Denver, Colorado | Day Four

Day two in Denver was rather uneventful. We planned on touring the Denver Mint, but apparently you have to make reservations a month in advance and tickets sell out in minutes. 0.0 Who knew?? So with that scratched, we visited the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Andrew loves everything science, so I more just tagged along. We spent most of the morning there look through all of the different exhibits. I really didn’t take any pictures because it seemed like any other science museum to me, though they did have an exhibit on chocolate that was pretty interesting. I finally learned how to pronounce “cocao” (kuh-kow, or kuh-kah-oh). :P

For lunch, we went to a restaurant downtown since we were in the area. As far as I know, there are only a few locations around the United States. and we have one in Kansas City that I have been to and really enjoyed. We were greeted by a really friendly hostess who seated us promptly. We looked through the menu and decided to get an appetizer and a couple sides, since they had a large menu with a lot of variety and we wanted to try a bit of everything. It probably took us ten minutes to decide what we wanted to order when we realized we still hadn’t been introduced to our waiter. So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally, Andrew was able to flag down a passing waiter. We explained to him that we hadn’t seen our waiter and he took our order for us, and then said he would find our waiter. So we waited some more.

Twenty minutes after we were seated, we finally met our waitress, who muttered a lame excuse and then took another ten minutes to bring us our waters. We were there for half an hour before we even received waters.

Then, we had to wait another fifteen or twenty minutes for our appetizers. We had both emptied our waters with out waitress still nowhere to be seen. We finally received our appetizers after forty-five minutes of being seated. Andrew had ordered some chicken wings, but I didn’t care for the sauce. I had ordered a cup of chicken tortilla soup, and it was really good. Easily the best I have ever had. We were still working on our appetizers when our entrees arrived – which I am glad they didn’t take another half hour, but I was annoyed that we received them within minutes of ordering our appetizers. We didn’t even have time to finish our apps – and we both eat really fast!

Andrew had ordered a burger and fries and his fries were stone cold. Normally, neither of us would have minded that much if our food was lukewarm; we’d just eat it and not be a bother over something small. But since we had had such crap service since we arrived, and we had ordered quite a bit of food, I think it’s only fair that our food is at least warm. So we caught a different server (because ours was still missing) to ask if he could get new fries.

I finished my soup and my pizza, and Andrew finished his burger. Our drinks were still empty and it had been about ten minutes since Andrew had asked for new fries. At this point, we were both just ready to leave. Andrew caught another server (surprise!) and asked if he could speak to the manager. The manager came over and Andrew explained the whole debacle, and the manager apologized and asked if we would want free dessert. We both declined as we were full, and we weren’t expecting anything free, we just wanted the manager to be aware.

We also just wanted some water because I was freaking thirsty.

But then the manager offered to take care of our whole meal. Our bill probably would have been around $50, so that was a nice surprise. The manager genuinely seemed concerned and apologetic about the service, so because of that, I would consider going back to the restaurant, but definitely not anytime soon.

We were both ready to head back to the hotel since lunch took such a good portion of the afternoon. The hotel had a swimming pool, so we spent the evening swimming and then relaxing. Despite the poor restaurant experience, we really enjoyed our day and overall had a fun two days in Denver!

5 thoughts on “Denver, Colorado | Day Four”

  1. Oh I think I’ve been to the Denver Mint like 10 years ago. LOL. I remember they gave me some state quarters and I was excited because I was collecting them. ;) I’m glad you had a good time at the museum!

    Sometimes that happens, I would hate to work in a restaurant! But I’m glad they comped your meal. Waiters have like the hardest job ever.

  2. The snow in your photos looks amazing. I feel like I will be visiting Denver some time in the future, as one of Nick’s aunts lives there and keeps telling us to come visit. Nick thinks Denver is boring and quiet, but I’m sure, and I can tell from your photos, it’s beautiful :)

    1. Yes! You should definitely visit! I could see why he would think Denver is quiet or boring, but if you love being outside and exploring nature, it has so much to offer. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an outdoorsy person, but I think Rocky Mountain National Park was honestly the best place I have been to in the United States. I mean, just breathtaking. So I wouldn’t discount it too much! :)

  3. I’m glad the manager fixed and helped the situation, but, I understand your frustration. :/ I wouldn’t go back there anytime soon, either to be honest. Sorry, you and Andrew didn’t have a good meal. Argh. It’s frustrating to say the least.

  4. That’s surprising that the Denver Mint needs reservations in advance and that they sell out so quickly! I didn’t realize it was so popular, haha.

    Wow, I would be really frustrated with that service. I’m so glad you guys flagged down a manager to complain about it. That’s great that he covered your meal! It shows that he cares at least and hopefully he’ll do something about the servers.

    I’m behind on blog hopping, so I went back to look at your entries that I missed! So many pretty views of the snow and mountains!

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