Books and Shopping Make My World Go Round

Whew! My Thanksgiving break ended entirely too quickly–I think I deserve more than just four days off! On Friday, me and my mom and dad went Black Friday shopping. While I’m not really for the shops that opened on Thanksgiving night, it made Friday a lot less hectic! We went to all the big department stores which were busy, but not crazy like they usually are. We left around 11am and it was just nice, shopping with my parents.

And let me tell you, I love a good deal. :P

I actually didn’t get a whole lot at the stores. I do the majority of my shopping (excluding clothes) online since I can usually find a better deal on But, I got my mom a hand-mixer that she had been wanting and a dog toy for Tabor and a few things for Andrew–I would specify, but I know he reads my blog so it’ll have to be kept a secret for now. ;) I also found both a shirt for my dad and brother that I thought they would like.

You should be proud of me, though; I only bought one thing for myself while shopping, which was The Dark Knight DVD. It was on sale at Target for $3.99. Uh hello! What a steal! :D Though… I did buy some books for myself online too–but I couldn’t resist. Books for $5 or less is a book lover’s dream. :P

Speaking of books, I just finished Emma by Jane Austen, which I had been meaning to read for… a really long time. I absolutely loved it. I haven’t been able to read much during the semester since I don’t have a lot of spare time, but I finished reading Emma this weekend. I saw the movie with Andrew (the one with Gwyneth Paltrow–really liked it) beforehand and that encouraged me to finish reading it.

Also, anyone else a fan of The Hunger Games? If not, you should be! :P No really, these books are really fantastic. The theatrical trailer came out last week sometime and I think it looks great! After I saw the trailer, I read all three books again within a week. Ahh! :love:

I’m a little wary because I loved the books just the way they are that the movie won’t do them justice, but Suzanne Collins (the author of the trilogy) is helping write the screenplay, so I think that will really pay off. The movie is set to come out in theaters March 23, 2012. Super excited! :D

If you haven’t read the books, I would highly recommend it. They are one of my favorite series. <3

I hope you all had a lovely break if you had one!

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  1. You get a BREAK for Thanksgiving? Lucky. XD Well here in Australia we get a holiday(that’s what we call it, just when nobody goes to work, nobody goes to school)on Melbourne Cup Day! c8 So we can all watch the races and bet on horses and yeah lol. What time did you go shopping? :D

    Haha, if I ever wanted to buy something for my dad, I would have no idea what to buy. He is REALLY picky. XD And like if I suggest a shirt he should buy(or my mum) he usually doesn’t buy it. :P So it would be kind of hard for me to find a shirt he would like..That’s like the main things he loves to buy. Shirts. If I were to get my brother something I would DEFINITELY know what. Either Lego or a Nintendo Wii game lol. I usually buy books on Amazon! And we get a lot of our Nintendo Wii games and toys and Lego and just lots of stuff from Ebay. :D Lol we got our table-tennis table from there!

    WOWWW! That’s so cheap. ;-; I never knew you had Target in the US lol. I thought it was just in Australia. XD Haha I just looked at the website and it is exactly the same. c: They must be pretty big then..Do you have Kmart, Myer or David Jones? Do you have Supre? 8D

    I am always a SUPER fast reader if I am reading good books. :D And by that I mean it takes me one day to finish them..XD But books I don’t like take me SOOO long. Sometimes I borrow books and the beginning is SUPER boring. OTL But then I force myself to keep reading and then it turns out to be one of my favourite books lol.

    I have no idea what Hunger Games is so..:) I have no idea what so many things you talk about are. ;-; It’s sad.

  2. We always have a small Thanksgiving. Sometimes a few other people come over, but most of the time it’s just us. ^^ And I think the cookies probably are the same; we make ours with shortbread, I think.

    My previous blog was called Last Chance, but it didn’t go too well, haha. I actually had WordPress installed for a little bit (I used the Fantastico installer thing actually, lol. :P) but I couldn’t really figure out how to code a layout for it, which is a big part of the website owning experience for me.

    I know what you mean about the break being to short! xD I’m glad you had a good time shopping with your parents. We never even leave the house on Black Friday, because of the crowds everywhere. xD I made my mom bath salts and got Barbie doll stuff for my sister, but I haven’t really been Christmas shopping yet.

    I’ve heard The Hunger Games is good, too. A friend recommended them, actually, and I looked at the library catalog thing and the first one had like 7 people waiting for it! :o Have you read the Morganville Vampire books? I like those a lot (not just because my name is in the title, haha. :P).

    Also, I noticed you finished NaNoWriMo! :D Congrats!

  3. I actually got whole week off for thanksgiving. My mom said it was an accident. LOL! :D
    I almost went to Big Lots for their thanksgiving sale to get a dirt cheap mp3 player but then I decided there was a reason it was dirt cheap and at big lots. :D
    Dark Knight was to dark for me. But I do have Batman Begins which I got for $5 about a year ago. Believe me I was happy!!!!!!!
    Yea! Some one else who shares a love for Emma like I do. I absolutely loved the book! I think it is my favorite Jane Austen book! And the movie! It wasn’t just great it was really beautiful. I think it was the lighting. :)
    There is an older BBC version that was okay too, it is shorter, so it provides a little bit of a different take on the novel since they cut some stuff and also added other material from the book. You might want to check it out.
    I have not read the Hunger Games. As I hear more about the plot it is starting to sound more like my kind of book. But I’m not ready yet. I definitely want to read the books before seeing the movie. When it comes out maybe that will spur me on to read the books.
    I see you finished the NaNoWriMo. Congrats!

  4. I felt the same exact way about my Thanksgiving break. Some kids get a whole week. But I guess that’s the price I have to pay for ending the year 2/3 of the way through May.

    My Black Friday shopping experience was the opposite! I bought a ton of things for myself and nothing for other people. The problem was that I only shopped online, and since I don’t know what I want to get anyone yet, I didn’t even know where to start. So hopefully, one weekend soon, I’ll be able to go to the mall and buy everybody lovely things. At least you were successful!

    Gah, I really need to read The Hunger Games. I read the first one two or three years ago, but I never had the time to read the other two. I tried, at the beginning of this school year, but after checking out Catching Fire from the library twice and never making it past the first 10 pages, I decided to wait until I definitely have the time. Maybe Christmas break will be that time! At least I have the first one covered, though. That means I could see the movie when it comes out.

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