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It Was a Good One, 2012

I had some pretty big changes this year, and as I am a person that generally doesn’t handle change very well, I think I had a really good, and successful year.

For starters, I graduated from high school. I never doubted that I wouldn’t, but knowing that in the coming fall I wouldn’t be going to the same place I had been going for the past twelve years of my life was pretty staggering. Also knowing that I wouldn’t see a fourth of the people that had surrounded me for the past twelve years of my life – both a comforting and a scary thought. I was moving out of this little bubble called high school and moving into the Real World.

I got my first job, my first real job. I’ve had hodge-podge jobs with babysitting or raking the leaves or helping my mom clean houses (she cleans as a part time job), but I got my first real, I-now-have-to-pay-taxes job. Which was pretty scary, too, at first. And while I knew people were jerks, I got to experience first-hand the vast stupidity of humanity working at a hotel, checking in douche-bag businessmen. Ahem. But even when I was being yelled at for not having a smoking room available, I was able to put a smile on my face and suck it up, knowing that this was not my life, and that the person standing in front of me was simply a spoiled brat who obviously never worked with people before.

I got my wisdom teeth pulled, which was pretty big for Miss Wuss. It’s something that I worried about, a lot, and it turned out to not be even that bad. I don’t remember a thing about the surgery, got a bit sick afterwards, and passed the next week in varying states of consciousness with yogurt and smoothies.

I started my first semester as college, and thus, my independence. When I was back at home, every problem that I ever encountered, there were always my parents and my friends and other authority figures that I could just shove the problem off to and have them handle it, or tell me exactly what to do. But I didn’t have that anymore. When I got a bill in my e-mail saying I owed my school $4,000, I had to walk over to the financial aid office and deal with it myself. (Consequently, I probably lost about $1,000 because of it, but we’re working on my aggressive tactics.) When I was enrolled in a class that I already had credit for, I had to deal with it. When UMKC had no records of any of my transcripts, I had to figure it out. And now, I feel a lot better about myself, knowing that I can handle most of the things that life throws my way. I’ve grown up a lot this year.

I moved four hours away from home, which is probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I love my family, and I love my friends, and I love the place that I love, and the familiarity of it all. I moved to Kansas City, to a dorm room, with a person that I have never met before in my life. Which at first, was absolutely awful. I was so terribly lonely that I wanted to call it quits and just go home; but after numerous phone calls home, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone millions of times, I made friends. And I’m starting to actually like Kansas City. (And I love my roommate.)

And another really big thing for me: I now like Mac ‘n Cheese. In fact, as I’m typing this, I’m eating a bowl full. I used to not like it when I was little, for whatever reason, so I haven’t tried it in probably a good ten or twelve years. While I was at college this semester, some of my friends had a “dorm cooking show,” where they cooked for us a variety of things that we could make ourselves in the dorm, and then we ate it all. It was really fun, and everything was delicious, including this spin on mac ‘n cheese that they had! I tried it mainly out of courtesy, not thinking I would like it… now I am addicted. I can’t believe I’ve missed out on the cheesy goodness that this is all of my life! So the past couple of weeks I’ve been home, I have been taking full of advantage of being able to cook for myself. I think I’ve had this about four times just this week, haha. This is huge! My meals are now open to so much more variety with noodles and cheese! :D

So 2012 has been a really big year for me with lots of change and overall growth as an individual, and I’m really excited to see what 2013 will bring. My mom’s birthday is on the first, so we always have friends and some family over not only for New Year’s but for her birthday as well. I am so looking forward to more junk food and spending some more time with friends and family. Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

My Wisdom Teeth Story

At the end of July, I got three wisdom teeth pulled. I am the world’s #1 wuss, so going into this whole experience I was really nervous. The night before, I looked up all kinds of videos on YouTube and articles online about other people getting their wisdom teeth extracted and the horror stories that came with it.

Wasn’t a very good idea, obviously.

My mom and dad both came with me to the doctor’s office. I was really embarrassed because after the nurse took me back into the rooms, I started crying. Yeah, I was a nervous wreck. I remember laying down in the chair and the doctor coming in and introducing himself to me. He then gave me the shot to put me to sleep and I remember thinking, “This is not going to knock me out!” It took a few minutes, but the next thing I know I was waking up and there were balls of gauze in my mouth and no wisdom teeth.

I don’t remember anything at all about the surgery; I felt nothing – which was amazing. They moved me to a recovery room and had me lay down and try to regain my balance. After a few minutes, they got my parents and had me walk around a little bit to make sure I was okay. They then gave me general instructions about what I could and could not do and told me to come back in a week to get the stitches out of my bottom left gum.

On the ride home, I didn’t feel too bad. I wasn’t loopy or anything from the anesthesia (to my mom’s disappointment) and I was immensely relieved. I had heard all kinds of crazy things that people say when they wake back up. :P Once I got home, the medicine really started to wear off and my mouth started to hurt. So I took my meds, crawled in bed, put an ice pack on my face and fell asleep. At dinner, my mom woke me and made me eat a smoothie, I took more meds, and went back to sleep on the sofa in the living room.

My brother had one of his friends over, so that woke me up later and I was really feeling kind of bad. My stomach hurt, my mouth hurt, just that awful miserable feeling. Like I was going to throw up. So my mom was trying to convince me to eat something else, which I really didn’t want to because I knew I would just hork it back up; but against my better judgement I drank some gatorade. And threw it up.

The pain medicine they had me on made me extremely sick, so the rest of the night I spent just throwing up. After that I decided that I would just take some general, over-the-counter pain pills and that still killed most of the pain but didn’t make me sick.

The first couple of days were really the worst, just because my mouth was achy and I could only eat smoothies and yogurt. I also just had this really bad taste in my mouth that wouldn’t go away because I wasn’t allowed to rinse my mouth. It was a combination of general bad breath, blood, and… something just disgusting. And my cheeks did get really puffy. I told you I’d look like a puffer fish.

The pain was tolerable, which isn’t bad since again, I am the world’s #1 Wuss. I probably wouldn’t have had any at all if I would have stayed on my original medicine. And after the first week, I had minimal pain and could eat more solid food on the right side of my mouth. (I didn’t have the bottom tooth on the right pulled because WOOT! I didn’t have one! So the top right healed fairly quickly and I could eat more solid foods on that side.)

Now, almost three weeks later, I’m doing just fine. No problems really. I have to be careful still with chewing on the left side of my mouth because the bottom left one is still a little touchy, but I’m eating chips and apples and all that good stuff. It was terrible, not being able to eat all my favorite junk food! :P

So my advice to those that are nervous about getting theirs pulled or will have to sometime in the future: don’t sweat it. Yeah, the first couple of days kinda suck, but you just sleep through most of it and the pain meds do wonders. :)