8 Photos of Happiness

I’ve seen this tag going around and I absolutely love it! Thank you, Domenica, for tagging me to share my eight photos of happines!

1. The sparkler exit on our wedding day.
This was one of the most magical moments of my life! It felt straight out of a fairytale with the sparklers and everyone cheering us on and my hand in my best friend’s. This pictures just exudes joy to me, something much deeper.

2. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.
Eiffel Tower

French culture has always intrigued me, so it was an absolute dream when I visited Paris back in 2010!

3. My dog, Tabor.
This is my dog Tabor when he was just a puppy almost eight years ago! He was a “Christmas Puppy,” as my parents gave him to me for Christmas when I was 13. I love him to pieces, even if he’s not quite as cute and fluffy now as he was then!


4. My mom.

My Mom and I
My Mom and I at my bridal shower.

I feel like I talk about my mom all the time on my blog but that’s because she’s not just a parent to me. She’s a best friend, a lover of Jesus, and an encouragement. I can always go to her for advice, or just to chat, and I know she will always be there!

5. Cinque Terre, Italy.
Cinque Terre, Italy
Italy is such a beautiful country, and I feel like this picture does it justice. This was taken near “the path of love,” and was one of my favorite places we visited.

6. Reading!


I love to read. There’s not many things better than curling up with your favorite book and a fuzzy blanket, and settling in for a few hours. This exact scenario doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it’s golden.

7. Tennis.
This is a picture from back in high school when I played on the girl’s tennis team. This picture was taken during a warmup before I won the 3rd singles conference tournament. I love to play tennis and I had such amazing memories playing in high school with a great group of girls. I was so proud of what I had accomplished my last year and how much I had improved. It’s something that I wish I made time to do because I am so out of practice now!

8. Andrew.
I know I already shared a picture from our wedding day, but perhaps while that one shows our love, I want this one to showcase our friendship (and what a goofball he is!). This was back in high school, too, when I did a tennis fundraiser. You could pay a couple bucks and smash a cupcake in our face, so of course he didn’t pass up the chance! We always have so much fun together.

If you haven’t done the 8 photos of happiness yet, then I tag you! This has been one of my favorite memes to do. :)

16 thoughts on “8 Photos of Happiness”

  1. I’ve also just done this tag, it’s great to see what makes other people happy. Your first picture is beautiful – it must have been so magical! You both look so happy too. Tabor looks super cute and fluffy on that picture. Italy is stunning isn’t it? I’ve just come back and I’ve found that no picture does it justice, but I think your photo really captures the beauty of it!

  2. I love this tag!

    I am also intrigued by most of Europe, but especially France where my descendants are from :) I would love to travel to Paris one day, or Southern France where all the villages are by the ocean!

    These pictures really make me happen because they are images that you find the same feeling with. I’m so glad that you and Andrew have a great relationship, one that’s more than just a…well, relationship. It’s nice to have someone as your best friend and someone who can be goofy with you. That’s why I married my husband and I’m very certain that’s one of the many reasons you married him :)

    I will have to pick out my own pictures and write a post now that I’m tagged :o

  3. thanks for sharing 8 things that make you happy, becca! ahh i’ve always wanted to see france and italy (especially italy!!) they’re such fine places on the photos, what more if one gets to see them in real life? :)

    and yes, nothing beats the pleasure of reading.❤

    your last photo with andrew definitely showed us another side of you two apart from the wedding photos! it’s wonderful.❤

  4. Aw, you really look happy in all of your photos. What a cutie your dog is! Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, as I love all animals, but I don’t think I would be able to handle a dog. I’m more of a cat person. Oh man, I remember having to play tennis in high school. I was placed on a team that wouldn’t even pass me the ball and I really wanted to learn how to play, too. I narked my team mates out and I was switched to a different team who actually helped me learn the sport better. I even thought about being on a tennis team, but knowing that I have a tummy didn’t help my security levels, it made it me insecure about my looks more. I decided against it even though I probably should have just tried out like I did for basketball (I didn’t make the team, but it’s probably because I didn’t really know what I was doing). I also tried out for the pantomime team in high school. I had a skit already perfected I just needed someone to do the background noise. Though, no one wanted to help me. :( . Oh well, same with the drama team. I tried out for a musical and did not even get a part as the crowd. How weird right? So, I kind of complained and since it was the movie “7 Brides for 7 Brothers” the teacher handed me the part of the little sister because no one wanted to be her. Even though I tried out for a lot of things in junior high and high school, and didn’t make anything except the play, I am glad I tried out. Same with Choir. I didn’t much care for the director/teacher (and it was mutual feelings), but I got my letter for joining two years. So, I guess I did do something after all?

  5. I know I said this on a past entry, but I love that sparklers photo! Lovely photos of the Eiffel Tower and Italy too. The landscape and different colored buildings in your Italy photo are beautiful. I’d like to visit some time!

    Aww, that photo of Tabor is so adorable. I also think the photos of you with your mom and with Andrew are cute :) I didn’t know you played tennis before either. That’s awesome you did well in the singles tournament back then!

    It’s been fun to see this tag go around :D I’m about to post mine too!

  6. I LOVE seeing this tag – I’m glad you’ve done it! Great collection of photos, they made me smile throughout :) AND WHO DOESNT LOVE FRANCE? It’s such a beautiful place.

  7. Aww, what a lovely wedding picture! It does look like something from a fairy tale! You guys look great together and so happy too!

    And that dog, oh my gosh, such a cutie! So fuzzy and just AWWW! I want to cuddle with that cutie! XD

    And the other pictures…so beautiful. =3

  8. Beautiful pictures! The sparklers definitely look magical and those smiles on your guys’ faces are priceless. =)

    I always shy away from the camera and I regret it now as I look back to find some pictures and there aren’t many with me in them. I’m planning to do this tag soon!

  9. I love all your photos! I am not surprised that you have a couple of Andrew, especially the one from your wedding. I also love that shot because it’s a candid one that captures a beautiful moment. :)

    Nick and I are planning to go to Italy and I think we will try and go to Cinque Terre, the view is so beautiful from all the photos I have seen but I think I neeeeed to check out this ‘path of love’ you speak of :)

  10. Aww, love these! You and your husband look absolutely stunning in the first photo from your wedding. By the way, congrats! You two look perfect together. :)

    & Tabor is sooo cute! He looks like a teddy bear puppy, haha. Is he still teddy bear like now? I imagine dogs are just like big, huggable bears. ^___^

    Italy and France are gorgeous! I can definitely see why they’d go on a list of things that make you happy. :)

  11. Awwww! Love your photos, Becca! You look so happy in all of them! I love how you featured your loved ones (Andrew, Mum, Puppy) and shared some of your happy days in your life :D I think it’s great you got to travel to Italy and France! I’m so jealous of that :D I need to go to Europe one day!

  12. I totally totally loved each and every one of the 8 photos!
    Tabor is the cutest pup I have seen. I can imagine what a cute gift he must have been!
    Eiffel Tower and Italy are both super beautiful!
    And You and Andrew are such a super adorable couple! :D :D

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