Always Gonna be a Kid

I have had an epiphany, and not the sort of one where I realize now that I want to be a nuclear physicist or have discovered the cure for AIDs or even decided what to do with my life. Nope, not that sort. I’ve discovered that, yes I’m going to get a big kid job one day, and yes soon I’m gonna move out, and yeah, one day I’ll probably get married, but I will always have an internal age of about seven or eight.

Let me give you some context; since it’s the end of the semester and a few papers to write and finals coming up and as always, I’ve lost all motivation and just want to be a lazy bum and do absolutely nothing. So I was hanging out with Andrew and we were playing with the Kindle that he got me for my birthday (procrastination at its finest) and I was showing him this cute little game/app called “Poo,” where you feed this little creature (it does kind of look like poop) and you wash it and play with it, etc. Andrew commented that it just seemed like a cheap version of Neopets, and I just had a huge wave of nostalgia.

When I was in middle school, I spent most of my free time on Neopets. I joined a guild (which is basically just a forum board of people with similar interests) that was Pirates of the Caribbean based (this was when I was super obsessed with the movie and Johnny Depp. I still adore both, but not to the uh, obsessive, degree that I did then). I made some really great friends there that I still talk to today and I have so many great memories.

Andrew then commented that he had a great Neopets account, which I quickly countered that mine was much better. So I logged on to mine again for the first time in years and he tried to login to his. He couldn’t remember his password though or his username so I guess we’ll never know officially which account was better. But I looked around the site some and was surprised at how similar it still was. There was some changes, but overall, it was the same old Neopets. Here is where I have a bit of a confession, but I’m not too embarrassed about because I’m sure I’ve done and said much more embarrassing things.

For the past week, I’ve played Neopets in my free time. And I love it.

I don’t even know why I like the site so much. I guess I just like that there is such a wide variety of things to do and collect, so many different goals to have, that there’s always something to do. So I contacted some of my friends that I had made from Neopets and told them that I was again playing, like a dork, and some of them returned to the guild and we’re talking again there. It’s so weird, like reliving memories of when I was a kid.

It’s great.

Also, I really like to color. I will never stop liking to color. In high school, during finals week I would always bring my coloring books and crayons to class that way when I was done with my final I could color and not distract anyone else. I would totally do that in college except for the fact that I have a little bit too much pride to let people judge me for coloring, and I can just leave when my final is done.

So basically, I’m a nineteen-year-old college student who still plays Neopets and doesn’t want to ever grow up.

(Also, if there’s some little chance that there any of you people are super awesome and play Neopets too, my username is shades0fgray and feel free to be my neofriend!)

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  1. My internal age is about the same as yours. Nothing is wrong with that. We can be mature enough to be grown ups but we can still enjoy our innocent life.

    Urgh end of semester. I have three papers and a final coming up. I just want to do nothing too! I have not done history homework for a while now. =(

    I’m surprised Neopets is still around and that you remember your password haha. It’s so long ago for me but if I had more time maybe I’ll try reliving!

    I LOVE coloring it’s probably something I wish I had done more of when I was a kid! I’ll add that to my to-do list this summer. Once I get through this semester I am gonna party like I am 5.

    I am 21 and not any more grown up than you are!

  2. I spent hours a few days ago trying desperately to log back into my Neopets account. I can remember my username, and the birthday I signed up with, but I cannot remember my password and the email address I signed up with doesn’t exist anymore =[
    Does the Altador Cup still happen? That was my favourite part. Darigan Citadel all the way!

    I can’t deal with colouring in though! It just frustrates me, but my mum swears by it – she says its therapeutic!

  3. I think I stop counting my age when I turned 20. I am a kid at heart still and I think it’s great that we still enjoy the things we like. I can totally relate about wanting to bum around. Neopets was a huge thing when I was younger and I remember being obsessed about creating guilds so I know what you’re talking about. I still love ribbon hairbands, cute accessories, disney princesses and am guilty of shopping at the children’s section of the mall. I like colouring too. XD

    1. I love Disney princesses, too! The previous weekend, I watched four Disney movies in two days. I obviously want to fail out of college. XP

  4. Haha my gosh I remember neopets! I remember a couple of years ago they sent me an email saying that my account would be deactivated if I didn’t login… I tried to, just to check out what my account used to be like — except I couldn’t remember my password, and the email account it was registered under is now dead :(.

