April in Review

I have been so incredibly busy lately, I feel like I haven’t even had time to breathe.

  • My mom came into town! A group of women from her church came to Kansas City on a small mission trip. There is a seminary here in KC that they helped inventory their library. They came in on Wednesday so Andrew and I were able to meet them for dinner. We went to a place called Corner Cafe that is apparently pretty known to the locals. It was more of a southern, down-home-cooking restaurant, but it was pretty good.She finished up at the seminary on Friday while I was at work and it was great to come home to see my mom at my apartment afterwards! She took me out for a belated birthday dinner and afterwards we just stayed up really late and talked. It was so good to be able to catch up and just share life with each other.Saturday we meet my old roommate for brunch. We went to the wrong restaurant though (whoops!) so after a few confused text messages we finally were able to meet up at the right one. We talked wedding plans and just how good God is at working everything out when life is messy. It was really rainy the rest of the day so we just hung out and I worked on a bit of homework before work. She met with a friend from Greece while I was at work at IKEA. When I came home she told me about the store because I had never been before.

    So of course on Sunday, we had to go to IKEA. It’s a new store that opened probably within the last year or so in KC, and I have always wanted to go because I see all these great Pinterest ideas from there. Oh my goodness, we had a blast looking through all the showrooms and furniture, picture frames and kitchenware. My mom found a cute playmat for her preschoolers that we lugged around through the store until we realized when we got to the checkout we had grabbed the wrong one. :D So we mazed our way back through the store to get the right one.

    She had to leave to go back home shortly after so we shared a quick lunch. I may have gotten teary eyed when I said goodbye. My mom’s not just a parent; she is one of my closest friends and I was so glad she could visit for a weekend! I love my momma.

  • Apartment searching. This is more of a this-has-been-on-my-mind than a I’ve-been-busy-with-it. I have a studio which will be too small for Andrew and I when we get married in August. So I’ve been trying to keep an eye out for affordable one bedrooms. His apartment complex is pretty pricey, but I’m actually going to go look at the ones in my apartment today – so hopefully I can cross this off my to-do list soon!
  • Working two jobs. This and school have really been sucking up my time. It’s been so hard working forty hours (between the two jobs) and going to classes, I really don’t often have time for myself. However I’m not sure I have a job for the summer, so I’m just trying to stick it out for one more month before I go home and laze around. Weddings and living on your own and going to college are expensive guys. x_x
  • Classes. May or may not have mentioned that I hit the jackpot this semester with horrible professors. I failed my first test since entering college this week and I didn’t just kind of fail it. I got a 47% on my finance test. I would be more upset about it if I genuinely felt it was my fault, but my professor doesn’t teach, the tests have nothing to do with the class, and there was no way I could prepare myself for it. Just hoping to pull a C in that one, and hoping my group members in all my other classes will put their crap together and do their parts in the million group projects and papers I have to do. Group projects are seriously the worst.

So that has pretty much been my month of April. I hope your April has been a bit less stressful!

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  1. It’s so nice that you and your mom are so close. Not a lot of daughters share that relationship so it’s really adorable to see you having fun with your mom and being able to talk with her about things :)

    Ugh, I hate professors who do not teach! Seriously! And when you fail an exam, they make it seem like it was your fault you failed. -_- I’m not very fond of group projects as well. Sometimes your grade will depend on how lucky you are in picking the right group members.

  2. That is so wonderful that you got to see your mom and spend some time with her, that would have been a lovely change. :)

    I hope that you will be able to find an apartment that will be a good size for both of you. It would be difficult to find one that ticks all the right boxes, but I hope you do! :D

    That would be really hard working two jobs. But, it’s not going to be something that you have to do forever. It’s a temporary thing!

    Blah, that sucks that you have had bad professors. :( That would make things really hard. Don’t beat yourself up too much because you didn’t pass that test. Sometimes it happens, and we just have to try again.


  3. I wish we have an IKEA showroom here in our country because I have seen a lot of its pictures in the web. Finding an apartment is indeed not easy. Sometimes, luck have to play its part. I’m sure you’ll find the right one for you.

    I also had my fair share of bad professors last semester. I hate having them. Before, I believed that whoever is your professor, as long as you are studying well, you can get good grades. But when I had them, my perspective change. It’s really hard to learn when they don’t know how to teach.

  4. Glad you had a good April, but April hasn’t been that good for me. I haven’t been well since this spring semester started (mental health concerns). Never been to IKEA even though there is one a few miles away. Yeah, bad professors suck :( Don’t worry, I failed a few tests but I always came back swinging afterwards.

    Glad you are close to your mom, I sincerely dislike my mother and feign closeness with her because of her trying to do bad things to my marriage but that’s besides the point, glad you have a good relationship with yours. I always love seeing my friends happy! OH snap, you guys get married on my birthday :D I’m so excited to see pictures of it.

  5. That’s so nice that you have such a close relationship with your mom :) I’m glad you were able to see her while she was in town for her mission trip! I like the style of most things in IKEA, but going there can be a pain sometimes! The inside is a maze, and it’s often crowded, so we try to go at quieter times. A few of our tables and shelves are from there though.

    Good job luck on finding a new apartment! And wow, you’re amazing for juggling 2 jobs and school. That sounds tough! That’s too bad you have such bad professors though. That can really ruin a class. I hope things will be less stressful soon!

  6. I’m glad that you were able to hang out with your mom. I see mine on June 18th, and I haven’t seen her in over 11 years! I can’t believe that. She will also be meeting Tristan for the first time, as well. I’m both excited and nervous for them both. I hope they like each other.

    Good luck on finding the new apartment. And man, that sucks! Is there any books on that goes with the class? I’ve noticed that my boyfriend always comes home from a lecture and gets his nose in the books. That’s how he is getting straight A’s (plus lacking sleep of course). I’m barely pushing through my History and Math class. But, Needless to say, it’s all worth it. I’m currently at a B in my Psychology and History classes, an A in my P.E. class, and a C in my math class. However, my Psychology class is having a final project that we have to do and that may just push my grade up to an A, and then my math class is giving out extra credit for a final presentation. Mine will be on the most common mistakes made in Pre-Algebra. So, that should be interesting and hope that it will push my grade up. I can’t believe that you’re going full time and pushing two jobs at the same time. I don’t think I would be able to do that, but if I had too, I would. You’re gonna ace the class, so never fear.

  7. Hey Becca,

    I am sorry I missed your engagement. Gosh that is big news. Congratulations.
    I miss my mom a lot too and she lives in the same time. But I think living in my own place makes me appreciate her more. My mom isn’t necessarily my best friend but she is my trusted mentor and friend. :)

    I hope you find an apartment soon and girl, I know the struggle about working too much and the stress of classes. We just have to hang in there!

  8. i miss my parents T_T yeah, April has been a busy month for me that I didn’t get to visit home even once! I just can’t wait for our Mid Semester break in two weeks time so I can get some rest and spend some time with my family XD

    Apartment hunting is hard indeed. I have been searching since January but I couldn’t find a good one.. hope your May is better =)

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