Chilly so Chili (A Recipe)

Some of our close friends recently returned from Puerto Rico for the holiday. They went on a three week trip so I have missed seeing them! I wanted to get everyone together so we could talk about their trip – and I still had some Christmas presents to give out! I’m always very impatient for people to open presents that I give them. :P Giving is definitely better than receiving!

I was trying to come up with some dinner ideas that everyone would like as two of our friends are vegetarians. Andrew and I 99% of the time eat meat with our dinner because he hates everything that even looks like a vegetable. ;) I suggested chili. It’s very filling and it would be easy for me to make half of it without meat. But then I thought some more and said aloud, “Though, anyone can make chili.” He replied, “No one makes chili like you do.” Deadpan, serious face.

I couldn’t help but laugh. I don’t feel like I make amazing chili, but I do think it’s pretty good, if I say so myself. 8) My recipe has slowly evolved over time. I started with my mom’s recipe, but found it too bland (I like mine spicy!) so I took some pieces of other recipes and added in a few ingredients of my own.

What I like about this recipe is that it is really easy, and doesn’t take very long to prepare. To make it vegetarian, obviously leave out the meat. :)



  • 4 cans of chili beans
  • 1 can of rotel
  • Two large tomatoes, chopped (or one can of diced tomatoes)
  • 1 lb of beef
  • 1 chili seasoning packet
  • Dash of chili powder
  • Dash of crushed red peppers
  • ½ green bell pepper, diced
  • ½ red bell pepper, diced
  • ½ yellow bell pepper, diced
  • 1 onion

Start by browning the beef with the onions and peppers. You can use the whole pepper if you prefer, but I think half of each pepper is a good ratio. (I always freeze the remaining to use later!) When cooked, drain the meat and add in the chili beans. Add in the can of Rotel, undrained. Add in the tomatoes — either the one can of diced tomatoes or the fresh tomatoes. I try to do fresh, but sometimes I forget to pick some up at the store so I use the can.

I then fill each can (the four chili cans the Rotel can) about halfway with water and dump into the pot. This gets all the extra juice out of the cans. However if you like your chili thicker, add less water. If you like it thinner, add more.

I add a dash of chili powder and a dash of crushed red peppers to make it a little more spicy. The can of Rotel already gives it a bit of a kick, so this gives it a bit more. If you don’t like spicy foods, then skip these seasonings. It tastes fine without. You may want to add more if it’s not spicier. Always taste. :)

Stir everything together real good and let it cook for about ten to fifteen minutes. Or until you can’t wait any longer to eat it because it smells so good. That usually is what we do, haha!


I always serve chili with corn chips, crackers, and cheese. Andrew is weird and likes to add salsa. Sometimes I like to add hotdogs to my chili, but maybe I’m the weird one. :P Chili is perfect for chilly winter days cozied up with friends!

17 thoughts on “Chilly so Chili (A Recipe)”

  1. Do you live in an apartment with Andrew?
    The chili recipe sounds so good! My mom makes black bean chili. It’s vegetarian and then we add cilantro and sour cream to it after! Its good!

    1. Yup, we live in a little one bedroom apartment. It’s the perfect size for us right now, but I’m so ready for a house!

      My dad and brothers like to add sour cream to their chili, but I’ve never been a fan! I’ve made a white bean chili before, but not a black bean. That sounds good!

  2. My hubby loves loves loves chilli but I’ve never made it before, so thanks for sharing this recipe. I have scheduled a day next week to try this recipe! Have you also tried it in a slow cooker? I heard it’s super tasty

    1. I’ve not tried it in a slow cooker before but I’m sure it would be great! All the flavors would have time to cook together so it probably would be better! Let me know how it turns out! Hope you like it :)

  3. This chili looks really good. I might have to try it, compared to my dad’s recipe. His recipe consists of

    2 cans of Black Beans
    2 cans of Pinto Beans
    2 cans of Kidney Beans
    2 cans of Mexican Stewed Tomatoes
    1 Chili brick XML (I think that’s the name of it – it comes in a white container at Stater Bros. for $3.00, I will have to get you the real name)
    and meat.

    You let it simmer all day, and around 5 or 6, or whenever you guys get hungry, that’s when you eat. It’s delicious by itself, with crackers and cheese and onions. Oh spices are very important as well. You just add the Lawrys, Garlic Salt, Pepper and Salt, Oregano, and whatever else. Voila, CHILI! This is the perfect weather to have chili and to make things a lot better, it makes for several meals. Depending on how big your crock pot is.

    1. I might have to try and use different beans next time! I think the Mexican stewed tomatoes are similar to the Rotel which is diced tomatoes and green chilies. I’ve never heard of a chili brick before – is it kind of like a bouillon cube?

      1. It kind of is, at least I think anyways. It’s a brick that has spices mixed in. I believe the color when opened is red. I just know that it makes the chili taste so much better, oh yeah I forgot V8 juice helps with the flavor as well.

  4. Yum, that chili looks good! I prefer my chili spicy too :) We make ours with jalapeno, habanero, poblano, and a few different chile powders. That’s a great idea to make a vegetarian chili for your friends. It’s very hearty and would still taste great without the meat!

    We make a Texas style chili! Texas is very particular about its chili for some reason. There seems to be 3 rules: uses beef, uses different spicy peppers, and cannot contain beans. I’m not even sure the reason for the no beans thing, but some people are very serious about it, haha.

  5. Chili is one thing I haven’t attempted in my slow cooker yet! I think I may need to do that. I’ve tried making my own chili on the stovetop, but the recipes I followed was lacking something. So maybe I’ll try yours, but I’ll have to add meat to mine because my dad loves meat XD Thanks for sharing your recipe, girl! ^^

  6. It’s interesting to see how couples have their diets work out. I have to accomodate to eating more vegetable-friendly food because my boyfriend doesn’t eat red meat. Meanwhile, I lOOooOoooove steak and ribs X’D.

    Amazing dishes starts with actually trying and making them repetitively until the right recipe works out. Good that your recipe came out great! Especially when you add your own thoughts into the dish. Making the chili doesn’t sound too hard, and it looks price friendly.

    Hope everyone liked the food ;)

  7. Chili is a great comfort food, and now is chili-worthy weather time. Yours looks good! I like spicy too! I think an extra kick gives it another dimension. Sometimes when I’m tired of eating chili alone or with crackers or rice, I’ll use it as a topping on top of a hot dog & bun to make a chili dog. haha! So maybe you adding hotdogs to your chili isn’t weird at all :D

  8. becca, i’m not too fond of chili, but that looks glorious with crackers (and chips?) i think my brother who’s into something spicy would love it. and it seems easy to prepare for someone who doesn’t cook regularly.

  9. Thanks for the recipe! I have never really had much chili in my lifetime. I will have to save this one because it looks like it might be friendly for my FODMAP as long as I use the right spices. Anyway, the pictures are making me hungry and it is only 9am. oh no! lol

  10. I want to read Amy Poehler’s book, it’s a shame you didn’t find it that funny. And Gone Girl is definitely one you have to talk about straight away! That twist is amazing. I’ve never read The Fault in Our Stars. I read the opening as it was at the end of another John Green book and it looks very interesting. I’ve heard it’s sad though so I’ll probs end up crying.

    That chilli looks awesome! I wish I could cook but throwing something in the oven is my limit. Your husband is so lucky! Andy will end up living on kids meals his entire life!

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