Did Break Just End or Begin?

My spring break was last week and I have to say that it was the most busy, nontraditional break that I’ve ever had. For starters, it’s been tradition since I believe my freshman year of high school to watch all of the Lord of the Rings movies over spring break. I had every intention of doing that this year as well until other things popped up. So I do regret that I broke tradition, but in my own defense I did watch them about a month earlier when I introduced them to my roomie, so I still got my LOTR fix. :)

My campus ministry that I’m involved with – Impact – planned a spring break trip to St. Louis, conveniently where I am from, to work on one of the college campuses there with another church to plant a new non-denominational campus ministry. We really just did groundwork, talking to get to know students and the campus in general which we relayed to those that will be directly involved to let them know the interests/needs of the campus and students. It was a really cool experience and I got a lot out of it.

Of course, that sucked up the majority of my break. I offered my house as a host home so the girls stayed at my house. It was fun and they got to meet Tabor, who is of course, my baby. <3

The weekend before and after Impact came I spent with friends and family and did some much needed shopping. We celebrated my brother turning 24 (geez, that makes me feel old…), celebrated my three year anniversary with Andrew, watched old Disney movies with friends and had a sleepover (that took me back to when I was about twelve and did that ALL the time), and of course shopped – which is always a blessing and a curse. I don’t have a car and there’s nothing really in my budget nearby the dorms at school, so I haven’t gotten new clothes/shoes since…. last September. O.O My wardrobe really needed an upgrade. I didn’t find a lot of stuff, but I did get some new cute shoes which were all on sale! I love shoes. ;)

For me and Andrew’s three year anniversary (sometimes I can’t wrap my head around the fact that we’ve been together that long) we planned to hit four different restaurants and only order dessert. (Best idea we’ve had yet.) I wore a new dress and Andrew wore a black dress shirt with slacks. He looked handsome. :love: Our first restaurant was Buffalo Wild Wings, where we were completely overdressed since it’s just a sports bar, haha, but it was fun. We ordered their dessert nachos: a crispy nacho type chip sprinkled with cinnamon, topped with four scoops of vanilla ice cream, and drizzled in fudge and caramel. It’s supposed to feed six people….but it nicely fed me and Andrew. :)

Our second restaurant we went to was Houlihan’s, where we ordered their S’mores chocolate fondue. It comes with iced graham crackers and strawberries. After eating that, we were both pretty full, so we thought we’d take a break and rent a movie. After the movie (Argo – fantastic and would totally recommend it) we decided we were still too full to go anywhere else. So it was just the two restaurants, but it was a lovely date. <3

I had discussed being really concerned about finding a job for the summer and I have good news! I got a job at a doctor’s office archiving old medical records and other organizational stuffs! I’m very excited as it pays well and I will most likely work between 30-40 hours a week, which is much needed! Ahh, I am just very blessed!

In other news, baseball season has started!!!!! That means that I would preferably spend most of my time plopped in front of the TV watching the STL Cardinals dominate……. but oh wait, I’m not in St. Louis so they don’t always televise the games. -.- Bah, it’s okay though. I just proudly wear my STL baseball hat around campus. :) I also may have just bought a very large (3×5 foot) Cardinals flag that I’m going to hang in my dorm room… haha, hope my roomie doesn’t mind. Then again, she had to deal with me post-season of last year. :P

You can take the girl out of the city, but can’t take the city out of the girl, right?

13 thoughts on “Did Break Just End or Begin?”

  1. That was really nice of you to offer your house as a host home! I’ve done that before, sorta. I used to have a friend from Shanghai (we still talk, just don’t go to same school) and I’d often invite her to my house to make her feel more at home since she’s all alone here.

    Congrats on your 3 year anniversary with your boyfriend! 3 years is a long time of awesome commitment and love and yes I’m cheesy haha. You are only 18, so you’ve been with him since you were 15? That is amazing to meet someone you can be with at that young age.

    I’ve never actually been on a date like that before … it sounds so lovely!

    And that’s great you got a good summer job! I have to get a job too because I don’t think I’d be able to tutor in the summer when kids are out playing.

    P.S. I moved my blog! Last time I am moving I swear.

  2. A S’mores fondue sounds ridiculously delicious. Seriously though…
    I love baseball too but being from Canada, my favourite team is the Toronto Blue Jays. :) They’re expected to have a really good season so we will see about that! I’m hoping to go to a few games this summer.