  5. Even though I’m working, am married, and own a house… I still feel like a little kid at heart :) I still laugh at immature jokes, collect stuffed animals, and play video games. I don’t believe we really have to grow out of these things! That’s cool that you’ve returned to Neopets and that some of your guild did too. I remember how big it was back then and wasn’t sure if it was still around. I’m glad you had an account to return to!

  6. I know I must have known at one point that your birthday was extremely close to mine but I confess I must have forgot! Anyway, happy very belated Birthday!!!!
    And congrats on that Kindle. ^_^
    I’m starting to lose my grip on being productive as well, which is sad, but life shouldn’t be so taxing!
    I did not get into neopets. The thing I did was which is kind of the same but for horses. That lasted less than a year.
    I need the resist the nostalgia to check it out again because I really should stick to a productive schedule. I get in enough trouble watching old episodes of the tmnt anime from 2003.

  7. Honestly, Neopets is awesome. I’ll have to add you on there! I rediscovered it and started playing it again but stopped when I got bored. I like to color and do kid things still. You’ll catch me on the swings swinging up high. It’s good to never lose that kid in you. You keep a fresh view about life and that’s always good.

    You never get tired. :D

  8. So I don’t know if my request sent, but my username is diaquisitely. I think I made it last year or so, but I did so because I, too, wanted to just be a kid again. I really love the games!

    I think that as we grow older, we all still find the kid in us.

    I don’t really color as often as I used to, though. I do kind of miss it.

  9. -lol- I never did Neopets growing up. I once started to, but I got bored and my Neopet died (or I gave it up for adoption — I can’t remember). >.> I had a bunch of accounts, though, and that’s just because I used to go on the role play forums and (illegally) advertise. I think I had, like, six different emails at the time, so I could have six usernames to advertise with, in case I got banned. I was such a little rebel. :3

    My friends and I brought all our Disney DVDs to school this year, as well as a VCR. I watched The Tigger Movie today and cried because it was so beautiful and sad. <3 Point being, don't be ashamed to be a kid every once in a while (or all the time). If your hobbies are fun and don't hurt anyone, then you're fine.

    Also, coloring will ALWAYS be awesome. I don't care what anyone says. I once babysat a kid who hated coloring, and I didn't know what to do with myself (or him) the rest of the day. It's so therapeutic and soothing, especially if you have low music on in the background. Yes, it's wonderful.

  10. An idea strike my head the other day to play Harvest Moon again in our PSP and now I’m hooked at playing it again. Last night, I was playing all night so I could harvest my crops that night.

    And hey, I used to play Neopets too. I can remember having an Acara I wonder what happened to them now. Since I started college I did not play with them again. It has been two years since. Maybe I should open my account as well.

  11. Oh geez, aha this post definitely brought back all those young social gaming sites that I used to play on. I was a definite user of Neopets. I had two accounts and actually I really badly wanted to log into one of them before, but I couldn’t remember the password or the email address so I was unable to do it. :(
    I was just like you too, I used to be on a guild and I used to be so proud because I had maxed the limit of how much money you can have in the bank and stuff. And I’d always go for the cutest neopets to join my family and play the mini games. Oh gosh, you’re making me want to go back aha! If ever I were free maybe I will consider it. ;)

  12. This post makes me so sad! I use to have a neopets account for years when I was younger and than one day I went to login and I couldn’t anymore. Finally after much back and forth between TNT I got my account back and it had been hacked. All my items and neopoints were gone, I was glad to have my account back. Than a week later I couldn’t login to my account again, I tried contacting TNT and telling them my account had been hacked and they said it was impossible to hack an account. To wrap it up they wouldn’t give me my account back a second time and because I was such an advanced player. I was to bitter to create a new account and start all over, I miss neopets though it was so much fun :)

  13. There is nothing wrong with still being a kid! It reminds me of Avril’s new song, “Never Gonna Grow Up”. It can be a good thing! :)

    I never got into Neopets, but I did do Webkinz and honestly, I loved it! Don’t ever give up what you truly love even when it may be viewed as childish!

  14. Hey you! Long time no comment/hear from! Yup, I definitely got rid of as I couldn’t afford and still eat too :/ . Sucks but its the way its gotta be for now. But anyway, new blog.

