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Last night we got around a foot of snow and I haven’t had so much snow in a really long time. We had heard that a huge storm was coming in, but usually my luck with snow is that the forecast is for a lot, and then it usually goes north or south of where I am and I don’t get any. But that didn’t happen this time! All of my friends were talking about how excited they would be if class got cancelled and the entire time I was just bracing myself for the fact that it wouldn’t be cancelled.

But then I got a text this morning around 4:00 AM telling me that classes would be cancelled because of inclement weather. I was soo happy I could sleep in! I’ve been going to bed really late, so sleeping in until around 11:00 AM this morning was absolutely fantastic. Me and my roommate bundled up and trekked through the snow to the caf, which doesn’t sound all that fun, but it was amazing!

There streets hadn’t been plowed very well and none of the sidewalks were shoveled, so we just ran through the knee-high snow and streets like crazy people, baha. There were some snow drifts that were as tall as us! We couldn’t even find the stairs in some places and the snow was so compacted. Then, to top it all off, we got to the caf and they were serving chicken parmesan, which is my favorite.

I have quite a few tests coming up next week and a research paper due pretty soon (over a river system – how lame) so I spent this afternoon catching up on some study and researching. I was pretty disappointed because I just wanted to go out and play in the snow, so I took my laptop and set it on the microwave in front of the window so I could watch the snow fall and do my homework. It was so pretty! Alysha kept laughing at me. :P

A group of friends and I met up when it started to get dark to go sledding. None of us had actual sleds so we just got cardboard boxes and lids from big storage containers, baha. We looked pretty ghetto, but that’s all part of the fun, right? The cardboard boxes ended up working really well, though the lids not so much. I was just using my lid to scoop up snow and throw it at people, mwaha! I only was wearing my jeans, however, and I was frolicking through the snow like a dog (not literally) so my jeans ended up getting soaked really fast. I was shivering the rest of the night. Andrew and the guys played capture the flag and he was so proud of himself that he won both games, haha.

I got in the shower when I got back but had to turn it off because the warm water hurt my legs so bad. So I’m not curled up in my bed in my jammies and trying to warm up. Alysha hasn’t seen the Lord of the Rings movies before (which is so crazy!! Especially since I’m such a nerd and watch them every spring break, haha) so we’re currently on number two. I had to educate her about Middle-earth! :P

We’re supposed to get a little more snow tonight, so it would be wonderful if classes were cancelled again tomorrow, but I don’t think they will be. Besides, I’ve had such a blast today.If we don’t have class, I’m definitely spending all day in the snow again! Andrew doesn’t like the snow much (which a part of me dies a little bit every time he says that) but I’ll drag him along anyways. :D

My university is really close to a really popular shopping center in Kansas City called the Plaza, and on Tuesday there was a gas main leak and an explosion in one of the restaurants. I wasn’t affected by it at all, but most people living in the plaza were evacuated and there were around fifteen people injured. It was really scary and it was national news. One of my professors couldn’t teach one of my classes this week since he had been evacuated. Anyhow, if you could keep those injured and those affected in your thoughts and prayers. <3

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  1. It seems like you had a fantastic time! Ive only seen snow once in Japan and it was horrible. The fashion police would lock me in jail if they saw me looking like a humongous dumpling.. and the snow was dirty with foot prints. I was sniffling most of the time too. Totally unglam. How can you make snow sound so much fun? I would love to experience the running through thick snow and sledding. Haha.

    The blast seems serious. Where are the evacuated people staying now?

    1. I don’t think they created anywhere for them to stay; I just assumed that they would stay with friends/family. But they may have accommodated them – not sure.

  2. I’m glad you’re liking your new job and your classes!
    You got a lot of snow from that picture. I’m from Texas and it doesn’t snow like that where I live. I’ve seen snow but I’ve never lived in it.

    Does your boyfriend go to the same college as you? Thats really nice.
    Tell your roommate I haven’t seen the full LOTR movie either. I’ve seen parts of it, it was kind of boring. (no offense)

    I’m glad you’re having a good semester!

