Becky was originally going to go on the trip, but she dropped out near the beginning because she realized she wouldn’t be able to pay the whole sume that it costs. Since there was an empty spot, I was talking to Madame about what they would do with that, and she said that she was going to try and find someone to fill the spot. My first thought was that Andrew could take it, but he’s going on a family vacation around the same time, so wasn’t available. I then immediately thought Becky.

For a while we weren’t sure if she was going to be able to do it. She needed her passport (we’re leaving in 36 days!!) and she would have to pay extra to have it expedited. She’d also have to raise her own spending money and pay some late fees for joining the trip; but other than that, the trip is completely free to her.

We just got the final say yesterday on whether she could go or not. She called me saying she got her passport (she originally had a doctor’s appointment, so she missed school) and that her parents were okay with it.

I’ve been blubbering with excitement ever since. I’ve always been pretty excited for the trip, but I’ve always had these little nagging worries in the back of my mind. I didn’t have any real close friends going, so I wasn’t exactly sure who I was going to hang out with specifically, and since I paid so much money to go, I wanted to have a good time. I also love to take pictures, tons and tons of pictures, and I like to take really silly and bizarre ones too, so that might be kind of awkward with the people that I’m hanging out with.

I don’t really know how else to describe them besides little petty worries about the trip, but now that Becky’s going, they’ve all just disappeared. I can’t believe I am going to Europe with her. I can’t freaking believe it. I’ve known her since I was in the second grade, we’ve been best friends since the sixth, and we are practically the same. We always think the same way about things, do quirky things the same; there’s pretty much no awkwardness. She’s pretty much everything you could ever want in a best friend. <3

It’s going to be so hard to focus on school now. I can’t wait til summer. I AM SO HAPPY!! :D


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  1. Hey Becca!! That is amazing news!! I’m so happy for you! I’m sorry I haven’t been on aim lately, our internet has been shut down but I believe that it will be back up sometime today. Anyway, yeah you are right I did make the right move to get away from him. I was trying to way before our second month, as the flame had died down but I didn’t let anyone know of it. I even asked my sister for advice on what to do and she said I’m just nervous because I never had anyone be this nice to me. So I stayed. I did try weed (smoking it) once, for him, and he knew how much I hated it and that I almost threw up that day as well. I did feel tipsy on that, but nothing compared to what happened last Wednesday. I guess now I’m sort of mourning for him, as for what he did to me. But it’ll pass. I’m sure of it. I’m just glad that I got away when I did. It hurts yes, but in time it will heal. I’m already talking to another guy who seems to have a lot more common interests and has a goal in life and what not. He knows what he wants in life, and how to go about achieving it. He’s a productive guy, and that’s what I like. So far we’ve talked on the phone for a total of 4 hours just about yesterday and the day before. It’s just weird. But I feel more connected to him than I did Andrew. But seeing that makes me realize that I can do a lot better, than an alcoholic and a drug abuser, who doesn’t care about his girlfriend. But yeah, I’m over and done with it now. I’m kinda not wanting to do the domain thing anymore though. I don’t know. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t like fanlistings, and well; the domain owning thing is getting kinda old for me anyways. So I really don’t know what to do. But I’m loving this new layout, so it’s different. Of course I love blue, so it’s a bit different than seeing the last one. Lol. But still very cool! I’m very happy for you that you and your best friend are getting to go to France this summer! And yeah volunteering and going to school will be something I’ll be looking forward towards. It’ll get me out of this weird house that I do not feel comfortable in, and it feels like I’m getting cabin fever. :/ . Yup it does. I’ve told my dad numerous amounts of time it feels like if I don’t get out of this house soon I’ll be going stir crazy!!! :O ! But yeah, I’m glad I volunteered. It’s a year round process, and taking Japanese again will just be awesome. Ya know? Anywho, take care!

  2. Oh boy. I don`t understand some people in this world. Why, why, why. Why would they do anything like this to ruin and screw themselves over ‘~’. And for a boy to do that– is really. Immature. But ehh its expected.

    I hope your best friend Becky will be able to find a way to go :) Even though shes going anyways :P. Your friend is one lucky person! I guess good thing comes to those
    who wait? :P.