    We all have our games that we like, and/or love to play. I have my Facebook games, just like you have your neopets. Nothing wrong with that and still being an adult about things. I’m some what happy I’m in my thirties, and I can play all the games in the world I want, in my spare time as long as I have internet access, and electricity going. But yeah, nothing wrong with playing a game you like.

    I’ve been watching “Are you afraid of the dark” just recently. And even though that show was on in the 90’s. I remember it like yesterday I was sitting next to my Grandma, on her recliner on a Friday night just watching it and cuddling with her lol. But yeah, that’s my memory flash back for that show. Even though I am in my thirties, I have no problem admitting I’m still watching old Nickelodeon shows. :). So you are almost in your twenties, if not by now, you have every right to play any game you wish. :).

  15. I give Neopets a lot of credit. In elementary and middle school, I was almost always on Neopets, doing stuff on guilds and playing games to get a fat load of Neopoints so I could buy rare stuff. I remember being in a guild dedicated to Warriors (I think it was a book series about cats…), where we’d basically role-play. It was great. I think I have my first “website” on Neopets: it was on one of my petpages. I seriously cannot remember my username or account, and I most likely disabled it. I thank Neopets for teaching me the basics of HTML and the stock market (they still have a Neopets stock market, right?)

  16. I think we are at an age when we get all nostalgic. I’m 19 too and all I want to do is play Nintendo 64 and PS1 games on emulators. Deep down inside I never want to grow up.

    I never had a Neopets account but I’ve heard that it’s where a lot of people learned about HTML and it’s stuck with them ever since.

  17. This post is awesome. I’ve been playing Neopets for more than 6(!) years already. I’m not very active today, but sometimes I log in to feed my pets. It’s still a fun thing for me to do, I don’t think I can let go of my Neopets lifestyle.

    And I recently discovered emulators. It’s fun to be a kid.

  18. Honestly, whenever it involves school (papers, exams, etc)…that’s basically the best time for a LOT of us to revert back into being children, lol. At 23 years old, I have better things to focus on and I should be bettering myself, but you’ll find me playing phone games…a lot. I don’t feel like a 23 year old :/ Well, don’t let me be a downer on things though. I think as long as your “childish” behavior doesn’t actually interfere with your life negatively, it’s absolutely A-OK to still indulge in em :) What’s life if we don’t have a little fun? And a lot of us can still have fun doing things that are “childish.”

    Neopets is a good memory for me, too. My account is 10 and a half years now, LOL. My username is just too embarrassing XD but I like to long in now and then just for fun :) I’m not sure if Neopets would still have the same allure for me though…I don’t think it does, but I hope it stays around for a long time for other people, young and old, to experience! But yeah, I used to be super active…guilds, shops, forums, customized userlooks and the whole she-bang! Like many other bloggers, it’s where my love for the web community and websites started :) I still keep in contact now and then with one of my Neopets friends. He ended up living a city away from me and being the same age :) Crazy how coincidences turn up!

  19. Oh my gosh, you are awesome. I started playing Neopets again last year on an account I had since I was in 6th grade because I just felt like it, haha. I’m so going to add you! Don’t laugh at me, my username has to do with Simple Plan. ;P

    I think it’s great to feel like a kid at heart – especially when you have to start doing “grown up” things! I hate the idea of paying the bills, college, working for the rest of my life, fending for myself, etc. But being able to do things I used to do when I was younger and actually enjoy them keeps the stress off. :)

  20. Hey Becca! I will never stop being a big kid even when I’m 40 years old! I love the fact that I’m on my own and paying bills and what not, but there are times where I have admitted to my boyfriend that it feels like I’m still a little kid. Which is ironic in itself.

    I used to play neopets all the time. Now I don’t really care much for that site, I play games on and other websites that gives me a challenge. Neopets did that a long time ago, before I actually got back into playing games. I, too like to color and will never get tired of it. It gives our brains something to do and to relax with. Never really hurts to be a big kid. Though some will look at us strange, but who gives a rats butt! It only matters what you like to do. Who cares what others think.

    Oh btw, I have a new domain! I finally got one on June 1st! It was a long heavy debate but I finally did it.

  21. I’m still a kid, too! I tried Neopets once…but I gave up after a day or two lol. It’s fine being a kid at heart, but of course, we have to do grown up things, too….like cleaning up and paying bills. Meh, no point in living if we’re busy being a grown up, right? O_O

    nyuu }

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