  3. You sure had a great time in the snow huh? :P You’re lucky that you were able to had snow this time ^_^ Especially when you don’t get it that often. I myself only like snow when I’m at home, doing nothing, haha :P

  4. I love happy snow stories! ^___^ I’m glad you had so much fun. I’m surprised the container lids didn’t work well for sledding, though! Maybe it’s because they have strange indents everywhere for the container? I always thought they’d work. :P Now I’ll know for the next time if I ever get to see snow again.

    I hope everyone involved in the blast is okay. :( It almost feels like when there’s something happy there always has to be something less fortunate happening at the same time.

  5. Aw first off I just read the comment you left on my site about what you got for Valentine’s Day from your boyfriend (I know, sorry I’m late!) But that’s so cute what he did for you! Sometimes those little cute and creative gifts end up being a lot better than any of the ones you could buy.

    And unfortunately, it just snowed here today. I hate to say that I’m just not that big of a fan of snow in comparison to you! I think the only time I’d like snow is when it’s fresh and untouched, but once it turns to slush, it’s just gross lol. But that’s really cool you went sledding even with ghetto sleds! I’ve always wanted to try it just to say I did!

    Good luck with all your tests this week as well! You’re going to do great :)
    And I’m praying for those people, that must’ve been so scary but I hope they’re okay!

  6. I had to look up how much a foot is. Usually people in other countries speak of “so much snow” and I just laugh at them, but I realized you did get a lot of snow! How nice! I also in a way (unless I have to go to work) really like heavy snowfalls like that. It sounds like you had a brilliant day. Hope your research paper and exams all go well.

  7. Haha, that sounds really fun! Never thought snow could get that tall :O
    I just wish it also snowed here, I could only imagine how fun it would be to play in the snow. >_<
    I hope I can experience snow some time in the near future!

    Aww. I'll surely be praying for those affected and injured by the incident :/ I hope they recover soon.

  8. Happy Belated Snow Day. ^_^ That sounds like a welcome break.
    My window is pretty big and the desk is right in front of it so I always open the curtains after a big snow. It is pretty.
    I hadn’t heard about the explosion, I will say a prayer for those involved.

  9. We’re supposed to be getting snow [supposedly] later today or sometime later this week. If not that, then a lot of ice. I suppose we’ll see, though. For you, it sounds like it was/is a lot of fun to have snow! :) The lappy on the microwave is clever and cute, actually! :p

    I had a friend in sixth grade who was all about LOTR. I can’t remember what she invented to help me remember it, but I was a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fanatic, and she gave me “lessons” on how to be “cool” and like LOTR. That’s what I think about every time I hear it. :p

    The explosion sounds terrible. D;

    1. Ahh I loved Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson! I read all of those silly spy books they had and the movies that they created. Haha, totally forgot about those. Good times!

  10. I think I actually heard about that gas leak on television or someone might have mentioned it on social media… that’s really frightening though, especially since there’s a chance it could have been much worse.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the snow — I swear, so many people seem to hate snow when they have it frequently where they live. I don’t get any snow where I live so naturally I would love the idea. I’ve seen snow fall, as I’ve been to the mountainous regions in my state, but it wasn’t pretty because at the time it was like a damn blizzard with 97km/h winds. Dx

    The cardboard all sounds very ghetto but who needs to bother with sleds when you can have just as much fun on those. Your jeans getting soaked reminds me of the time I fell in untouched snow and I was wearing a few layers of pants, but I had fallen in so bad (with my friend thankfully, so it wasn’t that embarrassing) that my innermost layer of jeans were freakin’ wet. xD

  11. Sounds like you had a fun time in the snow! I don’t live north anymore, so I rarely see it now :( Even if it does snow here, it’s very light. I’m kind of surprised the cardboard boxes worked better than the lids, especially since a lot of sleds just look like lids anyway, haha.

    Wow, that explosion sounds crazy. I hope the injured people aren’t too terribly hurt. I hope they’ll be ok!

  12. Hey Becca! I so wish it would snow here. I doubt we’ll get anymore though but I love it when everything gets cancelled because of it. :D

    Quite creative that you created your own sled. ;-)

    I’ve heard of the plaza before! I was supposed to visit last year on spring break when I was in Overland Park, KS. I can’t believe that happened though. :( I definitely hope those people will be okay!

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