A Puppy for my Grandpa

My grandpa has been really kind of depressed lately. We think it’s just because he’s lonely and doesn’t have a lot to do. He works at the local Bingo in the concession stand and at the VFW, but other than that, he doesn’t really have a lot going on. I can’t blame him though for being a little down; if most of my friends and family my age had passed away, I’d be feeling a little blue too.

I feel really bad. I love my grandpa dearly, but we all have hectic lives and can’t always manage to spare time for him. He usually comes over about once a week, but that’s about it. So, I offered the idea up of getting him a puppy. When Tabor (my dog) was a puppy, he adored him. Tabor would follow him around and my grandpa would exclaim, “My little buddy is following me around!” It was really cute. He still shows affection for Tabor now that he’s grown, so I thought he might really enjoy having a dog around to give him a little more company.It would give him something to do as well; taking care of a dog can be a lot of work.

We’re still discussing it because we’re not really sure if he would want one or not, and we don’t want to just get him one and then find he doesn’t want it or only accepted it because he was pushed into it. My grandpa can be cranky and negative (it must just come with age :P) at times, so it’s all kind of up in the air.

Not gonna lie, I would probably go over to my grandpa’s a ton if he got a puppy. I mean, look at these adorable faces from our local Stray Rescue:


How can you not fall in love? :love:

8 thoughts on “A Puppy for my Grandpa”

  1. Aww ): Poor grandpa. I hope he`ll find some sort of fun hobby to try out :)! I hate it when the elderly people don`t have friends that are still alive. :/. It makes them.. Gloomy. We have to do what we can to make them happy! that is why in retirement homes, you see lots of groups coming by to perform, etc :P!

    I agree that getting your grandpa a puppy would be nice :D! NO! WAIT! Give him… 3 puppies. It may sound like a lot of work, but it is worth it ^__^! I hope your grandpa will want the puppy(ies) to keep him companied. :(

    I`m just taking the AP English Language Exam. Where you just analyize passages and respond to it`s passage. Or something ‘~’ . But wow 80 dollars is a lot! :X! Because if you got a 1 or a 2, good by 80 dollars. D:! We got a reduced price beause most of the students here are low incomed :O

    The only logic I can find in replacing a teacher with another teacher is that maybe it is cheaper. a 20 year-working band teacher gets usually 70,000 a year with a master degree. A new band teacher gets 40,000 a year.

    Take care (:

  2. Aw, your poor grandfather. :( I can’t even begin to imagine how lonely it must be, knowing that all of your friends are dead and gone, and your family is living their own life. I think it’s a really great idea to get him a puppy! But definitely get a dog that doesn’t need constant play, because your grandfather is getting old and won’t always be able to run around free like that dog! Haha. :)

    Those dogs are adorable, and I definitely hope it all ends well. <3

    I am not someone who enjoys fine details. xD They're pretty to look at, but once I'm forced to create them, I stop projects half-way through. I guess I just don't like things that take me forever.

    Well, it isn’t like they can say, “Hey, we’re taking your job away because we suspect that you’re a creeper.” Without actual proof (I mean, that girl could’ve made the story up about him “humping” her), they can’t do much besides send them to another school. IDK, I’m not a member of the school board or anything, so I don’t know how it works.

  3. Aww your poor grandpa. I can imagine that he’d be feeling lonely like my mum – my mum and dad came to Australia from Indonesia so pretty much all their sisters and brothers are overseas. My mum feels lonely at home, and work is like her getaway because she has a lot of friends there. She wants some family here, I know she’d bring everyone here if she had the money. :(

    I hope you do get a pup for your grandpa. I think it would keep him busy and it’s a rather cute idea. I don’t know if he’d be motivated enough and dedicated enough but you know him well. Perhaps it would bring you guys closer as a family and you could all have a good time. It’s hard to resist those cute faces! :B

    I had two dogs before but they were definitely a lot for a busy family like ours. :( We had to return them, but I miss them so much now.

    I hate store clerks sometimes, especially the know-it-alls like the ones you ask if there are any products in the back and they say ‘no’. You go and ask someone else and there is. Some people are such pricks! I’m guessing really horrible ones would get lots of complaints and then get fired.

    I am totally not interested in politics, I don’t quite know how the government works and I don’t remember anything we learned in high school. Haha. I suppose I should get a general idea of it but I am definitely not interested, they’re like a bunch of kids fighting over a box of crayons the way they debate!

    That’s right! My parents used to try and control me and make me study what they wanted. They soon came to their senses and realised that I was a girl who needed her own direction and it is ultimately my life. I hope your dad accepts it soon. :)

    You’re welcome! Good luck finding a job. 8D

  4. wonderful idea :) a dog is an ideal companionship – and it can also help him remain healthier thanks to walks outside hehe ^^ – oh and a bigger dog keeps a good watch over the house and his owner :) … and another good thing – getting the puppy from a shelter also helps him / her get a chance for a better life :3

    i hope your grandad will love his new pet and will help him get better :) (i’m sure he will!!)

  5. Aww cute puppies, that’s really nice of you to do that for your grandpa. I wish i had people like that in m life. I don’t really talk to a lot of people from my family, my mom’s family lives in another state and my dad’s family don’t talk to me or my mom (since my dad doesn’t live with us anymore) so it pretty much sucks that i only have my mom and a few friends i talk to >.<
    Anyway, hope to hear form you soon :)

  6. Awe! I love puppies! I mean WHO doesn’t love a face like that? haha your grandpa really SHOULD get a puppy. Though they’re a hell lot of work. I should know. Glad my dogs are not puppies any more. I don’t think I could afford any more shoes! XP

  7. I feel the exact same way about my grandma. My grandpa works so she’s at home alone a lot, and I feel bad that I don’t go see her often enough, especially since she lives less than a mile away from us. Dx

    Anyway, I think getting a puppy for your grandpa is a great idea. You should do it! c:

  8. Yeah, I don’t think everyone should know them, but that’s what the title was, so. xD

    Yeah I wanna watch them!

    That would be so sweet of you to do! I think you should, it would definitely cheer him up!

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