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I’m Sorta Kinda Almost Back

Hey there guys! Ah, I’ve missed talking to you all dearly. :(

I’m here to say that I am almost sorta kinda back. School is still absolutely terrible with mounds of homework every night, but I’m hoping after this semester things will slow down. I’m not taking quite as many honors courses next semester, so hopefully my homework load will decrease.

Tennis is over, as I’ve said before, but with new troubles in itself. I seem to have hurt my foot somehow. During the season, the top of my foot hurt, but I figured I had merely bruised it from my tennis shoes and just ignored it. But now, almost two months later, it still hurts and the pain is getting worse. It’s bearable when I’m walking barefoot, but when I have to wear shoes, it’s much much worse. :/

My mom called the doctor, but he didn’t seem concerned. He told me to take pain medication and to wear flip flops. Uhm, does he not realize it’s November, as in it’s like 40 degrees outside? Kind of hard to wear flip flops… Andrew went to his doctor the other day for a check up and asked him his opinion on my foot. His doctor said if it’s been hurting that much, it needs to be looked at. So, I’m going to call my doctor again on Monday and hopefully get something done.

On a more positive note: it’s November! I hope you know what that means: National Novel Writing Month. Every November, I like to participate in NaNoWriMo, but it in itself is a difficult feat to accomplish. Writing a 50,000 word novel is ridiculous. In the three years I’ve participated, I’ve never finished (yes, yes, the shame. Someone throw a tomato at me). But this year, as always, I’m going to try again. If I don’t finish, oh well. My main goal is to just have fun with it and enjoy it. Perhaps make some new friends. And hopefully become a slightly better writer. :)

I’ve been working like crazy on it this week. I want to get ahead because I know come the middle of the month, I’ll get stuck and most likely fall behind. So I’m trying to get ahead while I can. It feels good to write again. Not just fictional nonsense either; I mean on here, too.

Anyone else doing NaNo? Wanna be my writing buddy? *puppy eyes* :)

So, I guess I’m here to say that I’ll be trying to post kind of consistently. Key word: trying. Recently, blogging has seemed like such a daunting task, as weird as that is. Hopefully I can overcome that soon and get back into the groove of things. 8)

Too Little Time

I’ve been kind of putting this off, because I miss blogging and think I’ll get around to updating but I never do, so I am going on a temporary hiatus. School has been absolutely ridiculous; I have so much homework (and gasp! it’s hard!)

Tennis season has been absolutely wonderful so far, but it is really consuming my time as well. Then when the night is over, after practice and homework, I’m too exhausted to even change into pajamas. I’m too stressed to even try and make this hiatus post look pretty or make coherent sense. Blahh

I’ll be back, just not until things settle down a little bit.

P.S. I loved hearing all your stories about learning to ride a bike! I will return all comments when I come back. <3