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Labor til the work is done

I’ve been working at the movie theater for about a year and a half now. I don’t talk about it much on here for a couple of different reasons, but mainly because I don’t want to be complaining all the time. For what should be an easy and fun job, it is incredibly frustrating and I’m pretty sure the only reason I’ve stayed there as long as I have is because of the free movies I don’t like change.

The first six months I worked there I actually really enjoyed it. I had a really great group of managers who were both good at their job and good at working with employees. My HR manager was great at making sure I didn’t have too many hours/had enough hours depending on my school schedule and there was never any issue over me going home to St. Louis for breaks.

But he received a better job offer somewhere else and in the next year, we had gone though five new HR managers. And it’s awful. I don’t get consistent hours, I get really crappy shifts, and none of them were ever able to communicate well with employees. My last schedule, half of my days I was scheduled outside of my availability.

At a job like this, the employee turnover rate is extremely high. I’m not sure what the average is, but there are only two other people that still work there when I started. There’s also no room for advancement unless you want to work 60 hour weeks and get fed a bunch of crap if you ever want to take a day off. And for crappy pay. No thanks.

Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say is I get treated like crap. I’m under-payed, unappreciated, and fed up. I’ve already talked to several supervisors and they’ve communicated how I feel to management and nothing has changed. I am one of the best workers they have and yet people who were just hired get more hours and better shifts than I do. I told my manager I had enough.

So I got a job at a local grocery store and starting there I make more than I do now at the movie theater. One of my really good friends who just quit working at the theater told me about it and told me to apply. I did and I just had orientation yesterday. On Monday I go in for training and I am so excited to not be working as much as the movies!

I would quit, but there’s going to be a bartending position opening there soon, and I wouldn’t have to deal with any of the crap that I have been dealing with if I get that job. I think I will, because there’s no one else of age and they like to hire from within. I would make good tips and think of all the drinks I would learn to make!

I’ve been trying for some internships, but so far nothing has come from any applications… It just really sucks. I haven’t told Andrew because I’m too embarrassed. I’m just going to try working two jobs to make up for it.

“Rise up like the sun, labor till the work is done
One day you’ll leave fearlessness on your sleeve
When you’ve come back, tell me what did you see
Was there something out there for me?”

–“Be Still,” The Killers

Xeroxing thru Summer

I started my summer internship at a marketing company last Wednesday, the day after I got home from college. I don’t really know what I was thinking, saying that I could start work the day after I got back except $$$$$$.

I wish I could say that I got the job all on my own, but I know one of the managers at the company, as well as two people that used to work there. I didn’t know this at the time, but my best friend’s sister-in-law works there, too! She said something to me the first day, but I just thought she was being super friendly because I didn’t know who she was, haha. Her mother works there too, and she introduced herself to me today. I was like shee! So many people! What a small world, eh? However, I almost wished I didn’t know anyone there, because every time I make a mistake I feel like I’m disappointing them. :/

The job itself is fine. It’s really boring, but it pays well – I think. I actually don’t know how much I’m making yet; they have been really unorganized about getting me into the system and getting payroll and everything set up. I didn’t even get my paperwork until the third day. It’s like I just showed up and they were like hi! Get working! I honestly have no idea what the dress code even is. I assume it is business casual but there are a lot of people that wear jeans, so I just need to ask someone if it is appropriate for me to wear jeans, too. Because that would be great!

My job is pretty simple. The company works with car dealers (like Kia, Fiat, Jaguar) and my department that I am working with works with Subaru. So Subaru sends us claims and I have to print out all the claim forms and the emails they send us. And then I scan them into a program and enter the claims into the system. And I open mail, and do other random things when we’re all caught up that my supervisor would like me to do. It’s kind of tedious, and really boring, but I’m very thankful that I have a job – and it’s not working at a movie theater!

My supervisor is very nice. She is always more than happy to answer questions or gently tells me when I’m labeling something wrong. She also makes sure I know where I’m going. Like today, I couldn’t remember where the hiring manager’s office was on a different floor, so she just walked me there.

The drive is pretty bad. I have to drive downtown and take all the busy highways. I have always smugly laughed at all the suckers that had to drive in stop-n-go traffic to get to work and back while I fly by on open highways. But now I’m a sucker stuck in traffic. :( Without traffic, it would only take me at tops, fifteen minutes. Now it takes me closer to half an hour to get there and about forty five minutes to get home. It kills me. -_- I do feel kinda cool, working downtown. Like I’m a big shot business woman, hahaha. JK. Only kinda.

I work full-time, which is nice. Andrew is staying in Kansas City all summer, so I wanted to keep busy so I would maybe not miss him so much. It’s only helping a little bit. I’m hoping to save up money so I don’t have to take out any loans for next school year, and whatever after that I’m saving for the wedding. :)

We finally picked a date! It took us a while because Andrew is studying abroad in Spain mid-June to end of July, which didn’t leave us a lot to work with. But we decided on August 8th, 2015. So excited!! :)

My eldest brother Ryan is getting married this weekend, so all of my dad’s side of the family from Pennsylvania will be coming in. It’ll be loads of fun spending time with them because they are all so crazy. Andrew is coming in for the weekend as well, so I’m really happy I get to see him soon!

Until then, however, I’ll just continue scanning and printing, scanning and printing… :P