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Hello, World

Hello! As many of you may have noticed (or not noticed, I should say…) I for about a week completely disappeared from the face of the internet. My host had decided to move to a new domain and shutdown her old one, therefore, shutting mine down as well. I wasn’t given a warning or anything, otherwise I would’ve said something.

But, oh well. No use crying over spilled milk, right? Well, it took that and other difficulties with every site I’ve ever owned to realize I just needed to get my own domain. I had been wanting to for a while, and so I did it! WOOT! :D

This is really just a quick blog post letting you all know I’m still here. I’m starting from scratch. So to my affiliates, I will try and put your links back up soon. I’m slowly trying to put pages up and whatnot. Next week is my spring break, so hopefully I can get everything back up and running. I hope you can bear with me for a little while, and welcome to :)