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France and Italy Trip — Day One

As I promised… :)

June 9th, 2011:
After about an eight hour plane ride from Newark, we arrived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris at about 8:00 am. I didn’t get hardly any sleep on the plane, so I was already feeling pretty tired, but we had a full day planned ahead of us. We were running a little late though; our tour guide, Paolo, had a delayed flight, but once he arrived about half an hour later, we loaded the bus and headed to the hotel.

Our hotel was located in a little square with a post office and a bunch of little boulangeries and patisseries. It was really cute. ^^ We were on our own for lunch, so we stopped into a little shop that sold some sandwiches and other little light snacks. It was my first opportunity to talk to a native French person (I thought it did pretty well! :)) and it was also the first time I tried French bread. :* Let me tell you, I never want to eat American bread again.

Our whole group then headed to the metro, which was just down the street and around the corner, and headed to Notre Dame Cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful.

Notre Dame Cathedral

For a small fee, you could climb to the top of the Cathedral and look out over the square, and ultimately Paris. It was pretty funny because as our teacher, Madame Scott, went to pay for tickets, they thought she was French and that we were French students, so we got a huge discount! :P We then began the trek up the 402 steps to the top. It was a winding staircase and I started to get dizzy, but it was totally worth it!

Veiw from top of Notre Dame

There were also tons of gargoyles that you could see up close; I though they were pretty cool so I took a bunch of pictures of those, too.

Gargoyles Gargoyles

Everyone’s legs were shaking after the climb back down. :P

After that, it was shopping time! I loved going into all the stores, even if they were just souvenir stores, and seeing all the different stuff they had. I didn’t really buy a lot the first day because I wanted to make sure I had enough for things I wanted later on in the trip, but I bought a Paris hoodie, and two miniature Eiffel Towers, one for me and one for one of my aunts.

By this time, me and Becky were on our own and away from the other group and we just kept saying over and over, “We’re in Paris!!” It was like we were in a dream; we just couldn’t believe it was actually happening! We just continued walking around and started drifting into the streets that weren’t very tourist-y, and was more like what Paris was like for someone that actually lived there.

Our whole group met up again at our meeting point and we headed off to dinner. I don’t exactly remember the name of the restaurant (I think it might’ve been ‘Hippo’, which is what I wrote down in my journal, but I don’t think that’s right…) and they served us Ratatouille and quiche.

Uh… Yeah… This was probably one of the only dinners that I didn’t like on the trip. Though I didn’t like it, I still liked the fact that it was an authentic French meal and it was something new to try. I didn’t want to come to France and not eat French food. That’d be lame. 8)

I was so exhausted by the time that we had gotten back to the hotel. We threw our luggage into the room, and I organized my things a little bit because I’m a freak, but then I just crashed. It was a good first day. :)


Until the Very End

Last night I went and saw the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and I am just sd;fkljs;dfkja;dkjf;sdkjf!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

I went with Andrew, Kwadwo, and Becky, and before the show we stopped by Walgreens. They had a 10 for 10$ deal on candy so we stocked up on that and then we also pigged out on popcorn and icees at the theater. Hey, every girl needs to eat 5,000 calories in one night every now and then! :P

The movie itself was so amazing!! <3 While Part 1 was more of “running around in the forest and nothing is really happening”, Part 2 was just non-stop action. There really weren’t any dull moments so I was really interested the last time. Part 1 was great the first time I saw it, but I didn’t think it held up the times I saw it afterwards; this movie I think will.

The movie really stayed true to the book. I think this was probably the most important thing for me; the books are already perfect and in the other movies when they tried to change things up, I didn’t think it worked. They kept my favorite quotes in there, the little scenes that I liked, and I loved the way they did Snape’s thoughts in the penseive. The parts that made me tear up in the books even made me tear up in the movie. <3

This was the third midnight showing I’ve been to for the Harry Potter movies and they’ve all been a great big nerdfest, which is the best. There’s just something about sitting in a packed theater with a bunch of nerds just like you cracking up and cheering at the same moments that makes it even better.

So while I’m so happy that they did a great job with the movie, I’m so, so sad that it’s all over. I was walking out of the theater and realized I’ll never have that feeling again. D: It’s really all cheesy and whatnot, but I love Harry Potter, and it’s just…over. No more books or movies. That’s it. :/

Thoughts about the movie, if you’ve seen it?

aaaaaaand, if you haven’t noticed, new layout! And guess what, I did it all by myself! Haha, well, partly. I used Georgie’s WordPress Theme tutorial for the basics, and then I edited it to the best of my ability. I’m not real familiar with CSS, so that took me a while to finally be able to do what I wanted with it, but I think it turned out pretty good for my first time, no? (You can be honest with me.)

There are some little issues that I still need to fix; for some reason the font in my sidebar and the font in my content (like posts and overall site content) are different sizes. I thought it might’ve been in the CSS, but I couldn’t find anything fixed thanks to Chelsea! Also, the comments link isn’t working. It shows the correct number of comments and you can click the link, but it won’t direct you to the comment section. Any ideas as to what the problem might be?

I haven’t forgotten about my Eurotrip posts either, I’m currently working on the first one. :)