One Year <3

Today me and Andrew celebrated our one year anniversary. :) While it may seem rather insignificant compared to others who have been in a relationship much longer than ours, it’s still very special to me, and just has made me realize how grateful I am for him.

I’ll try to keep this rather mush-free. ;) Andrew’s been pretty much the ideal boyfriend from the get-go. He’s not only been my boyfriend, but one of my best friends. He’s always there when I need to talk, and he respects me and loves me for who I am. I truly am grateful to have such a wonderful person in my life. :love:

We had agreed that we weren’t going to exchange presents because both of us are trying to save money (or have none xD), but he came to pick me up this morning for school like he does every day, but he greeted me at the door with a rose and candy. It was something small, but it was really cute.

Later this evening we went out to IHOP (which was delicious!) and went and saw the movie Tangled (which I adored! You should go rent it and watch it when it comes out!) at a discount movie theater. It was really simple, but I didn’t want anything fancy or extravagant. Simple is enough for me.

Most of the time, I feel like I’ve known Andrew so much longer than what I have. I guess it’s just how close we are, how I can talk to him about, literally, anything. One year seems like such a little amount of time, though time doesn’t really define a relationship, or say too much about it at all.

Anyways, I’ll keep this kind of short. Hope you all are well. <3


A Puppy for my Grandpa

My grandpa has been really kind of depressed lately. We think it’s just because he’s lonely and doesn’t have a lot to do. He works at the local Bingo in the concession stand and at the VFW, but other than that, he doesn’t really have a lot going on. I can’t blame him though for being a little down; if most of my friends and family my age had passed away, I’d be feeling a little blue too.

I feel really bad. I love my grandpa dearly, but we all have hectic lives and can’t always manage to spare time for him. He usually comes over about once a week, but that’s about it. So, I offered the idea up of getting him a puppy. When Tabor (my dog) was a puppy, he adored him. Tabor would follow him around and my grandpa would exclaim, “My little buddy is following me around!” It was really cute. He still shows affection for Tabor now that he’s grown, so I thought he might really enjoy having a dog around to give him a little more company.It would give him something to do as well; taking care of a dog can be a lot of work.

We’re still discussing it because we’re not really sure if he would want one or not, and we don’t want to just get him one and then find he doesn’t want it or only accepted it because he was pushed into it. My grandpa can be cranky and negative (it must just come with age :P) at times, so it’s all kind of up in the air.

Not gonna lie, I would probably go over to my grandpa’s a ton if he got a puppy. I mean, look at these adorable faces from our local Stray Rescue:


How can you not fall in love? :love:

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