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The Reception, Part 1

I can’t tell you why exactly — maybe it’s because I’m an introvert, or the fact that I can’t dance to save my life? — but I was really nervous about my reception. My worries were unwarranted, however, because it was the most fun ever! We held our reception at a ballroom near downtown St. Louis and the ballroom was simply beautiful – it didn’t require much decorating except for the tables, which made it a lot less stressful!

We kept the centerpieces pretty simple with sunflowers and baby’s breath in a vase and some candles. We made “I Do” activity and coloring books with crayons wrapped in a piece of blue ribbon to keep the kids entertained (we had so many kids there!).

602b+a The night began with the DJ introducing our parents and the bridal party down on the main entrance to the dance floor, but we surprised everyone by coming out of the secret door on the balcony. It was oh my gosh, so hilarious to see everyone’s looks of surprise and shock when they turned around and saw us there. Their reactions were absolutely priceless!

Look how suave he looks.

My dad said a quick prayer before what I was most excited for: eating! We catered an “hors d’oeuvres buffet” which is really just a fancy way to say junk food, but that’s what my mom kept telling everyone we were having. Andrew is so picky that a traditional meal (salad, veggies, potatoes, meat) he wouldn’t even eat half of, and none of that is really a meal we love, so we went with what we do love! Chicken tenders, crab Rangoon, fruit kebabs, loaded potato skins, dollar sandwiches, and toasted ravioli (which is a St. Louis thing that everyone should have!)! It was so good. I had Andrew go get us seconds and we had several people ask for the caterer because they wanted to use them in the future!

I should mention now that our DJ was a little…needy. I’m not sure what other word to use, because he had to talk with us every time before he moved on to the next event, which is okay to an extent because I’m glad he wanted things right, but I felt like it made the night very choppy. There’s a reason I included a schedule for the evening, but that’s beside the point I suppose. :)

So after our approval, we moved into the speeches and I was very proud that I didn’t cry during my maid of honor speech. I was a bit nervous about the best man speech – he had so many horrible stories that he could have shared that would have been just absolutely mortifying, but it was actually really sweet. :)

645b+a 648b+a We next played the “shoe game”. We sat back to back on the dance floor and the DJ asked a series of questions, such as “Who is more likely to have road rage?” Then we would raise the shoe of the person that answered that question. Sometimes we would both raise the same shoe, but it was hilarious when we would disagree and hold up different shoes. We were always peeking over our shoulders to see which shoe the other person raised and I think all of our guests really enjoyed it. We finished with “Who do you love more than anyone else?” <3


We served cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake and, to help us save money on the cost of the dessert, my aunt baked all 300 something cupcakes for us! She made us a small cake for us to cut and then I surprised Andrew with a batman Groom’s Cake. All of the cupcakes and cakes looked awesome and Andrew loved the Batman cake!

Resized 639b+a

The cake that we cut was a little hard to cut, and we kept cutting into the ribbon that wrapped around the bottom. As we each held our pieces and sized each other up, I told Andrew that he had to be nice. And then we both proceeded to shove cake into each other’s face. My aunt used fondant as the icing – which was good and bad; good because it doesn’t smear well, so I didn’t have to worry about it all over my face, but bad because it didn’t smear all over Andrew’s face. ;P

651b+a 653b+a We love each other, I promise. :)

This is the fifth post in a series about my wedding day. You can also read about the rehearsal dinner, the morning of, the ceremony, and the outdoor pictures. :)

The Outdoorsy Stuff

Although many have called it an old-fashioned tradition, and most weddings I attend anymore don’t have them, Andrew and I wanted to make sure we had a receiving line. We wanted to thank each individual guest for being there to support us and just show them how much we appreciated having them there with us. We had many elderly couples that were coming to the ceremony and couldn’t make it to the reception. The reception is already so full of events that there usually isn’t time to greet everyone.

402b+a Instead of having ushers dismiss by aisle, Andrew and I went in ourselves and greeted everyone at their row. All of our guests could remain seated until it was their turn and they wouldn’t have to stand in a line all bunched together. I was still overwhelmed by all of the people that came to celebrate with us!

202b+a After we had greeted all of our guests, we finished up the formal family pictures and bridal party pictures. It was a little chaotic because we kept losing family members and groomsmen and then a sister, haha – but we finished in good time. We picked a park near the ballroom to take the rest of the bridal party pictures. We carpooled there (have you seen the price of renting a limo??) and managed to mostly (we lost a few people on the way, haha) get there all at the same time.


I was a bit disappointed in the weather that morning. It was cloudy, kind of dreary, super humid which was wreaking havoc upon my hair. I was hoping for sunshine and rainbows, but I was happy that it at least wasn’t raining, because I was absolutely terrified that it would rain and we wouldn’t be able to do outdoor pictures! So thank you, Lord, for holding off the rain! Plus, the lighting in the pictures was perfect, so I really have nothing to complain about!

Since it was muggy. there were lots of bugs out. Normally that would not have been a big deal, but the netting on my dress acted like a bug net. Eek! It was so disgusting – all of these flies, gnats, and Lord know what else trapped in my dress. We found a cricket at one point and though we laughed and laughed, I was so happy when my sister picked it out! Thankfully, none of the bugs could be seen in the pictures. :)


Our photographer picked a secluded area of the park with lots of trees and an open area. We started with the whole bridal party and then did individual pictures with each of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We opted to do funny poses, which turned out hilarious!

After we finished up with pictures, my sister and Andrew had to take each layer of my dress and shake out all of the flies and gnats. I couldn’t stop laughing as we swatted and shook out the tulle and netting. I almost wish the photographer would have gotten a picture of that because it was such a bizarre moment. I never imagined after spending so much money on my dress I would be picking bugs out of it! It still is cracking me up as I write this post.

I was a little nervous about how the pictures at the park would turn out. I don’t consider myself photogenic and I feel like I do the most awkward poses, hand gestures, etc. in pictures, but oh my word. I loved every single picture. My mother and I gushed over them when we got them back a few weeks later, oohing and aaahing over them all! I really can’t pick favorites from the park because there are just so many. But here are a few of them, including the silly ones. :)

This is the fourth post in a series about my wedding. You can also read about the morning of my wedding and the ceremony. :)