  3. Impact seems like a really cool event, and your home becoming a host host home seems pretty cool as well!

    I really like the idea of ordering just dessert! It sounds like a really cute, unique and creative date. :3

    I didn’t realize baseball season had started until the other day. I’ve been out of the loop because I got sick. :x It’s so weird now, however, because the players have changed… Josh Hamilton, AKA eye candy, for example, is no longer on the Rangers. :/

  4. Everything sounds so exciting for you now! But firstly, congratulations on your three years. :) I really love that you had such a unique idea. I would love to do the same with James, buuuuuut, he’s a health food freak and needs his carbs and “proper food”, and I recently gave up white/refined sugar! So, it’s back to simple things for us. But we love a good date, so. And just your descriptions about what you and Andrew wore, you guys are adorable. :’)

    Congratulations on landing that little office gig! I feel like it really suits you, for some reason.

    Sorry you didn’t get to keep your tradition! But I would give yourself a pat on the back for doing it for that many years. I can’t stand Lord of the Rings; I liked the books better and I just am not generally a fan of movies.

  5. First and foremost, congratulations on your three years with Andrew! Gosh, it seems like yesterday we were comparing boyfriends of the same name, and that was what 2 years ago? Haha! You beat me by a long shot. Secondly, congrats on the office gig you’ve received. I’m happy and proud of you!

    The two restaurants you’ve went too, seems interesting and though right now I’m on a healthy gig, I can’t seem to grasp the two desserts you’ve had. Just makes me kinda feel icky reading it lol. But it’s okay. You’ve deserved that much! But my question is why two restaurants? lol. Seems a bit odd. Maybe different states have different things? I don’t know. I’m still new to this. Tristan and I will be going on four months! I can’t believe how fast its going and great as well! Four months, and its like I’ve found my other half! He treats me better, and doesn’t lie to me, and never will. Never makes me mad or anything like that. Always helping out. :). Well, take care.

    1. We had originally planned on going to three restaurants and just getting dessert just for fun. Who doesn’t love dessert, right? :) Me and Andrew both have huge sweet tooths so we thought it would just be a fun and different date than going to an expensive restaurant we might not have really enjoyed. But we ended up being too full after the first two restaurants so we just did those two instead of all three. It’s not something I’ve heard of before or a tradition, just something we thought of that we thought would be fun. :)

  6. Wow, I wish I still got Spring Break! I actually saw The Hobbit last weekend and I really enjoyed it :) The LOTR series is really awesome! I should read the books.

    Congrats on your 3 year anniversary with your boyfriend! Time always seems to fly :) I’m always surprised whenever my boyfriend and I celebrate an anniversary since it certainly doesn’t feel like we’ve been together for that long!

    And congrats on your summer job! It’s always such a relief when your search is over!


  7. Well, even though you were unable to keep your tradition for March Break, at least you had the chance to watch LOTR, even if it meant some time before. So in a way, it still counts!

    That’s so kind of you to have offered your home to those girls. A great way to make them feel welcome there :)

    Happy Belated Birthday to your birthday! That’s great that you were able to squeeze in some quality time with your friends and family as well! And hey, you even got some shopping time! What do your new shoes look like?

    That’s so cute to come up with that date night with your boyfriend. The desserts sound delicious, mmm makes me kind of want fondue now haha.

    And congratulations on finding your summer job! I’m happy for you. Good hours and good pay too so that’s great!

    And normally I’m not a baseball fan but my boyfriend got me into watching it because whenever he has work and such he makes me watch and update for him. T_T That’d be awesome if ever your team played mine! But I don’t think we’re in the same league (I just got explained the whole like inner league thing last week LOL). Best of luck to the Cardinals though! And you in case something happens with your roommate for the flag haha.

  8. 3 years is fantastic, congratulations :)
    And congratulations on the new job … So pleased things seem to be going well.

  9. You bad girl! Not a LOTR marathon, you should feel ashamed! XD It has been a while since I watched a LOTR marathon, but I always get so sleepy…. >_>;

    Though it sounds like you had a wonderful spring break! :) Congratulations with your three year anniversary with your boyfriend! :) I never been on a date like yours before, but it does sounds like fun! XD

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  11. Oh my! Congrats on your anniversary! Getting to 3 years is very difficult but well worth it in the end. I know because I celebrated 4 years dating my husband after our wedding.

    And that’s awesome that you got involved with a ministry and actually volunteered your home like you did.

    Also congrats on your new job too!

  12. I love LOTR! Did you read The Hobbit? I read the book and was actually more than a little disappointed with the movie. They did such a good job turning LOTR into movies I expected The Hobbit to be a lot better >_<

    It sounds like you and your boyfriend had a nice anniversary. Congrats on getting a job! :)

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