Beauty Problems You Face When Traveling

Traveling can be a lot of fun, especially when you are going on vacation. Regardless of the reason that you’re traveling, you want to look good when you arrive at your destination. However, the traveling process can be hard on your body and beauty routine. Fortunately, a little bit of preparation can go a long way when it comes to looking your best while you travel. Whether you travel on occasion or are a regular nomad, here are some of the most common beauty problems that you’ll face while traveling.

Airplane Conditions

Airplanes are notoriously dry and this, coupled with a change of altitude can seriously mess you’re your skin regardless of whether your skin is naturally oily or dry. When in a very dry environment, the body tends to start compensating by conserving water and having your skin secrete more oil. Thus, for most of us, our skin is going to get a lot oilier when we fly.

To combat this, stash a few cleansing cloths or oil blotting sheets as well as a travel-size container of moisturizer into your carryon, though do keep in mind TSA regulations. You should also add a chapstick or lip balm to ensure that your lips are hydrated. You should also swap your alcoholic drink for water (or at least drink water in addition to your alcoholic drink) because alcohol also causes dehydration.

Changing Climates

If you are traveling to a different climate, your skin and hair may feel different. If you are in a climate that is less humid compared to where you live, your skin and hair may feel dryer and you’ll probably find yourself drinking more water, especially if it’s hot. Conversely, if you are going somewhere more humid, you may find your skin and hair feeling more oily .

Likewise, humidity changes can affect your hair regardless of whether it’s straight or curly and you may find that your go-to products aren’t going as well as they should. You may also have to deal with changing temperatures and weather.

To prevent unwelcome surprises, do your research beforehand and be prepared with both weather-appropriate accessories and skincare products. You may also need to slightly change your beauty routine to account for the change in weather conditions.

Alterations in Sleep Schedule

Whether you’re traveling to a different time zone, or simply traveling overnight, there’s a good chance that traveling will throw off your sleep schedule. An altered sleep schedule can leave you sleep-deprived and looking, as well as feeling, tired. Sleep deprivation can also make you more likely to cut corners in your skincare routine.

To prevent looking worn out, try your best to quickly adjust to your new sleep schedule. You can also bring a good pair of headphones and a neck pillow on the plane to get a little bit of extra rest while you travel. If you absolutely cannot sleep on planes, try to get into your new sleeping schedule as soon as possible, even if this involves going to sleep a little earlier when you arrive at your new destination.

Skincare Routine Challenges

If you have a dedicated skincare routine, it’s probably part of your daily schedule and, for the most part, you really don’t have to think about it. When you travel, however, your daily routine is altered, which makes it more difficult to remember to follow through with your beauty routine. Whether you are moisturizing, using an anti-aging serum, or simply being diligent about taking off your makeup every night before bed, you’ll need to make the effort to do the same while you travel.

As you pack, make sure that you have your essentials either for your full or modified skincare routine. Having these on hand along with other toiletries will, hopefully, help you remember to use them. Also, should you have too much fun one night and fall asleep in your makeup, make sure that you take everything off the next morning and moisturize before continuing with your day!

Extra Sun

A vacation often means spending more time outdoors. Regardless of whether you are logging hours at the beach or sightseeing, you’ll want to bring adequate sun protection. Unfortunately, many people skip sunscreen while outdoors, which can lead to sunburns, skin irritation, and even increased risk of skin cancer. Places near the equator such as Cancun or the Caribbean Islands have more intense sunlight, so it is particularly important to invest in protection in those areas.

To avoid the damage, make sure that you have a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen handy for the beach and set an alarm to reapply every few hours. If you are sightseeing, make sure that your foundation has at least some SPF protection and, if you are very light-skinned, consider wearing a hat or make it a point to stay in the shade.

Lack of Travel Space

This one is pretty obvious, but we cannot generally bring all of our hair, beauty, and skincare products with us when we travel because there isn’t enough room in the suitcase. This fact alone can limit the way we choose to style our hair or do our makeup during the trip. A lot of the time, however, we can get by with much less than we are used to having in our homes when we are abroad.

As you pack, consider amenities that will already be provided. For instance, most hotels have a hairdryer as well as soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Also, consider which makeup looks you’ll want. For instance, if you are going to spend a bunch of time at the beach, you probably don’t need a whole bunch of evening makeup. Condensing your makeup by choosing multi-functional products is another potential solution. After all, why drag a setting powder, finishing powder, and foundation with you if you can get three in one? You can also cut down on hair products by opting for simpler hairstyles such as braids or a bun.

Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful! You just need a little bit of extra preparation, and maybe a bit of last-minute shopping, to ensure that you look fabulous on your trips!

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