    I hope you`ll find a way to have fun :)! Either way, you should! All of hte hard work fundraising can`t go to waste :)

    Don`t do anything horrible to ruin the chance! :)

    I guess its just the budget cuts :/. I want to go to theme parks. I guess its time to just.. Go out with friends instead :P

    Take care (:

  3. Thank you for sharing your excitement with your readers! :) Sounds great! You’re both very lucky to get to travel with each other, i’m sure you’ll have a brilliant time. I’m from the UK, and have visited France often in the past. There will be so much for you to do so enjoy the experience together!

  4. Oh that IS exciting! I went to France with MY best friend last summer! Though not with my school. We went with my family. It’s great, because whenever one of us go somewhere, the other goes along. I went to Hawaii two years ago with her family.

    Anyway, yea. My school doesn’t go over the summer. It’s all done over Spring Break. This year, there were two groups. One went to Spain. The other to Greece and Italy. France was last year. :)

  5. Good luck to the both of us then (:! You can do great in the English AP exams (:! Which one are you taking? The literature or the Language? o; I`m taking the Language one.

    I hate ignorant adults. And we usually think all adults are the same at times. .__.! But yeah. D:! I hate assumptions!

    Wow :/. that boy.. Had to ruin it. With something really stupid. I guess, he doesn`t deserve it for getting caught like that -___-!

    But as long as you`re not involved, theres no reason to be feeling bad about your friend replacing him XD!

    Take care (:

  6. That is really exciting! Having friends around always makes things better.

    Even if you didn’t have any close friends going, I’m sure that you would have made new ones somehow and had a good time anyway.

  7. Eeek can’t believe the story about that boy talking photos of other boys getting undressed. That’s just sick!

    How lucky was that for Becky. That’s amazing you’re going on holiday with someone you enjoy your time with. I can’t imagine spending my time in another country with people that I feel awkward with.

  8. That’s awesome! I’m really happy for you. I know how excited I would be to go to Europe with my best friend. c: I was originally going to go to Oregon with her and her family this summer, but my brother got engaged and their trip is the same week as his wedding, so now I can’t go. D: Oh well, there will be other times.

    Anyway, don’t get too excited now. School is still important, you know. /end very serious talking-to

    I hope you have a great time on your trip! Make sure to take lots and lots of pictures. I expect to see something amazing. x3

    Have a great day!

  9. Haha poor boy, getting arrested for something as minor as that. I mean, he didn’t murder anyone, but even just a bit of fooling around can get you in trouble these days. He does sound like a pervert though, I’m glad he was caught and punished. Despite his age and everything, despite you protecting his identity, I think we are still all going to think about how silly that boy was.

    I can tell you’re excited from the title of your post! I’m glad Becky was allowed to go on the trip and take that boy’s spot. :D I haven’t ever had any trips overseas with school – only trips up north or south or something, just far out into the country or something. But I’m really glad you’ll be spending time with Becky and you won’t feel like you’re alone. :D Glad she got all that passport stuff fixed too; I hate dealing with passport crap. D:

    I’m sorry you got a 0 for that assignment. That’s just horrid. Just because you got a font size wrong too. I have to hand in an animation project soon, and one of the guidelines is to draw the expressions of a character in one scene. Our tutor said ‘don’t choose one in which the character is just sitting there doing nothing, please… you will f- you will not get a good mark’. I knew he was going to say ‘fail’ but that would have been too harsh. xP

  10. I think it is very nice of you to think the guy should have a little privacy. I’m sure a few decades ago he would have. Seriously we as a country should not lose some traditions or rituals.
    I’m glad it looks like you are going to have such an awesome time on this trip! And to have it with someone like a best friend?! That is too much! :D
    I hope you figure out the French deal soon! There has got to be an opportunity out there that will fit you perfectly.

  11. wow it’s crazy how something misfortunate can turn into something good for someone else. That sucks for him though. Why would he even do that? Creepy and gross.. eww. But That is great you are going with your best friend. I went with mine, although we coiuldn’t room together because he was a boy, we had so much fun. I just went to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You are going to love Europe :D It was the best trip of my life! Have so much fun and take LOTS of pictures.

    I learned most of my webdesigning knowledge in the first yearish lol. Now I just use wordpress haha. I haven’t been on for like a month :0 sorry for the delayed comment. I am bad at commenting when I have a lot to comment back. I love making new friends online, especially ones who share simiular intrest and stuff :) I love having the feeling of getting comments.

    My friend thought it was odd I met an online friend. haha but since i told him about my blog, he is more accepting of it. I love my online best friend! I plan to meet him again!

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