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So I started my new job

I got a job, guys! I just finished my second full week of work. It’s been a bit stressful but mostly exhausting, so I haven’t made a lot of room for blogging this month.

I was offered the job at the beginning of the month, which came as a total surprise. I thought the interview was the worst yet and was convinced that I wouldn’t be hearing anything back. It was so bad that I was actually in tears afterwards. But two days later, I got a call from the staffing company I’ve been working with saying that they offered me the job! I thought it over, talked with Andrew, and then accepted the position.

It’s a contract-to-hire, so I’m contracted to work for three months and at the end of that period, the company can extend me the full-time position, or I can walk away; no hard feelings. The staffing company explained that it gives me the opportunity to see if this job is a good fit for me and lets the company in turn do the same, see if I’m a good fit for them. The pay is alright – a bit lower than I was expecting for my first job, but I figure I have nothing to lose by accepting. So I did. So at least for three months, I am an Accounts Payable Representative at a large healthcare company!

The department is hiring four people total, as the company just made a large acquisition, so they have a lot more work coming in. So I’m glad that I’m not going to be the only new person! I was the first one hired, so I’ve gotten a bit of a head start on the others. I really like all of my coworkers and they’re all recent college graduates around my age. They’ve all been very helpful and kind while I’m trying to learn all my new responsibilities.

It usually takes me about twenty minutes to get to work which isn’t bad at all, but traffic is always awful and I’m a bit of an impatient driver, haha. It’s really nice though because there are tons of restaurants nearby and my department goes out to eat each Friday, so I am excited to try all of the new restaurants in the area (though my wallet might be hurting a bit!). There’s also covered parking so I don’t have to worry about finding a spot, which is nice.

While the position that I’m in currently may not be something that I want to do long term, I at least have a foot in the door. I’ve been lurking a bit at the other open positions and there are quite a few other opportunities that I’m interested in, and my coworkers make it sound like it’s pretty easy to move up or to new positions. So even though it’s just an entry-level position, I’m enjoying what I’m doing. So I’m feeling pretty optimistic about what’s in store in the future. :)

It’s also been a bit of a relief to have structure to my days again. When I was unemployed I was so bored and unproductive, so it feels good now to have work to do – and I’m excited about being able to start paying off some of my loans. If we budget correctly (and stick to it), we should be able to pay off all my loans sometime next year!

In other news, I ran my first 5K at the beginning of the month! Blog post on that coming soon. :D

The job hunt begins

It has begun. :~

I finally started applying for jobs today. Andrew and I just returned from a weekend in Kansas City for a friend’s wedding, which was the last big thing that we had planned for the summer, and I realized I was finally out of excuses to not start applying places. I was also getting tired of people asking me if I had found a job yet and replying that I hadn’t – but that I also hadn’t applied anywhere yet.

Andrew took his NCLEX test (Nursing boards so he can become a Registered Nurse) today, so while he did that, I finished polishing my resume and started looking.

I set myself with a goal to just apply to one job today, if I did nothing else. The first job I found was for an Accounts Payable position at a company that one of my good friends from church works at. How fun would it be to be able to work together! I thought I was well enough qualified and started the application.

It took me an hour and a half to finish the application. I knew that applying would take a good amount of time, but I wasn’t expecting it to take so long. I felt an immediate sense of despair and fixed myself some lunch. I worried about how much time it would take me to apply to different places, and then figured that it wasn’t like I had more productive things to do at the moment. So I finished my lunch and applied for two more jobs.

I’m really nervous about the whole process, which is why I think I put it off for so long to begin with. I’m nervous that I’ll accept a job and then find out I don’t like it, or don’t like the coworkers, or that I don’t have enough experience, etc. In previous jobs, if I didn’t like it, I had the fact that it was only temporary to get me through it. I want to work for a company that I can be loyal to and grow with, and I’m afraid if I accept a position that doesn’t quite fit, I have to stay for a while before I can tactfully move on to a different position.

And then on the other hand, I just want a job so that I can start paying off some loans.

I’m also very nervous about interviewing. I feel like that I am likeable enough on first impression, but I always fear that my nerves will get in the way of me truly sharing what I can offer.

So, my goal for the rest of the week is to apply to at least two more jobs a day. I can check today off and enjoy my break for a little bit longer.

P.S. If you know anyone in the St. Louis area who needs an accountant, holla at ya girl. ;)