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These Last Days

I have an addiction with buying books, and it is really unfortunate considering the fact that I’m a college student and really don’t have any extra money to spend. But Barnes & Noble keeps sending me these discounts and sales promotions to my e-mail for beautiful leatherbound classic books like these and I just can’t resist! So this is why I’m typing up a new blog post because I currently have $50 worth of books in my shopping cart and I’m trying to not press the ‘check out’ button. I’m also to the point though that I’m forgetting which books I own and which I don’t… so I should probably wait til I get home to double check. D’oi.

I also should be studying for my last final that I have tomorrow… but nahhh.

I met with one of the administrator’s to fill out the paperwork for my job this morning. :) I’d say it was exciting, but it was filing out tax forms and that would be a complete lie. It made me happy to know though that it’s all official now. I just have to send them a voided check and then I’ll be ready to start working for next semester.

Though the check thing has me a little worried, because over Thanksgiving break (about 3 weeks ago), I ordered some checks and I was supposed to have received them by now. I sent them to my home address, so my parents may just be blind and may not see the box among the other boxes of books Christmas presents I have bought that are apparently piling on my bed. I’m going home tomorrow (!!!!!!!!) so I’ll figure it out then. Hopefully they haven’t gotten lost in the mail. :/

I’m so ready to go home. This first semester of schooling for me was a bit rough and I’m just really tired. Tired of school work, of long assignments, of cafeteria food — especially this week since it is finals week. I mean really, they served nacho cheese with macaroni the other night. They really have just given up. *barf* And I miss everyone back home.

Finals week has been pretty easy for me. I had two French finals and then a Psychology Final, and the rest of my classes I just had projects. I know that did great on my French oral – I somehow managed to get a 98% on that. Talk about miracles. Not so sure how I did on my written final, but I’m not too worried. I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I got a B in the class, and that’s okay. I have my last final tomorrow at 10:30AM, so I’m hoping to be finished by noon and then me and Andrew and another friend will be heading out by hopefully 1.

Did I also mention that The Hobbit comes out tomorrow at midnight? Did I mention that this dork will be attending the midnight premiere. Did I mention that I get to see my best friend there, too? Weeeeee! Super excited for the movie! Not excited about leaving the next day for Pennsylvania to see my grandma, but that 12 hour drive I will be getting much needed sleep. And it will be good to see her. I haven’t seen her since my grandpap died, so this trip will be a bit different.

So basically I haven’t done anything the last couple of days but watch The Office and play dumb computer games. All for the sake of procrastination, and it’s been a lovely last few days of doing absolutely nothing.

P.S. Today is 12/12/12. :D

Hello December!

Whoo! November just flew by for me! I can’t believe it’s already December — but I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see this beautiful month.

I wrote a 53,000 word novel last month for NaNoWriMo and am, therefore, a winner. Woop! I knew I could do it, though it was a bit more difficult this year finding time to write with college. It was good to write again. :) I also really love my novel – I haven’t completely finished it yet. I probably have another 10,000 words to write until “The End” but at least I’ve got a huge start! Last year I also won, but I’ve not touched my novel since. This year, I’m pretty excited about editing and revising, and perhaps publishing in the future…? We’ll see how revision goes. :)

If you’d like to learn a little about my novel, you can head here for an excerpt, summary, and my stats through the month of November.

Next week is finals week and I have a million and two things to complete between now and then. :/ But it’s okay! I’m a little stressed, but I know that I can do it and besides… there’s only four more weeks until CHRISTMAS! So I will rant at a later date about my dumb French professor. :)

Last week-end, me and Alysha decorated our dorm room and we got… a bit creative. :)

I am now in full Christmas spirit and I can’t wait for my month-and-a-half long break! The more the year goes on, the more I start to love college. Kinda crazy from my attitude when I first began, huh.

OH MY GOSH. Yesterday I had an interview to work in the Psychology Department as an administrative clerk, and I for the life of me had no idea how the interview went. I was just checking my student email and I got an e-mail saying I got the job! WOOOOT! Not sure about the details yet or my pay but man, today’s been a good day! Plus I’ve been pretty stressed about finances, so this is a huge relief. The only bummer is that I’m thinking about minoring in psychology, and if I go through with that, I will have to quit after a semester or so because you can’t be a major/minor and work there (because you make copies of tests, etc.). But that’s okay, at least I have a job for next semester! :D

Not a whole lot else happened in November. I got a week long break for Thanksgiving which was really good for me. I’d been really missing my family and my dog, so it was good to be home for a while and eat good food. :) My mom’s side of the family all came over for Thanksgiving day and we bought a 22lb turkey. :P Yum! That night I went and saw Skyfall, the new James Bond movie, with Andrew and his family. I loved it. I’m a huge James Bond Daniel Craig fan an it was probably my favorite Bond movie yet. (Not sure though, I’d need to watch Casino Royale again.)

And as always, I went Black Friday shopping with my mom. We go around 10AM so all the crazies are gone by then. :P I really just got some DVDs for myself and a few other gifts for friends/family for Christmas. (Can’t be specific because Andrew tends to lurk on here. :P)

I signed up for classes for next semester, which is kind of exciting and kind of not. I’m taking 14 credit hours, so it won’t be a real difficult load and I’m taking Statistics, Environmental Science Lecture and Lab (yuck), Economics, and Theatre Appreciation (also yuck). Not bad, not bad.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good month. :)