for suites. Just hang out for the year and you’ll be out with that apartment sometime in the future ;).

    Take care!

  18. That sucks about all the dorm problems you’re having :( I had similar issues when I was in the dorms, especially with noise. People need to learn to use their headphones and realize how thin the walls are. Our neighbors used to talk SUPER loud at like 3AM, so I’d bang the wall until they shut up or even go over and tell them to be quiet.

    I’m glad you guys solved the toilet paper problem at least. I hope you figure out something similar for cleaning the bathroom, like having a rotating schedule or something.

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